Students with Learning Difficulties and Atypical Development

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Education World Wide also provides K12 education for children with learning disabilities and atypical development.

With the help of our trained tutoring staff, all students can count on adequate teaching and pedagogical support. EduWW Academic Board approaches each case individually.

Students with Learning Difficulties and Atypical Development

Before enrolling a child with learning difficulties or atypical development, our team will organize a consultation with the family to get familiar with a student’s situation, needs, and requirements before suggesting an individual learning plan. An assigned tutor briefs the entire tutoring staff about specific requirements for that student. EduWW is a safe, welcoming, and stimulating community that enables students with learning difficulties and atypical development to learn and progress.

Learning Difficulties

Students with learning difficulties are children who struggle with reading, writing, and calculating for a prolonged period of time and not due to developmental discrepancies. Before enrollment, our Academic Board will assess the current abilities of a student. Our tutors will propose a specific learning plan for a child based on that assessment. We can adapt the curriculum and tailor it to a student’s needs. Our learning platform has excellent resources and tools that can help, but our tutors use external materials when necessary.

Atypical Development

Children who have a completely different long-term development from their peers because of illnesses or disorders require special education. Based on the assessment of the student’s current abilities, our Academic Board, with the help of trained tutors, will propose a unique learning plan for a student. Our tutors work closely with family and home facilitators to create an adequate learning environment for a student. In cases where a student can’t follow the program on our platform, tutors will include exterior materials. Tutors monitor their progress on a regular basis to make sure the support given is adequate for the individual student and in their best academic interest. They evaluate the learning of a student based on their abilities and not in comparison to other students’ progress or prior set criteria.