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Education World Wide realizes the importance of socialization for children.

Even though online schooling is often criticized for lack of socializing, we are trying to bridge that gap.

Student Clubs

One of the ways we do that is through extracurricular activities that allow students to share mutual interests and passion or have hobbies through school clubs. Education World Wide currently runs the following clubs:

  • EduWW Book Club
  • Eduww Movie Club
  • EduWW Music Club
  • EduWW Writing Club
  • EduWW Debate Club
  • EduWW Photography Club
  • EduWW Gaming Club
  • EduWW Manga and Anime Club

The majority of clubs have two groups depending on the students age. You can read details about each club below.

EduWW Book Club

for students in grades 3 – 7

Description: We have compiled a list of children books that cover not only the evergreens of children literature, but also the newest editions to the genre. We’ll talk classics, novels and, novellas, short stories. We’ll dedicate 2-3 week per book, and in our meetings, we’ll talk about them, aiming for a true literary analyzation. In between, we’ll read short forms in the meetings and analyze those as well. Each student will receive a short questionnaire with basic questions that they will fill once they read each book. These questionnaires are going to be a foundation for our club book debate. 

Moderators: Irina and Eve 

Timing: Tuesdays at 19 CET and Fridays at 12 CET

for students in grades 8 – 12

Description: The idea of this club is to familiarise the students with literature through novels, poetry, comics, short stories, and other forms. The club will cover literary movements such as romanticism, Victorian era, Horor and Detective fiction, Shakespearean literature, etc. Upon attending the club, the students will be able to apply the basics of literature analysis, obtain the basic literary concepts while improving their critical reading and communication skills.

Moderators: Mike and Millie 

Timing: Mondays at 9.30 CET and Wednesdays at 18 CET. 

EduWW Movie Club

for students in grades 3 – 7

Description: This club is, in a way, connected with EduWW Book Club because the repertoire often consists of movies that are actually adaptations of books and comics. Upon watching a movie, participants discuss it and compare it to the book. All movies are suitable for children at a particular age. 

Moderators: Maila and Millie 

Timing: Mondays at 19 CET

for students in grades 8 – 12

Description: Students choose the genre and the movie they like to watch. After watching the movie, participants discuss different elements of the movies, such as acting, screenplay, scenography, costume design, known actors, plot development, even cliches, etc. The club is dynamic and tends to involve each student in the conversation. Simultaneously they learn how to express personal preferences and explain why they liked or didn’t like something. Movies are age appropriate. 

Moderators: Mike and Eve 

Timing: Mondays at 18 CET and Wednesdays at 13.30 CET

EduWW Music Club

For students in grades 3 – 7

Music club meetings engage and support students to express themselves freely through music. Every student chooses their own way which can be through writing songs, composing, playing an instrument, or singing. The main purpose is to learn how to communicate their emotion through music and reveal their talents. While listening to different kinds of music, different genres, and era, we tend to analyze the song and its lyrics and talk about what is the hidden meaning behind the lyrics. In that way, children also learn to accept and respect different genres and styles. Besides that, in our music club, we have lots of fun by playing different music quizzes such as “Guess the Song,” “Guess the artist,” and different Music Trivia Quizzes.

Moderator: MaryAnn

Timing: Thursdays at 11.30 CET

For students in grades 8 – 12

Description:  The main idea is to familiarise students with music, genres, instruments, and theory. Members will talk about music, music genres, and different instruments. Likewise, there will be a lot of listening to music. Sometimes it will be songs that students like. Other times the moderator will play the music they have never heard before. And, of course, afterward, they will discuss and share impressions and opinions. This club will also introduce students to music theory – what it is and how they can use it. 

Moderator: Igor

Timing: Tuesdays at 17 CET 

EduWW Writing Club

for students in grades 3 – 7

Description: During the next six months, we’ll aim to finish one work of literary art – a poem, a short story, or a fable. This depends on the student’s preference, they will be free to choose the form that appeals the most to them. The first month will be dedicated to writing down ideas about the main story elements. We’ll talk about the characters, plots, settings, and order of events so that, in the end, students have an outline of their writing project. After that, we dedicate our time to writing. Students will write between meetings – during meetings, we will read, edit, revise, exchange ideas, answer questions, and tackle the writer’s block problem if needed. We expect the writing to be done by June. June will be dedicated to compiling all the written projects and creating an e-book which will then be sent out to all the students who participated.

Moderators: Irina and Mary Ann

Timing: Mondays at 19 CET and Tuesdays at 13.30 CET

for students in grades 8 – 12

Description: This club aims to teach students to write. They will discuss the literature and the written word in general. The club is dynamic, so students will get different tasks through which they will reveal and explore personal preferences regarding the written word and sharpen their critical thinking and communication through debates. Likewise, students will be invited to share their most proud and least proud writings and discuss why they like one and what they would improve in the other. 

Moderator: Joan

Timing: Mondays at 18 CET and Fridays at 12.30 CET

EduWW Debate Club

for students in grades 8 – 12

Description: Once a week, members of this club will discuss interesting topics, research, plan, and finally defend their arguments. Some of the topics will be “Androids vs. iPhones,” “Is social media a force for good or bad?” and “Is democracy the best form of government?”.

The main goals of this club are to:

  • build confidence;
  • boost critical thinking;
  • improve oral communication skills;
  • practice collaboration;
  • learn to adapt multiple perspectives;
  • work on problem-solving skills;
  • further develop emotion regulation;
  • improve social skills;
  • learn about trending topics.

It goes without saying that all of these skills are highly appreciated in the business world and have a lot of practical use in both academic and day-to-day life. Be prepared to test your outside-of-the-box thinking and take on an active role in your learning journey.

Moderator: Julia 

Timing: Tuesdays at 11.30 CET and Wednesdays at 17 CET 

EduWW Photography Club

students in grades 3 – 7 and students in grades 8-12

Description: The club has been organized for photography enthusiasts who want to take control of their camera and start to explore the beauty and diversity of photography and develop the ability to capture the decisive moments in life. The functioning of the club is divided into two parts.

First part will be theoretical and will allow students to learn and share knowledge about digital cameras, the basics of composition, and image editing, and get inspiration from iconic photographers.

Second part will be practical, involving projects that will be done by students and presented in meetings and on EDUWW social media profiles.

Requirements: DSLR camera, Mirrorless, Compact or Film camera, Smartphone or any kind of device that has a usable camera.

Moderator: Mark 

Timing: Thursdays at 19 CET (students in grades 3 – 7) and Fridays at 19 CET (students in grades 8 – 12)

EduWW Gaming Club

Description: Imagine playing video games, but completing the game assignments won’t be the only thing required for moving on to the next level. Students will play a multi-player video game by interacting with each other and our tutor, who will instruct them in real-time sessions. Once they complete the first level, students must do a small test or answer a series of questions related to the learning material to unlock and advance to the next one. All games available in the camp will be PG 13, which means they are suitable for ages 13 and above. There will be no shooting or violent games included.

Moderators: Luke, Igor, Bianca

Timing: Wednesdays at 17.15 CET (for students in grades 9 – 12); Thursdays at 11 CET (for students in grades 9 – 12), and Fridays at 12 CET (for students in grades 6 – 8)

EduWW Manga and Anime Club

Students in grades 3 – 7 and students in grades 8-12

Description: Reviewing episodes of the specific anime chosen by the group. It will include sharing knowledge of Japanese culture, manga knowledge, and comparison with the art of anime. Also, it includes debates, space for honest opinions, and accepting others’ ideas about art and life in general. The form of the class will vary from group to group.

Moderator: Maila

Timing: Mondays at 15.15 CET and Thursdays at 16.15 CET ( grades 3-7); Fridays at 15.15 CET and 16.15 CET (grades 8-12)