Let's Talk About It podcast about online schooling

Let’s Talk About It: Spanish Club at EduWW

Although we enroll students from all around the world, the majority of them are the ones who come from Spanish-speaking areas. Also, out of three additional languages, a student can choose from the list of electives – most of them choose Spanish. That is why the school started a Spanish club – run by one … Read more

EduWW student podcast - Antonia and Jumana

Check out the first EduWW student podcast

EduWW students started their own podcast that you can watch on our youtube channel. The podcast hosts are Antonia and Jumana, our lovely students. In the first episode, the two of them introduced themselves and discussed their experience with online schooling, the benefits that they got from this type of education, and also their future … Read more

Let’s Talk About It: Online High School – Watch Live at 7 PM (CEST)

The next episode of our live monthly podcast is scheduled for Tuesday 04th of October at 7 PM (Central European Time Zone). This time we are talking about online high school. More and more teenagers worldwide are opting for online high school because it gives them more freedom and enables them to explore their interests … Read more