Student Life and Clubs

Education World Wide realizes the importance of socialization for children.

Even though online schooling is often criticized for lack of socializing, we are trying to bridge that gap.

Student Clubs

One of the ways we do that is through extracurricular activities that allow students to share mutual interests and passion or have hobbies through school clubs. 

EduWW Forum

This forum is meant only for EduWW students who can discuss various topics and interests that may or may not be school-related. The forum is moderated by school staff. 

Book Club 

Online meetings are organized twice a month for two different age categories (middle and high school). Students read books and comics, and they discuss them during meetings. The club is led by one of our online tutors. 

Movie Club 

This club is connected with EduWW Book Club because the repertoire often consists of movies that are actually adaptations of books and comics. Upon watching a movie, participants discuss it and compare it to the book. All movies are suitable for children. 

Music Club

Music Club will be an online gathering run by Igor, our music teacher, who will guide students through music genres, instruments, musical concepts, etc. Also, students will listen to some music and then discuss it. These meetings will be held twice a month.

Chess Club 

More info coming soon 

Debate Club 

More info coming soon