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Education World Wide is an Online School, Available to Students from every part of the world. Our team consists of highly educated professionals from various fields. We don’t think providing online education is a job – it’s more of a mission or a calling. We are in the business of giving chances, simplifying things for our students, and granting them new opportunities. 

Through online schooling, we inspire students to acquire knowledge and improve their skills. We motivate them to pursue their passion and thrive in the possibilities and challenges of the 21st century. Our satisfied students and their parents are a good indicator that our mission is going in the right direction. However, each year we continue to learn, adapt, evolve, and grow – the same as you. 

We Dare You To Know 

Education World Wide, International Online Schooling


Online School Tuition Fee Plans

The interactive program enables a smooth transition from elementary school and gives students more extensive knowledge.
Core and elective courses at our middle school give students the possibility to develop and improve practical skills, and to define their interests.
Segmented curriculums ensure that a child is not overwhelmed with learning materials. Each student studies at an individual learning tempo.
Fun, creative, and interactive program that covers four main courses and two electives is made to keep the attention of students at a young age.
The first four years of their education cover the basics from subjects such as Math, Science, History and Geography, and Languages
Our online elementary schools prepare them for the middle grades and continuation of their education and development.

We Believe That Education Is For Everyone

There are many features available here at Education World Wide to help you achieve your goals.
Research our Online School programs, and feel free to contact us for help or informations.