James Luis Egozi

Meet James – SWS Student and a Promising Kart Driver

We are continuing with our series of mini-interviews with our talented students. This week, you will get the chance to meet James Luis Egozi – a Sport World School student who drives karting. Besides being a passionate and determined kart driver, James has big dreams – to compete in F1 one day. That is why … Read more

Meet Daria - an Eduww Student and a Talented Speedcubber

Meet Daria – an EduWW Student and a Talented Speedcuber

Among EduWW students, you can find all sorts of interesting life stories, extraordinary talents, and unusual hobbies. One of our very dear students is passionate about solving puzzles. To be precise, she is especially keen on solving Rubic’s cubes.  Her name is Daria Berezhnaya. She comes from Russia, and she attends the 9th grade in … Read more