Accredited Online School

Finish the US elementary, middle, or high school, no matter where you are.

Experience the best online schooling from the comfort of your home. Dare to Know – Sapere Aude.

Worldwide accepted diploma

Upon graduation from EduWW Online High School, students receive a US high school diploma recognized and accepted internationally. They can apply to a range of colleges and universities globally with it.

We send a digital copy of a high school diploma via email and a hard copy to a student’s home address.

Student with a international diploma from online school
K12 Online classes
Online classes with tutor

1 on 1 and Group Live Online Classes With Teachers

Teacher led online classes in K21 online school

Students have tutoring support throughout their schooling with Education World Wide.

We offer individual online classes where a student works with a tutor in a 1-on-1 session and online group classes where students learn with other students. Online classes are not pre-recorded.

Convenient, Flexible and Self-paced

Self paced online school

Online schooling brings flexibility and convenience that suits the needs of each student. They can study from the comfort of their home and are free to organize their learning time according to their other occupations. Or they can simply enjoy more free time for hobbies or other activities. Each student is free to learn at their own pace.

Online school for athletes

EduWW PRIME – A Full-time Online Elementary School

Besides classic flexible online school, we also offer a full-time online schooling experience with a more strict schedule.

The program starts in September 2022 and lasts until June 2023. It covers grades 1 to 5. A limited number of students per grade – 10.

Students follow 4 to 5 live online group classes daily, from Monday to Friday, with a fixed timetable. Each grade will have its dedicated tutor.

Students will also have extra two hours daily to work under a tutor’s supervision for homework or extracurricular activities.

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Online School Programs

EduWW delivers programs for elementary, middle, and high school. We use an accredited American curriculum consisting of core subjects, and electives that students choose based on their interests.

Sapere Aude – Dare to Know

Latin words Sapere Aude mean Dare To Know. Roman poet Horatius used them to call the world for enlightenment. Hundreds of years later, in the 21st century, we are eager to raise this call and change the world with the power of knowledge.

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