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A Brief History of the EduWW Online School

Brief History of EduWW

Since its establishment, the EduWW online school has grown and prospered in every possible aspect. Not only did we grow as a team, but we also expanded in the sense of knowledge and services we provide for our students.

Following the growth in numbers of our students, we strived to provide them with high-quality knowledge and the best possible online learning experience. Since day one, it has been our principle, and we will continue to do so always.  

Something EduWW online school is very proud of is transparency. Since our very beginning, we have nurtured open, honest, and above all, respectful correspondence with our students and their parents. If you liked what you’ve read so far, continue to get to know us even better. Let us tell you how it all started and how far we have come as a school.

Online Education Has Been Around for a While Now

Even if you lean more towards traditional, brick-and-mortar schools, there are a couple of things about online schools that might win you over. Even if you are already interested in online education, these facts will convince you even more.

Firstly, online education is not a new concept at all. Distance learning, like its ancestor, has been practiced since the nineteenth century. In the fifties, education breached into the world of television, and the first online classes were broadcasted on public television stations. And secondly, only fifty years later, over six million students worldwide attended classes online. By now, those numbers more than tripled. In the middle of a whirlwind of a rapidly growing world of online learning in the last two decades is where our school also has its roots.

The EduWW Online School Was Established in 2015

In 2015, the Florida Board of Education registered EduWW as a private school in the United States under code 4627. That meant we were officially recognized as a private educational institution. Compared to where we are today as a school, we must admit that the start was humble. Still, we are proud of it. 

Namely, when we first registered, we offered to our students only a high-quality curriculum. Not only was it high quality, but even more importantly, it was accredited and approved. That means when the time comes to go to colleges and universities, our students have valid diplomas in addition to comprehensive knowledge. Besides the curriculum, we provided our students with access to an online platform that contained visual and audio learning material that followed each lesson. 

When it comes to different degree programs, we have it all: from lower to higher education. Our school offers a K12 program which means we cover education literally from kindergarten to the twelfth grade.

But, the main difference, compared to our current service, is that our program was, in fact, just a homeschooling resource. Our education programs, curriculum, and platform were all just there as a source for students to use if they are homeschooling. The only support EduWW provided was in a technical sense. The school provided students only with a presentation and explanation of the platform, how they could use it and what was on it.

To be even more precise, what was absent was tutoring support. 

With time, we grew in every possible way, as a team, as a family, in the sense of knowledge we offered, and most importantly, as a school in a real sense of that word.

In 2019 EduWW Tutors Stepped In

By the end of 2019, we started offering tutoring support to our students. It still wasn’t on a level where it is today, but it was a great start of what we call the EduWW unique learning methodology, but more on that later. 

That was the moment when we recognized the potential of online education. Although the platform and program itself are just as worthy, we wanted to offer more to our students.

Our tutors started working with pupils in one-on-one sessions. Those sessions varied in duration, and still, students had to study more independently. These were also the modest beginnings of our individual classes. They lasted from fifteen to thirty minutes. 

However, back then, they were more in the manner of consultations. If there were any questions, problems in understanding, or in a technical sense, our tutors were there to help but only as guides or to clear some things up.

Nonetheless, through these individual sessions, we noticed that every student has specific affinities and learning needs of their own. By working individually with them, we learned that student-teacher interaction also makes a massive difference in the learning process.

The feedback we were getting from the parents was always extremely important to us. That’s why we always consider what we hear from them. 

We also have students’ different backgrounds, origins, customs, and needs in mind. When it comes to the way we conduct classes nowadays, the unique learning methodology we have mentioned comes from this. We bend our system to the needs of our students. We try to be flexible as possible, and it all started way back then.

In 2021 EduWW Blossomed

We have already stated that the feedback we get from pupils and their parents has a significant impact on how we operate as a school. Since 2019, an unavoidable pandemic that has transferred most aspects of life to the online world, we have grown rapidly and non-stop. 

With increasing numbers of satisfied students, we did everything in our power to become even greater. Our Academic board considered absolutely every piece of advice we got from our pupils’ parents. One of the main things that we have worked on was the social aspect and interaction. And that’s when our group classes came into the picture. 

In that way, children are in touch with others. Also important, and a bit of an advantage is that their classmates come from all over the globe so they are exposed to other cultures and religions from a young age. That can only be a good thing. 

Somethings Never Change

Whatever changes we have made, some principles stayed the same. From the very start, as an online school, we have made an effort to spread knowledge. Our goal was to create a healthy and safe learning environment for students worldwide. To achieve that, we upgraded to a new curriculum and a more advanced platform with course materials that are also both accredited in the USA. 

What will never change is that we will always be there for our students and their needs. We aim to be as transparent, flexible, and efficient as possible.  Our friendly but hardworking tutors monitor students’ professional development. However, they come into classes as friends to students and support and encourage them. If you join us in any of our courses, you will see that they are just as good as in traditional school and in some aspects even superior. 

Our schools’ motto, Sapere Aude, or in English, Dare to know, tells you all about EduWW’s intentions and goals as a school. We want to make education accessible to every child out there. Our tutors motivate them to pursue their passions and embrace all possibilities the 21st-century offers. We dare them to know, learn, and grow, and it will always be our path and vision. 

Join Us on Our Journey

If you have any other questions about the history of EduWW school, we encourage you to contact us at admissions@eduww.net or look us up on social media. We will more than gladly answer all of them.

As we stated above, since that day one in 2015, since the first online course we offered, we have strived to be the best possible option. We hope that you got to know us a bit better now. All we had, in the beginning, was an idea. The idea to transfer knowledge globally and look at how far we have come. We hope to see you soon in our classes!