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How to Create the Perfect Study Environment at Home

Creating a good study environment at home is crucial if you are an online school student. 

Because it’s easy to slip out of the study mood when you are cozy at home, without the teacher’s constant surveillance, and because of that, you must make a productive study space at home that will keep you motivated.

The proper study environment can lead you to great achievements and performance in your educational activities! As you will be distraction free, and able to focus on creating great study habits.

Here are 10 tips on how to create a study environment at home:

Privacy is important

Creating a study space where your study sessions will have minimal interruptions by any source of distraction, such as your phone or family members and friends, is vital.

So ask your family to avoid your study area during your lessons, and put your phone on airplane mode or on silent, or just turn off the notifications. 

Keep the space organized

Tidying your study materials and keeping them with minimal distractions can significantly improve your study time. Then, your focus won’t be scattered while searching for the right pen, notebook, or laptop charger, and you can get the work done much more quickly and efficiently.

Bonus tip: Use some desk organizers to make your study life easier. It will hold all the resources you need at hand’s reach. 

Good Lighting

Humans are designed to function in natural light. Even smaller amounts of natural light can give more motivation, positive vibes, and emotions. Regular room lights are not enough to support good vision hygiene for longer periods, so consider creating your learning area near a window.

When spending a lot of time staring at the screen, which is characteristic of online studying, make sure to have plenty of light to avoid eye strain. If you don’t have enough natural light, a desk lamp is a great added light source.

Bonus tip: The light should come from behind you for reading, and the desk lamp should be leveled with your chin so the source is out of view.

Make yourself comfortable

Investing in a quality ergonomic chair that offers support and comfort is best for your posture. It would be preferable to sit with feet on the floor and knees and elbows in the 90-degree angle, and the height of the desk should be in sync with that.

This will help you to feel less tired and avoid any physical discomfort that may distract you. 

Background noise

It’s common for students to use background music to set the mood for learning, and while your favorite songs can boost your positive energy, they can also make you focus more on the song lyrics than the lesson.

So, it might be better to try ambient noise apps or classical music and see what suits you the best.

Manage time

Plan your studying and stick to it. A schedule can help you manage your time better, prioritize tasks, and decide when to take the breaks. 

You can experiment a little with the time of the day to see which one benefits you the most, and when you choose one, continue with it.

Remember that a clock nearby can be your friend or enemy. Yes, it can help you stick to your schedule, but if you look at it too often, it can be a distraction.

Personalize it

Make your study space in a way that inspires you and motivates you to learn – appealing colors, decor, inspirational quotes, posters, post-it notes, or reminders of your goals. Also, if you have some awards, you can keep them on display to remind you what you can do!

Use it just for studying

Let your learning area stay just that. The more you repeat the action, the more the brain associates the place with what you do there, allowing you to make study habits.

This is very important since online schooling mainly involves studying from home, and it’s tough to find space just for learning. But try using a studying corner for a start!


Always have a water bottle with you! When hydrated, the brain works better and allows you to focus and not be distracted by having to get up all the time to get a glass of water. This is vital in summer.

Don’t overdo it

Even though having the right study surroundings is pleasant, be careful! 

Too many details can turn out a mess and let your attention slip by focusing on objects around you instead of the lessons you should be learning. This also means that you should keep your study environment as minimalistic as possible and only have the stuff that you need around you.

Also, don’t let thinking too much about how to make the study environment at home lead you to procrastination.

To sum it up

These tips can guide you to create a perfect learning area and study habits to keep you on the right track through the school year. Let your learning environment help you on your way to greatness! 

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Author: Natalija S.