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Let’s Talk About It: Online Learning Platform

Let's Talk About It - EduWW live podcast

Online Learning platform is where our students spend most of their time. That is why we decided to share some tactics and advice on using the tools and features the platform has to learn more efficiently. Join our new podcast to learn things that can significantly improve your online learning experience and grades.

Tuesday at 7 PM CET on our YouTube channel.

Anita’s and Mary’s guest for this topic will be Luke Sawyer, the platform administrator from the EduWW tutoring department. Luke has spent several years as a tutor and even as a head of the high school department – so he is familiar with classic pitfalls that students usually get into once they start learning online. He has good advice on how to avoid them. Make sure to join us. The podcast will be streamed live, so you can ask questions in the comment section and get answers during the episode.

Let’s Talk About It – Live Podcast About Online Schooling

It is an absolute must-watch podcast for parents and students considering enrollment into an online school. It is the only podcast that fully transparently explains various aspects of online schooling and breaks myths about this form of education. You can watch all our episodes on the playlist below. While you are on our YouTube channel, do not forget to subscribe, and if you find our talks interesting, share them with parents considering enrolling their child in an online school.