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Education World Wide Online High School

EduWW Online High School covers grades from 9 to 12. Through core subjects and more than 90 electives, we help students gain knowledge and explore their personal interests. With a high-quality Online High School curriculum and unique learning methodology, we help students prepare academically for college or university. They are equipped with the knowledge and skills, and self-confidence to move onto the next step in their education. 

At EduWW Online High School, students have four core subjects: English, Mathematics, History and Social Sciences, and Science. Likewise, they get to choose up to two electives from our extended list of more than 90 elective subjects. To make it easier for our students to navigate such a large number of subjects, we divided them into 14 elective departments. 

Elective departments cover various industries, from STEM, Marketing, Arts, Technology to IT, Architecture, and other fields.  You can find the full list of electives and departments at the end of the page. Electives give our high school students the possibility to learn about things they are curious about. Through elective subjects, students explore personal interests and build a solid foundation of knowledge in a particular area. That is especially useful if they plan to proceed to the same fields of study at the college or a university. 

Dynamic Online High School Environment

Learning at EduWW Online High School is quite dynamic and interesting. The entire learning material is on our online learning platform, and students can access it 24/7. We enable students to learn at their own tempo. Each of them has its own profile on the platform, where they can follow personal progress. We presented learning material through multimedia elements that make learning fun. Daily and weekly assignments, such as essays and tests, are designed to engage students even though they are doing them online. With this approach, we encourage students to form a personal opinion and be more pro-active.

Besides learning on the platform, we also provide online classes. A student can opt for individual classes with a tutor to work in one-on-one live online sessions. The second option is online group classes. They gather five to 10 students from each grade and allow them to share experiences and communicate with each other. These classes help students socialize and exchange personal impressions and experiences with their peers who live worldwide. 

It is important to emphasize that our teachers designed classes as dynamic conversations with a student or students. A student is not just a passive listener, but they actively communicate with a teacher. Through this approach, we encourage them to express personal opinions and develop critical thinking. 

Placement Program

EduWW Online High School follows an American curriculum. In case a student comes from a significantly different educational system, we will put them through the Placement Program. That program consists of several pretests in core subjects, and the results show the level of student’s knowledge. In other words, we will know if a student will be able to follow the standard program for the specific grade. 

The Placement Program does not affect student’s eligibility to enroll, but it defines their starting point with EduWW Online High School. Once we receive the student’s application and previous educational transcript, the school board will decide if the Placement Program is required. 

Online High School Credit System 

To be eligible to graduate a student needs to earn at least 21 credit points during their four years of schooling. Each core subject is worth one credit point, while electives range from 0.5 to 1 credit point. EduWW schooling system enables students to earn between 21 and 25 credit points in grades 9 to 12.

What if a student does not go to our online high school for all four grades? Can they transfer somewhere in the middle, or only for the final year? A student is not obliged to go all for grades at online high school to receive a diploma. We will recognize credits from the student’s previous school by using the CRx program. It is a series of pretests that determine a student’s current knowledge level. In case they come from an educational system that does not use credits, we have procedures that will help us measure how many credits they would earn. 

Therefore, if it turns out that a student is in deficit with credits, we will suggest that they take additional electives to get the required number of credits for graduation. 

Educational Transcripts 

In case a student decides to transfers to a different school after they finished a high school grade at EduWW, we will issue them an educational transcript. That is an official document that proves they have successfully finished a grade, and they can proceed to the next and transfer their credits. Our educational transcripts originate in the US, and they are recognized internationally. 

Online High School Diploma and Progression To College 

Upon graduation, EduWW Online High School students receive a diploma. The diploma originates in the US, given that we are a Florida-based school, but it is recognized and accepted worldwide. EduWW diploma is equal in value to a high school diploma or any other school in the US. It does not say that a student went to school online, although online schooling is entirely legitimate and arranged in the US. 

Our diploma also comes with an Apostille certificate which ensures that the document will be recognized worldwide. That opens the doors of many colleges and universities globally to our students. You can read more about the progression to college here

For any additional information or clarification about online high school, contact us at

Core Courses
Course Grade Credit CRx
English I 9-10 1
English II 10-11 1
English III 11-12 1
English IV 12 1
Course Grade Credit CRx
Algebra I 9-10 1
Geometry 10-11 1
Algebra II 11-12 1
Pre-Calculus 12 1
Coordinate Algebra 9-12 1
Analytic Geometry 9-12 1
Advanced Algebra 9-12 1
History and Social Sciences
Course Grade Credit CRx
World Geography 9-12 1
World History 9-10 1
U.S. History Foundations to Present 10-11 1
U.S. History Reconstruction to Present 10-11 1
Government 11-12 1
Economics 11-12 1
Course Grade Credit CRx
Earth Science 8-9 1
Integrated Physics & Chemistry 9-10 1
Biology 10 1
Chemistry 11 1
Physics 12 1
Environmental Science 12 1
High School Electives

You can select any elective subject that corresponds to what you like and what you are curious about. These subjects give you a brief overview of the study field or industry.

Grade Subject title Credits
9-12 Consumer Math 1
9-12 Math Models with Applications A 1

Models with Applications B



Models with Applications A/B

End of Course Review and Test



9-12 Probability and Statistics A 0.5
9-12 Probability and Statistics B 0.5
9-12 Probability and Statistics A/B End

of Course Review and Test

9-12 Trigonometry
8 Civics 0.5
9-12 Civil War 0.5
9-12 Personal Financial Literacy 0.5
9-12 Psychology 0.5
9-12 Twentieth-Century American History 0.5
9-12 Vietnam Era 0.5
9-12 World Geography 1
Grade Subject title Credits Grade Subject title Credits
9-12 Art History 0.5
9-12 Health Education 0.5 9-12 Digital Arts 0.5
9-12 Personal and Family Living 0.5 9-12 Media Studies 0.5
9-12 Physical Education 0.5 9-12 Music Appreciation 0.5
9-12 Physical Fitness 0.5 Music Theory 0.5
Grade Subject title Credits Grade Subject title Credits
9-12 Business Computer Information Systems 1 9-12 French I 1
9-12 French II 1
9-12 Essentials of Business 0.5 9-12 Spanish I 1
9-12 Essentials of Communication 0.5 9-12 Spanish II 1
9-12 Spanish III 1
9-12 Technology and Research 0.5
Career and Technical Education High School Departments

Select any elective department that tickles your curiosity. Departments give you more in-depth insight and more comprehensive knowledge of a particular field. 

If you are interested in planning, designing, and constructing, then the Architecture & Construction Department is perfect for you. Careers with occupation in this field range from designing, planning, managing and building a structure to maintaining the finished environment. As the highways, tunnels, bridges and buildings will need upkeep and repair within the coming years and on into the long run, there will be always need for skilled individuals in this profession. You’ll learn the basics of construction, building systems, engineering principles, urban planning, and sustainability. The online courses cover both history and the future tendencies in architecture and construction. In these online classes, you’ll get elementary knowledge about this industry. Online lessons also cover what jobs does the industry offers, what are current regulations, building materials, technology, etc. 

Online classes: 

  • Introduction to Careers in Architecture and Construction
  • Construction Careers 

Nowadays creative industries offer so many opportunities and career paths whether you want to be in advertising and marketing, publishing, or in theatre, film industry, art, and design departments. Although the employment in this field is less structured and formal, the high level of competition is seeking for particular knowledge background.  Arts, Technology, and Communication Department are for young creatives who are interested in digital, performing or visual arts, technology, or journalism. Through these online classes, you’ll learn the specifics about a broad spectrum of professional positions in these industries. You’ll learn how things worked in the past, what is the current state, and in which direction these industries are going in the future.


Online classes: 

  • Introduction to Careers in Arts, Technology, and Communication 
  • A/V Technology and Film Careers

Education and teaching are more of a mission or a call, rather than just a job. If you are passionate about teaching others, create innovative high quality education strategies and passing on the knowledge through expert training and consultation then the Education & Training Department will give you everything you need. This department has two online classes Teaching and Training Career and Introduction to Careers in Education and Training. On these online courses, you will get familiar with learning styles, collaborative learning, educational, ethical, and legal policies. Some lessons also cover HR development, health, and safety in education and training. 

Online classes: 

  • Introduction to Careers in Education and Training
  • Teaching and Training Career 

If your eyes spark every time you hear about people like Steve Jobs, Sergey Brin, Richard Branson, and other great business leaders, then this department is for you. We can’t teach you how to create something that we’ll change the world, but we will provide you the elementary knowledge about business management. This department has several online classes that cover a variety of topics, from the basics of business and entrepreneurship to business law, career management, the interconnection between business and technology. On these online courses, we’ll also teach you how to use software programs such as Microsoft Office, etc. 

Online classes: 

  • Business Law
  • Career Management
  • Office Applications I Microsoft Word®, PowerPoint®, and Publisher®
  • Office Applications II Microsoft Excel® and Access®
  • Principles of Business and Finance
  • Small Business Entrepreneurship
  • Technology and Business
  • Careers in Marketing Research

For those of you who are interested in economics we recommend our Finance Department. Gaining the knowledge related to financial services will help you explore various opportunities in the financial sector, develop respective careers  best suited to your preferences and skills. Through online classes you’ll get the basics about this industry and the job it offers. In our online courses you’ll see how banking industry works, what are bank products, how to build customer relationships, etc. The Finance Department also offers insight into financial services, investments, securities, banking services, risk management and other subjects. 

Online classes:

  • Introduction to Careers in Finance 
  • Banking Services 
  • Money Matters A
  • Money Matters B

If you have an affinity to foster the skills to work within local, state and federal government, administrative and political systems or national security, and acquire fundamental knowledge to create policies and legislation regulations that can benefit communities and improve the society,  then the Government and Public Administration Department can help you explore that area. This department has two online classes that cover topics such as politics, elections, governmental institutions, and public policy. But you will also get familiar with basics about the national security, the armed forces, intelligence and law enforcement agencies, as well as national security challenges in the 21st century. 


Online classes: 

  • Introduction to Careers in Government & Public Administration 
  • National Security Careers 
  • Introduction to Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security Corrections: Policies and Procedures
  • Fire and Emergency Services
  • Law Enforcement Field Services
  • Legal Services
  • Security and Protective Services
  • Forensics: Using Science to Solve a Mystery

For those of you who are tech savvy we have the perfect solution – Information Technology Department. Technology will continue rapidly to change and it will open more and more job opportunities for those who continue to update their knowledge and skills. This department has several online classes that will teach you the basics of the industry that is pretty much shaping our future. In other words, if you are interested in working in the IT industry, this department can be a very important first step you can make. Online courses cover everything from computer systems, programming and software development, to digital media. 

Online classes: 

  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • Fundamentals of Computer Systems
  • Fundamentals of Digital Media
  • Fundamentals of Programming and Software Development
  • Introduction to Information
  • Technology Support and Services
  • Introduction to Network Systems
  • Network System Design
  • New Applications: Web
  • Development in the 21st Century
  • Software Development Tools

If you are interested in different healthcare disciplines and would like to pursue a career in the Health sector which is according to latest labour statistics expanding every year in order to provide services for all patients, our Health Science Department can be your first step. On two online courses, you will learn about allied health careers, exercise science, and patient evaluation, health informatics, and administration, counseling, etc. You will also get into the fundamentals of the nursing profession, nursing specialties, career alternatives, and similar career options. 

Online classes: 

  • Introduction to Careers in Health Sciences.
  • Nursing: Unlimited Possibilities and Unlimited Potential.
  • Physicians, Pharmacists, Dentists, Veterinarians, and Other Doctors.
  • Public Health: Discovering the Big Picture in Health Care.
  • Scientific Discovery and Development

Manufacturing sector encompasses a wide range of industries, from power plant production to aircraft engines and automobiles. Designing, building, maintaining and improvement of things and systems cannot be imagined without competences in this field. If you are all about manufacturing and producing, then you’ll love our Manufacturing Department, because it will give you a closer look at this industry and potential jobs. Online classes of this department examine every aspect of the manufacturing process from strategy and management to factory-floor tactics. Online courses of this department also offer an insight into jobs and career opportunities in this industry, advanced manufacturing processes, as well as safety and regulations. 

Online classes: 

  • Careers in Manufacturing Processes 
  • Introduction to Careers in Manufacturing 

This department covers several elective subjects that introduce students to the basic scientific principles of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Students will be recognizing and researching plant systems, animal systems, government policy, “green” technologies, agribusiness principles, and sustainability systems. In this course, students will apply an understanding of ecosystems and systems thinking to the management of natural resources to maximize the health and productivity of the environment, agriculture, and communities. Students will also analyze community practice or policy development related to sustainability in agriculture, food, and natural resources.

Online classes: 

  • Introduction to Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
  • Agribusiness Systems
  • Animal Systems
  • Food Products and Processing Systems
  • Plant Systems
  • Power, Structural, and Technical Systems

The Human Services Department gives our students a closer look into career paths in the Consumer Services area and employment opportunities in public or private governing structures that provide services that support wellbeing and protect the safety of the people. The online classes cover the necessary educational requirements, certifications, licensures, hard, and soft skills. This department also includes lessons about how to develop research, analytical, and presentation skills. 


Online classes: 

  • Introduction to Human Services
  • Family and Community Services
  • Introduction to Consumer Services
  • Introduction to Human growth and development
  • Personal Care Services

The Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Department is the perfect choice for students who are passionate about vehicles. It involves professions like drivers, pilots, captains or dispatchers and job opportunities that include logistic management, maintaining the vehicles and transporting people and goods from one to another place. The online classes cover the history of logistics and recent advances in the field. You will get the basic knowledge that will allow you to understand the social and economic benefits of modern logistics. Our students will also learn about the current trends in this area, low-cost methods, safety, technology, sustainability, and regulations. 

Online classes: 

  • Careers in Logistics Planning & Management Services 
  • Introduction to Careers in Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

If you dream about a career in which your designs, products, and services will help society’s needs and problems, then the STEM department is for you. These are primary areas where new industries, businesses, and human opportunities are envisioned. This department covers online classes in engineering and design. Our online lessons will teach you how to innovate, design new products, and improve existing ones. But, you will also learn the basics of the design and engineering process. 

Online classes: 

  • Introduction to STEM
  • Engineering and Design
  • Engineering and Product Development
  • Science and Mathematics in the Real World
  • Scientific Research
  • STEM and Problem Solving

This course is designed as an introduction to the study of tourism and hospitality. Students will be introduced to the theory and application of the basic principles of hospitality and tourism. The relationship between marketing and other functions such as advertising, sales techniques, and public relations in order to maximize profits in a hospitality organization is addressed. Students will have an opportunity to explore this multi-faceted world, identifying multiple career paths and opportunities.

Online classes: 

  • Food Safety and Sanitation
  • Marketing and Sales for Tourism and Hospitality
  • Planning Meetings and Special Events
  • Sustainable Service Management for Hospitality and Tourism
  • Transportation and Tours for the Traveler

Level 3

For those of you who are planning on studying business, we provide Level 3 course that gives you an additional education in the field of business. Level 3 is an entry-level university program that carries 120 college credits. After finalizing both EduWW high school and Level 3, you get a dual diploma, which gives you better chances if you want to go to a college.

The assignment unit titles that students need to complete for the level 3 course are:

  1. Managing business operations
  2. Maximizing resources to achieve business success
  3. The business environment
  4. Managing people in organizations
  5. Working in teams
  6. Effective business communications

EduWW offers two tuition fee packages. Package 1 is $3000, while Package 2 is $3500. The main difference is that Package 1 includes group classes, while Package 2 covers both individual and group classes, among other things. You can get more information by sending us an email at


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