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Guide: EduWW Online Consultations For Students and Parents

All you need to know about online consultations at EduWW

The possibility of talking with an administrative officer or a teacher is significant in the enrollment process in online schools. In online education, you don’t have the opportunity to enter the building and meet the staff. That is why booking an online meeting with our consultants or administrators builds trust, even before enrollment. 

EduWW provides students’ families with a chance to communicate with consultants or administration and tutors anytime. We are at your disposal from the moment you first reach out to us. If you have any questions, problems, or issues or need help, we will assist you.

You can contact us via social networks, emails, or phone. We encourage you to do so if you are interested in our online programs or have any questions. Expressing doubts and concerns, if there are any, is also desirable. EduWW staff will reply instantly on chat or within 24 hours if you reach out to us via email. 

Once you submit your inquiry, it gets directly forwarded to someone in our consulting team. Since it is the so-called first point of contact with the school, we aim to be attentive. Our consultants carefully review your inquiry and reply with detailed information. We can finalize the enrollment via email, but if you prefer to speak with someone – that is an option, too. 

EduWW Consultants Your First Point of Contact

A consultant is your first point of contact for any matter during the enrollment process. If there is anything a student or parent wants to check or ask, a dedicated consultant is a right person. 

The first email you get from them explains how online schooling works, how students learn, what an online learning platform is, and what online classes look like. Also, that initial email tells about tuition fee packages and the payment options we offer, etc. Consultants will also share their Calendly links to book an appointment for further questions.

 Some of the frequently asked questions that I get are primarily about our credentials and accreditation. Parents also wonder how online classes function and how many per week students can schedule. They are interested in the way the Accelerate platform works as well. Since we have a demo that shows all that, I usually walk them through it so they can clearly see, for example, where and how they can log in, calendars, subjects, lectures, tests … – says Anita, Head Consultant at EduWW. 

Academic consultants are also mediators between you and other departments – Administration, Finances, Tutors, and the Academic Board. All the paperwork, invoicing, and requests go through the consultants. 

Meeting With Both Tutor and Consultant

Given that we approach each case individually, some situations might require both tutor and consultant to be present during consultations. For instance, if a child’s education requires some particular approach or if there is an assessment that has to be done before enrollment. Or simply if a parent requests to speak with a tutor because they want closer details about classes, program, learning methodology, etc. 

In such cases, consultants and tutors work together. They will schedule a mutual consultation with a family and a student and come up with the best possible solution. 

Consultation With Tutors After Enrollment

Upon enrollment, an assigned tutor will be the first point of contact for a student for any questions related to school work, lessons, online classes, etc. A student and a parent can book a consultation with an assigned tutor and discuss any matter. 

For instance, if a student is having trouble with the learning material or if they are falling behind. A teacher can help them create a better learning plan. But also, if a student is looking for additional course material because they want to advance in some subject. 

The same goes for parents. They can book a consultation with an assigned tutor to discuss any aspect of their child’s education with us. Teachers can be the initiators of these meetings if they notice that a student is falling behind, doesn’t show up for classes, or simply want to inform parents about students’ progress. 

How To Book A Consultation?

If you contact us for the first time, you can ask for consultation via Messanger chat on our Facebook page. You can send an email with the request to admissions@eduww.net or fill in this Contact form on our website or call on this phone number +1 561-404-4557. There is also a box on your right side of the screen as you are reading this article (available only on desktop and laptop), and one of the buttons says Schedule free consultation – just click on it. 

Once we receive your request, our consultant will reach out to you and give you their Calendly link to book a meeting. You will be able to choose the time and date that suit you the best. You can pick the consultation that lasts 15 minutes or 30 minutes. It is usually more than enough for any type of inquiry. If a consultant has nothing else scheduled after your consultation, it can go on for as long as needed. If that’s not the case, they will suggest another appointment time so you can continue. 

When you book the meeting, you will receive an automatic email with the link through which you can access the consultation at the arranged time. It would be nice if you could provide the consultant with any information when you are scheduling the consultation. For example, in what grade or grades are you interested in or if you have any specific questions, so they can prepare the best they can in advance. 

Schedule Your Online Consultation Today!

Now that we have explained how online consultation works, nothing is stopping you from booking one, and ask us anything you like to know about online schooling. We have to mention that consultations are free, and they don’t oblige you to enroll with us. So, if you book a meeting with our consultant, it doesn’t mean that it is a done deal and now you have to enroll your child with us.  That online meeting with our consultant is purely informational. And if in the aftermath, you decide to enroll with us, then we couldn’t be happier to wish you welcome on board.