What is Self-Paced Learning?

When you think of school class, a traditional classroom with a teacher in front of a group of students usually comes to mind. Although it’s still the most extended type of studying, the effectiveness of self-paced learning is taking a swing in this modern world of internet and online learning.  These are two very different … Read more

How To overcome lazines and procrastination

How to Overcome Laziness and Procrastination for Students

There is nothing wrong with being lazy or procrastinating from time to time. The wrong starts when it develops into a habit that is hard to get rid of. If it isn’t stopped on time, chronic procrastination can slowly overcome all the activities, from work to daily chores, even hobbies. This is especially risky for … Read more

Interactive Material Keeps Students Engaged

Interactive Material Keeps Students Engaged

Keeping the students engaged and keen on studying can be tricky. Often students find some subjects a bit dull and lose interest fast. In our experience, interactive learning material represents a key link in a successful learning experience. After all, everybody has their own interests. Some are intrigued by math, others curious about languages and art. There … Read more