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A person should strive for knowledge throughout their entire life. It’s never too late for you to earn your high school diploma. Regardless of your age, you can still improve your career, and EduWW is your reliable partner in doing so.

Adult learning - Education World Wide

Our Adult Learning Program is available to anyone who is over 18 years old and hasn’t finished high school. If you decided to pick up where you have left, congratulations – we are here to help you. Whether you are looking to get your high school diploma so you can proceed to college, or find a better job, or any other reason – this is the right program for you. Now, let us introduce you to how this program works.

Fully Online Program

EduWW Adult Learning Program covers grades from 9th to 12th, and you can do it online. That means that all your lessons and assignments are delivered through our online learning platform. The benefits of online education are many.

For example, you can learn from the comfort of your home or any other place of your desire. We don’t require you to go to a physical location in a specific time. You won’t have to buy books or notebooks, because all learning materials are on the platform. All you need is a personal computer with a reliable internet connection.

Fully online learning program

We take a lot of pride in our online learning platform because it is easy to use, interactive, and available 24/7. That allows you to organize your learning around your other activities and obligations, such as a job or other commitments. Our online program is entirely adjustable to your own needs.  

Self-Paced Learning

Additionally, the program is individual, meaning that you won’t have to participate in online group lessons. That gives you the possibility to establish your own schedule and tempo of learning. You don’t depend on the progress of other learners, just your own.

You are the one who chooses how long you’ll learn each day, and how many days of the week you’ll learn. We don’t impose any deadlines. This system is useful, especially if you have a job so you can’t follow the strict schedule every day.

Also, this means that the length of this program is different in each individual case. This program can be finalized somewhere between three or ten months. Learning only two hours per day will be sufficient to master the materials and earn your diploma.

Self paced online learning

Standard High School Diploma

As an adult learner, you can enroll in any of four high school grades – from 9th till 12th. However, your personal program will depend on whether you didn’t go to high school at all, or you stopped at a certain point, or you need to finalize just the last grade. Whatever your situation is, you’ll discuss it with our team of education consultants. They will help you customize the program for yourself.

As an adult learner, you’ll have four core subjects in each high school grade, plus two electives. Core subjects are English, Mathematics, Geography & History, and Science. We sorted out electives in 13 elective departments that deliver the knowledge on specific areas of expertise—for—for example, Manufacturing, Architecture, Business, Finances, etc. You can see the entire list here.

Each core subject in our high school carries one credit, while some electives get you 0.5 credits. After completing all four years of our online high school, you will earn 21 credits, which is a minimum necessary for graduation. We write more about the validity of our diploma in a separate section below.

Will There Be a Pretest?

There will be a pretest that will tell us your current level of knowledge and standing point, so we can know what program to assign to you. For example, we put adult learners through the Placement program and CRx program. Once we determine what grade level your knowledge is, we will recommend a high school program for you. Why are these pretests important? Let’s say, for example, that you have finished Grade 9, but it was five years ago. Yet, during those five years, you did learn something from life experience, so your actual level of knowledge might be at Grade 10 or Grade 11. By conducting these pretests, we can determine precisely where you stand, and therefore we won’t overburden you with the material you already know. As a result, this process can significantly speed up the process of acquiring a high school diploma. At the same time, it will ensure that we genuinely provided you with all the necessary knowledge for graduation.

A High School Diploma + Level 3 Diploma

We also offer the possibility of dual enrollment. You can apply for the 12th grade that will get you a high school diploma, while simultaneously, you will be enrolling in Level 3, which is an online course in business and management that gives you an undergraduate diploma. The combination of two will give you significant knowledge in business and management. A dual diploma enables you to either proceed to university or college or find an entry-level job in the industry.

Internationally Accepted Diploma

EduWW is based in Florida, but we are an international and fully accredited online school. Our diploma for all programs that we offer is internationally recognized and accepted. In other words, EduWW diploma is valid as a diploma in your local high school. Therefore, our students don’t have any problems when applying to university, college, or a job. 

Progression to College

If you are planning to continue with higher education, we are delighted to inform you that EduWW diploma opens many doors. You can apply to a range of universities and colleges anywhere in the world. After finalizing our high school, you get 21-24 academic credits. 

In case you opt for EduWW Dual Enrollment, you will have even better chances. The reason for that lies in the fact that you’ll have both the US academic credits from our high school, and the UK academic credits from the Level 3 program. In case you are interested in developing yourself further in the area of business, feel free to check out the program at our Online Business Academy. It’s an online learning platform that offers Level 4 through Level 7 programs in Business and IT. 

350$ Monthly Tuition Fee

EduWW Academic Board has decided not to impose regular yearly fees for those who enroll in our Adult Learning programs. Instead, each student will pay a 350$ monthly fee. The tuition fee covers placement programs and CRx programs (when necessary), 24/7 access to our online learning platform, complete learning materials, a diploma and consultation with our education advisor.

Although those who enroll in Adult Learning programs will not have the possibility of one on one teaching support, they will still have the opportunity to ask teachers a question via our messaging system instilled in the platform. In case you are not sure if this program is right for you or you have some specific requirements, do not hesitate to contact us. You can write to us at and one of our consultants will get back to you as soon as possible Likewise, the conditions and services can be adjusted to your own individual need, however that may affect the tuition fee.

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