High School - 9th up to 12th grade


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High School Course Listing

Education World Wide Online Schooling program is an interactive, individually oriented program.
We analyze individual work of each student and direct them in accordance to their talent and personal aspirations.

Our students are getting the complete professional orientation and preparation for the further, higher education steps.

From fun art and world languages electives to core subjects like chemistry and algebra, our online schooling provides the complete online education. Qualified teachers, along with courses, bring expertise and a fresh, interesting approach to learning.

Courses are listed by each general subject area, the grade level in which students generally take them, and the credits earned.

Core Courses
English I9-101
English II10-111
English III11-121
English IV121
English IV Honors121
Algebra I9-101
Algebra II11-121
History and Geography
World Geography9-121
World History9-101
U.S. History10-111
Government and Economics11-121
U.S. History Honors10-111
Integrated Physics & Chemistry9-101
High School Departments

You can select any elective department that corresponds to what you like and what you are curious about. These departments give you an overview of an industry or area in which you can work in the future.

If you are interested in planning, designing, and constructing, then the Architecture & Construction Department is perfect for you. Careers with occupation in this field range from designing, planning, managing and building a structure to maintaining the finished environment. As the highways, tunnels, bridges and buildings will need upkeep and repair within the coming years and on into the long run, there will be always need for skilled individuals in this profession. You’ll learn the basics of construction, building systems, engineering principles, urban planning, and sustainability. The online courses cover both history and the future tendencies in architecture and construction. In these online classes, you’ll get elementary knowledge about this industry. Online lessons also cover what jobs does the industry offers, what are current regulations, building materials, technology, etc. 

Online classes: 

  • Introduction to Careers in Architecture and Construction
  • Construction Careers 

Nowadays creative industries offer so many opportunities and career paths whether you want to be in advertising and marketing, publishing, or in theatre, film industry, art and design departments. Although the employment in this field is less structured and formal, the high level of competition is seeking for particular knowledge background.  Arts, Technology, and Communication Department is for young creatives who are interested in digital, performing or visual arts, technology, or journalism. Through these online classes, you’ll learn the specifics about a broad spectrum of professional positions in these industries. You’ll learn how things worked in the past, what is the current state, and in which direction these industries are going in the future.


Online classes: 

  • Introduction to Careers in Arts, Technology, and Communication 
  • Technology and Film Careers
  • Digital Arts
  • Music Appreciation
  • Music Theory

Education and teaching are more of a mission or a call, rather than just a job. If you are passionate about teaching others, create innovative high quality education strategies and passing on the knowledge through expert training and consultation then the Education & Training Department will give you everything you need. This department has two online classes Teaching and Training Career and Introduction to Careers in Education and Training. On these online courses, you will get familiar with learning styles, collaborative learning, educational, ethical, and legal policies. Some lessons also cover HR development, health, and safety in education and training. 

Online classes: 

  • Introduction to Careers in Education and Training
  • Teaching and Training Career 

If your eyes spark every time you hear about people like Steve Jobs, Sergey Brin, Richard Branson, and other great business leaders, then this department is for you. We can’t teach you how to create something that we’ll change the world, but we will provide you the elementary knowledge about business management. This department has several online classes that cover a variety of topics, from the basics of business and entrepreneurship to business law, career management, the interconnection between business and technology. On these online courses, we’ll also teach you how to use software programs such as Microsoft Office, etc. 

Online classes: 

  • Office Applications I: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint & Publisher
  • Office Applications II: microsoft Excel & Access 
  • Small Business Entrepreneurship
  • Technology & Business 
  • Business Low 
  • Career Management 

For those of you who are interested in economics we recommend our Finance Department. Gaining the knowledge related to financial services will help you explore various opportunities in the financial sector, develop respective careers  best suited to your preferences and skills. Through online classes you’ll get the basics about this industry and the job it offers. In our online courses you’ll see how banking industry works, what are bank products, how to build customer relationships, etc. The Finance Department also offers insight into financial services, investments, securities, banking services, risk management and other subjects. 

Online classes:

  • Introduction to Careers in Finance 
  • Banking Services 

If you have an affinity to foster the skills to work within local, state and federal government, administrative and political systems or national security, and acquire fundamental knowledge to create policies and legislation regulations that can benefit communities and improve the society,  then the Government and Public Administration Department can help you explore that area. This department has two online classes that cover topics such as politics, elections, governmental institutions, and public policy. But you will also get familiar with basics about the national security, the armed forces, intelligence and law enforcement agencies, as well as national security challenges in the 21st century. 


Online classes: 

  • Introduction to Careers in Government & Public Administration 
  • National Security Careers 

For those of you who are tech savvy we have the perfect solution – Information Technology Department. Technology will continue rapidly to change and it will open more and more job opportunities for those who continue to update their knowledge and skills. This department has several online classes that will teach you the basics of the industry that is pretty much shaping our future. In other words, if you are interested in working in the IT industry, this department can be a very important first step you can make. Online courses cover everything from computer systems, programming and software development, to digital media. 

Online classes: 

  • Fundamentals of Computer Systems
  • Fundamentals of Digital Media 
  • Fundamentals of Programming & Software Development 
  • Introduction to Information Technology 
  • Introduction to Information Technology Support & Services 
  • Introduction to Network Systems 
  • Network System Design
  • New Applications: Web Development in the 21st Century 
  • Software Development Tools 

If you are interested in different healthcare disciplines and would like to pursue a career in the Health sector which is according to latest labour statistics expanding every year in order to provide services for all patients, our Health Science Department can be your first step. On two online courses, you will learn about allied health careers, exercise science, and patient evaluation, health informatics, and administration, counseling, etc. You will also get into the fundamentals of the nursing profession, nursing specialties, career alternatives, and similar career options. 

Online classes: 

  • Careers in Allied Health 
  • Nursing: Unlimited Possibilities & Unlimited Potential

Manufacturing sector encompasses a wide range of industries, from power plant production to aircraft engines and automobiles. Designing, building, maintaining and improvement of things and systems cannot be imagined without competences in this field. If you are all about manufacturing and producing, then you’ll love our Manufacturing Department, because it will give you a closer look at this industry and potential jobs. Online classes of this department examine every aspect of the manufacturing process from strategy and management to factory-floor tactics. Online courses of this department also offer an insight into jobs and career opportunities in this industry, advanced manufacturing processes, as well as safety and regulations. 

Online classes: 

  • Careers in Manufacturing Processes 
  • Introduction to Careers in Manufacturing 

If you are drawn to marketing as an essential element of any company, then our Marketing Department will be perfect for you. Through a couple of online classes, you will learn what marketing is and how it works, what is the role of market research and how companies develop different strategies. Online lessons will give you an insight into the marketing environment and consumer behavior, and a mix of what marketing used to be and what it is today. Also, these courses pay special attention to marketing research, which is the foundation of all marketing activities. 

Online classes: 

  • Careers in Marketing Research 
  • Introduction to Careers in Marketing

The Human Services Department gives our students a closer look into career paths in Consumer Services area and employment opportunities in public or private governing structures which provide services that support wellbeing and protect the safety of the people. The online classes cover the necessary educational requirements, certifications, licensures, hard, and soft skills. This department also includes lessons about how to develop research, analytical, and presentation skills. 


Online classes: 

  • Introduction to consumer services

The Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Department is the perfect choice for students who are passionate about vehicles. It involves professions like drivers, pilots, captains or dispatchers and job opportunities that include logistic management, maintaining the vehicles and transporting people and goods from one to another place. The online classes cover the history of logistics and recent advances in the field. You will get the basic knowledge that will allow you to understand the social and economic benefits of modern logistics. Our students will also learn about the current trends in this area, low-cost methods, safety, technology, sustainability, and regulations. 

Online classes: 

  • Careers in Logistics Planning & Management Services 
  • Introduction to Careers in Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

If you dream about a career in which your designing, products, and services are helping the society’s needs, and problems than the STEM department is for you.  These are primary areas where new industries, businesses and human opportunities are envisioned. This department covers online classes in engineering and design. Our online lessons will teach you how to innovate, design new products, and improve existing ones. But, you will also learn the basics of the design and engineering process. 

Online classes: 

  • Engineering & Design 
  • Engineering & Innovation 
  • Engineering & Product Development 

Tuition Fee: 3,000.00 $ It can be paid in up to 10 installments!