Middle School - 5th up to 8th grade


1 Year per grade



Middle School Course Listing

Education World Wide, Middle School program help student to improve their practical skills and define their interest through the interactive & individual way of  online learning.

Complete course subjects with engaging interactive online digital learning, and up to date electives, will provide to student complete development for the further steps.

Courses are listed by each general subject area, the grade level in which students generally take them.

Core Courses
Fifth GradeCRx
Language Arts
History and Geography
Sixth GradeCRx
Language Arts
History and Geography
Seventh GradeCRx
Language Arts
History and Geography
Eighth GradeCRx
Language Arts
History and Geography
Elective Courses

In middle school, we give students the possibility to discover their interests through Career Exploration elective courses. In each grade, they’ll get an introduction to a variety of areas in which they can build careers in the future. These electives will spark their curiosity about a particular area or profession. So in high school, they can focus personal interests on a more specific subject. 

In fifth grade, EduWW students learn more about what is work and how you explore, build, and manage a career. Elective includes lessons: 

  • What is work?
  • Self-assessment 
  • Career research
  • Planning for your career
  • Preparing for your career 

After learning the basics about what career is and how to plan and prepare for one, in sixth grade, EduWW students learn about particular careers related to health, tourism, human, and consumer services. Elective includes lessons: 

  • Introduction to a career in health science
  • Introduction to hospitality and tourism systems
  • Introduction to human services 
  • Introduction to consumer services 

In seventh grade, EduWW students will continue to explore other professions. But, in this grade, they get to know technology and agriculture areas. Elective includes lessons: 

  • Information technology
  • Introduction to information support and services 
  • Introduction to network systems
  • Introduction to agriculture, food and natural resources
  • Introduction to STEM 

In eight grade, EduWW students get to learn more about professions in business, finance, and marketing. Additionally, they will get the opportunity to learn about keyboarding and coding. 

Career Exploration III lessons are: 

  • Introduction to business and finance 
  • Introduction to manufacturing 
  • Introduction to transportation, distribution, and logistics
  • Introduction to architecture and construction 
  • Introduction to marketing 

Keyboarding and Application lessons are: 

  • Computer hardware
  • Keyboarding 
  • Computer operating systems 
  • Word processing 
  • Presentation technology 
  • Internet
  • Communication skills 

Principles of coding lessons are: 

  • Computational thinking 
  • Computer practice and programming 
  • Data and information 
  • Connecting math and computer science
  • Mobile technology and society 
Additional Electives (Grade)CRx
Career Explorations I (7-8)
Career Explorations II (7-8)
Elementary Spanish (3-6)
Elementary French (3-6)
Health Quest (3-8)
Intro to Spanish (7-8)
Intro to French (7-8)
Keyboarding and Applications (7-8)
Principles of Coding (7-8)

Tuition Fee: 3,000.00 $ It can be paid in up to 10 installments


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