Who is this program for?

The EduWW online education system is designed for students with individual interests, talents, or special needs and requirements. We provide a more flexible approach to schooling, without lowering the quality of the education. Our system includes Elementary, Middle, and High school. 

We adopted the industry standards, meaning that we got accreditation and approvals from all the relevant institutions. In other words, we are a legitimate online platform whose diplomas are internationally recognized and accepted. All our programs are completely accredited in the United States of America (NCAA group of Colleges; NCA CASI; Florida Board of Education;). Additionally, we work in accordance with the ISCED and EQF standards. 

EduWW learning methodology for online schooling

Unique learning methodology

By combining the flexibility of the UK educational system and the proven methodology of the American schooling system, we created a unique methodology. Our curriculums are segmented in such a way that they do not overwhelm students, yet they provide quality education. In lower grades, they learn the basics, while in higher grades, they achieve broader knowledge, improve practical skills, and define personal interests. 

Online education is not an alternative to regular schooling. It’s a new approach to K12 education that turns students into individuals who are ready for all the challenges of the 21st century. After completing our Elementary, Middle, or High School, children are ready to move towards higher education. And our internationally accepted diploma will allow them to that without any problems. 

What are the benefits of K12 online schooling at EduWW?

Personalized and high-quality education 

  • Entirely online 
  • Individual course plans that meet student’s unique needs 
  • We identify and evaluate each student’s learning style 
  • Our learning methodology is based on the latest brain and educational research 

Direct and Transparent 

  • We enable easy access with no bureaucracy
  • You’ll get the immediate and direct response from our education consultants
  • Our application process and tuition fee policies are transparent 

Innovation & Flexibility

Innovative, Convenient and Flexible 

  • Self-paced
  • Progress at your own speed
  • Study and demonstrate knowledge on your schedule
  • Coursework for online programs is accessible 24/7
  • Combines innovative technology and interactive course materials

Expert teachers and counselors

  • One to one online support through the hybrid system 
  • Ready to assist students in creating customized learning plans
  • Support students to complete courses according to their preferences and learning style
  • Timely review of students’ progress and success

The Completely accredited and certified educational system

  • Accredited by AdvancED,
  • Internationally recognized diploma
  • Accepted Worldwide
Accreditation and Standards

National College Athletic Association


Florida Board of Education

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International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards


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