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Online Middle School

EduWW online middle school covers grades from 5 to 8. We have developed the perfect concept to help students grow in all aspects. At online middle school, we give them more extensive knowledge and help them discover personal interests. We are preparing them for the next big step – which is a high school. Students follow four core subjects and two electives. Core subjects they follow are English Langauge Art, Mathematics, Science, and History and Geography. When it comes to electives, they can choose from – Career Exploration, Health Quest, Keyboarding, and Applications.

Online middle school electives, such as Career Exploration, introduce students to various fields and industries and possible job positions. Through these electives, students explore personal interests. When a student knows what they like, and what are their personal interests, that can determine their future education. For example, it can help them to choose the right high school, and later on a study field at a university.

Complete learning material is loaded on our online learning platform, and a student can access it 24/7. That allows them to learn whenever they want, at their own pace. EduWW Online Middle School also provides live online classes with teachers. A student can book individual one-on-one online classes or join online group classes where they get a chance to socialize with their peers worldwide. Through this unique online learning methodology, our dedicated tutors ensure that students are prepared for their next big step, which is high school.

Placement Program

While EduWW does not require any previous pretests for enrollment, sometimes they are necessary. However, they do not determine a child’s eligibility to enroll, but they instead determine their starting point at our online middle school. As you may know, we use an American curriculum. If a child comes from a vastly different educational system, there is a possibility that they will have to go through the Placement Program. That program consists of series of pretests in core subjects. 

We impose this test to predict if a student will be able to follow our program without any problems. Depending on the results, we can assign additional learning material to a student to help bring them up to speed with the particular grade’s regular program. EduWW Academic Board will estimate if a student needs to go through Placement Program once we receive the application, based on the previous educational transcript. 

Credit Transfer Mode – CRx Mode

EduWW Online Middle School allows students to transfer in the middle of the grade. In such a case, we have a particular procedure when a student transfers in the middle of the grade. We do not oblige students to start their grades from the beginning, but rather enable them to continue from the point where they stopped in their previous school. To determine a child’s current level of knowledge, we use a CRx Mode.

The student will take a pretest, and the results will show us how far they have advanced with the current grade. Therefore, once they transfer to our online middle school, they won’t have to learn things they have already mastered. Our tutors will unlock only units and materials that a student is not familiar with. Thanks to the CRx Mode, we can recognize and accept credits that a student achieved in the previous school. Even if that school didn’t use the credit system, the CRx Mode would determine how many credits a student would earn. 

Educational Transcript

Upon finalization of any online middle school grade, we issue an educational transcript to our students. That is an official document that proves a student has successfully finished the grade. With an educational transcript, a student can transfer into another school, brick-and-mortar or online. Their education with EduWW will be fully recognized, and they can proceed to the next grade without any problems. 

For any additional information or clarification about online middle school, write to us at

Core Courses
Fifth Grade CRx
Language Arts
History and Geography
Sixth Grade CRx
Language Arts
History and Geography
Seventh Grade CRx
Language Arts
History and Geography
Eighth Grade CRx
Language Arts
History and Geography
Elective Courses

In online middle school, we give students the possibility to discover their interests through Career Exploration elective courses. In each grade, they’ll get an introduction to a variety of areas in which they can build careers in the future. These electives will spark their curiosity about a particular area or profession. So in high school, they can focus personal interests on a more specific subject. 

In fifth grade, EduWW students learn more about what is work and how you explore, build, and manage a career. Elective includes lessons: 

  • What is work?
  • Self-assessment 
  • Career research
  • Planning for your career
  • Preparing for your career 

After learning the basics about what career is and how to plan and prepare for one, in sixth grade, EduWW students learn about particular careers related to health, tourism, human, and consumer services. Elective includes lessons: 

  • Introduction to a career in health science
  • Introduction to hospitality and tourism systems
  • Introduction to human services 
  • Introduction to consumer services 

In seventh grade, EduWW students will continue to explore other professions. But, in this grade, they get to know technology and agriculture areas. Elective includes lessons: 

  • Information technology
  • Introduction to information support and services 
  • Introduction to network systems
  • Introduction to agriculture, food and natural resources
  • Introduction to STEM 

In eight grade, EduWW students get to learn more about professions in business, finance, and marketing. Additionally, they will get the opportunity to learn about keyboarding and coding. 

Career Exploration III lessons are: 

  • Introduction to business and finance 
  • Introduction to manufacturing 
  • Introduction to transportation, distribution, and logistics
  • Introduction to architecture and construction 
  • Introduction to marketing 

Keyboarding and Application lessons are: 

  • Computer hardware
  • Keyboarding 
  • Computer operating systems 
  • Word processing 
  • Presentation technology 
  • Internet
  • Communication skills 

Principles of coding lessons are: 

  • Computational thinking 
  • Computer practice and programming 
  • Data and information 
  • Connecting math and computer science
  • Mobile technology and society 
Additional Electives (Grade) CRx
Career Explorations I (5-6)
Career Explorations II (7-8)
Health Quest (3-8)
Keyboarding and Applications (7-8)

EduWW offers two tuition fee packages. Package 1 is $3000, while Package 2 is $3500. The main difference is that Package 1 includes group classes, while Package 2 covers both individual and group classes, among other things. You can get more information by sending us an email at


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