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EduWW Online High School


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Education World Wide Online High School

EduWW online high school covers grades from 9 to 12. Our high school curriculum is designed to engage students with different learning styles and abilities. Our platform uses cutting-edge technology, and our courses offer in-depth knowledge aligned with multimedia lessons. Through core subjects and a wide variety of electives, we help our students discover their interests and get a solid foundation for university. In addition, our curriculum is NCAA approved, which enables our high school graduates who are athletes to apply to the US colleges within the NCAA network.

The Learning Process

We’re using an interactive online learning management system (LMS), which contains all the necessary materials, resources, and assignments. Students can access the platform 24/7 and study independently, at their own pace. In addition, all students have their personal profiles on the platform, which contain all the data about their marks and achieved progress.

Our interactive platform guides the students through every step of their learning journey. Every lesson begins with an introduction page, which summarizes the lesson’s objectives and any prerequisites required to complete the task. In addition, the introduction page contains a list of keywords referenced in the lesson.

Group and individual classes are essential elements of the learning process in our school. We hold our group classes in small groups of 3-6 students, based on their time zone, grade level entry, and progress. They are an excellent opportunity for students to socialize and meet their classmates from around the world. Group classes have a predetermined fixed schedule for different time zones.

Individual classes are one-on-one sessions with the assigned tutor, and students can schedule them at their convenience. The most significant advantage of individual classes is that students receive focused support in the areas they find difficult or unclear.

Online High School Courses

The online high school program consists of 4 core and 2 elective online courses. Our high school students have a wide range of electives to choose from. The core courses are broken down into 2 semesters per grade level, while elective courses can last both one and two semesters.

Core courses:

  • Language Arts

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Social Studies

Elective courses:

  • Health and Physical Education

  • World Languages (German, Spanish, French)

Career and Technology Electives

  • Accounting

  •  Basic Web Design

  •  Business Law

  •  Career Planning

  •  Computer Basics

  •  Digital Media

  •  Graphic Design

  •  Intro to Business

  •  JavaScript

  •  Journalism

  •  Media and Communication

  •  Medicine

Additional Electives

  • Advanced Drawing

  • Art Appreciation

  •  Art History

  •  Basic Drawing

  •  Beginning Painting

  •  Character Education

  •  Child Development

  •  Financial Literacy

  •  Music Appreciation

  •  Psychology

  •  Sociology

  •  Theater Studies

Online High School Credit System

In order to graduate, our students need to earn at least 22 credit points during their four years of schooling. Each core subject in our virtual high school is worth one credit point, while electives range from 0.5 to 1 credit point.

If a student is for any reason deficient in credits, we can find our way around it. We advise the student to take additional electives in order to get the required number of credits. As a result, the student will get high quality online education and be eligible for graduation.

Placement Program and Credit Recovery Program

In case a student comes from a significantly different educational system, we will put them through the Placement Program. That program consists of several pretests in core subjects, and the results show us the level of student’s knowledge. In other words, the successful result of a pretest shows us that a student will be able to follow the standard program for the specific grade.

What if a student wants to transfer in the middle of the grade, or only for the final year? We will recognize the credits from the student’s previous school by using the Credit Recovery Program. CRx is a series of pretests before every lesson that determines a student’s current knowledge level. In case our students come from an educational system that does not use credits, we have procedures that help us calculate how many credits they would earn. 

Tuition Fee and Enrollment Process

Studying at EduWW starts whenever you’re ready! Since this isn’t a traditional school, you don’t need to wait for the 1st of September to begin studying. Simply pick a date that best suits your needs and start studying independently, at your own pace.

The whole enrollment process is quite fast and straightforward. All you need to do to apply is send us your child’s ID and latest educational transcript to Our kind consultants will be more than happy to answer all your questions and guide you through the whole process.

Educational Transcript

Upon finalization of any high school grade, we issue an educational transcript to our students. That is an official document that proves a student has successfully finished the grade. Our academic transcripts enable students to transfer into another school, both brick-and-mortar and online. In conclusion, EduWW is a fully recognized American online private school, and our students can proceed to the next grade without difficulties.

Online High School Diploma and Progression to College

Upon high school graduation, all our students receive a diploma. Since we are a Florida-based accredited high school, our diploma originates in the US and it is accepted worldwide. The EduWW diploma is equal in value to any other high school diploma in the US. In addition, the diploma doesn’t emphasize that a student went to school online, although online schooling is entirely legitimate and in the US. 

As for the tuition, we offer two packages to choose from. Package 1 costs $3000 and includes only group classes. Package 2 costs $3500, and it includes individual classes, in addition to group classes and other services. Regardless of the package they opt for, all students have unlimited access to our interactive learning platform and all its materials.


Education World Wide

  • Education World Wide*education programs include a complete education path from Elementary school, through Middle and High School to the Undergraduate Bachelor and Postgraduate Master levels of Higher Education.
  • Education World Wide LLC registered school & entity in 3401 Gulf Shore Road Naples, Florida for the United States of America, with the school code 4627
  • Education World Wide, brand for EU, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.
  • European HQ EduWW GmbH Mariahilferstraße 34 1070 Vienna, Austria; EU, and the EMEAA region
  • Education World Wide Diplomas and credentials originate from the USA and are accepted globally, under the EQF in the European Union & Internationally under ISCED 2011- UNESCO classification.