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Individual Classes in an Online School: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Since the beginning, individual online classes have been the most effective tutoring support our students could get. Getting to know a student and adapting teaching methodologies to a student-specific learning style and needs will always give the best results. Here is all you need to know about individual classes in our online school and how they can benefit your child. 

Online schools usually have individual and self-paced programs, meaning students learn independently, alone – in most cases – directly from the learning platform. Our online courses offer learning materials for students to learn alone, without tutoring support, regardless of age. Everything is carefully designed and presented through multimedia elements that keep the attention and improve knowledge retention. 

Still, virtual learning requires time management skills because students who learn alone and without pre-determined timetables need initiative, motivation, and good organizational skills. While some of our students excel in this to the point where some adults can learn from them, others need support from an adult. That is why EduWW provides online classes to students. 

We offer two types of online classes – group and individual and both these types are available to our students in our standard tuition fee packages.

When Should a Student Take Individual Online Classes?

Individual class is not a new concept. You are all familiar with private lessons with tutors you sometimes had to hire to help your children with certain subjects. The online version has the same goal, but it is an even better one. Let’s start by explaining when a student needs to book an individual online class.

An individual online class is an excellent choice when:

  • A student can’t attend group classes (regardless of the reason). Some students have other obligations related to sports, other hobbies, or health.
  • The time zone of the group classes doesn’t fit the time zone in a student’s place of residence. 
  • A student needs to catch up in a specific subject. For example, English is not their native language, and they want to improve it. Math is not their strongest side, so they need help. 
  • A student doesn’t work great independently and needs teaching assistance in most subjects. 
  • A student from a different educational background needs additional tutoring support while adapting to the American system. 
  • A student is shy or has a learning difficulty that enables them to learn in a group. 
  • A student wants to finish the grade faster or excel in a particular subject.

The reasons why someone can benefit from individual classes are many. Yet, it all comes down to one thing – a student requires a unique approach based on their needs. That is where online education solved one of the problems that traditional online schooling settings didn’t. Online schools are adaptable to students, not the other way around.

How Individual Online Classes Work in EduWW?

Individual online classes are available to all students from grades 1 to 12. The initiative for the individual class must come from a student. The student is the one who requires a private class for the specific subject, and they also choose the day and time for the class based on the availability calendar that their tutor sent them. 

Students in lower grades can book an individual class with their assigned tutor, while students in high school will have a different tutor for individual lessons depending on the subjects. Given that their learning material is more complex, we want to ensure they get the best support possible.

How Many Individual Classes Can A Student Book?

The number of individual classes a student can take weekly or monthly depends on the tuition fee package. As of March 1st, 2023, with Package 1 ($3500 tuition fee for one school year), students get 4 individual classes monthly. We also increased the number of individual classes in Package 2 to 16 per month, which now costs $4500 per year. Check the Pricing Policy details.

Individual Classes in Package 1

The main goal of this 45-minute consultation will be to improve their progress on the platform. Therefore, if they fail a test, quiz, or any other form of assessment or fall behind in some lessons, these classes serve to improve the “damage,” so to speak. If a student doesn’t understand something well and doesn’t want to ask the tutor in a group class, they can ask for an additional explanation during this individual consultation. 

These individual consultations are an excellent choice if a student is absent for some time and wants to catch up with the learning material. A student on Package 1 has one individual class per week, which makes it four per month. They can use one for each core subject. 

Individual Classes in Package 2

Students in Package 2 have up to four individual classes per week, which makes a total of 16 private lessons per month. They can organize them how they like and use them for any core subject they need help with. A student is not obliged to use all 16 slots per month. If the work can be done in, let’s say, 10 or 12 classes per month, they can book only that number of classes. 

Individual classes in Package 2 can last 30 to 45 minutes. A student must book an individual class at least 24 hours in advance. The student is obliged to attend classes that they booked with a teacher. Regardless of the reason, they have to inform a tutor at their earliest convenience if they can’t make it to the class.

Pros and Cons of Individual Online Classes

Individual online classes can be a great solution for students needing an individual learning approach.

While there is a difference between this type of class and the face-to-face ones, the result might be even better with the online solution. The advantages of online classes, especially individual ones, are that they are more flexible. You have more options in choosing the right time for your online class. 

Likewise, our tutors’ unique teaching methodology is a proven path to getting the desired result with various types of students. Our teachers always figure out what type of learner a student is and adjust their teaching style to the student’s needs. More importantly, they ensure students have their hands in learning at any time possible.

Students taking online classes in our school have improved their overall progress, but they also gained motivation to study and unlocked some new skills and potential. Here is the list of advantages and disadvantages of online classes.

Pros of individual online classes

  • A student can choose the time and date when they want a class to be held. 
  • They can study from the comfort of their home.
  • The teacher’s attention is focused only on one student. 
  • The teacher will adjust the teaching style to students’ needs.
  • Since the teacher is familiar with the student’s overall progress, they can easily detect and improve students’ learning weak spots. 

Cons of online classes

  • Some students learn better if the teacher is present with them in the classroom. 
  • Children who learn online sometimes struggle to manage their time because they don’t have a fixed class timetable. 
  • Some students have trouble focusing on home learning and prefer traditional school settings. 
  • Low socialization aspect because the student learns alone.

Experience The Best Online Learning

Education World Wide is trying to deliver students the best online learning experience. For many of them, the concept of online education is entirely new. Our teachers make sure to help students to adapt to this new learning style. More importantly, they are there to help them with any problem they face. 

Online programs that we offer for grades 1 to 12 ensure the quality of the learning material. At the same time, our teachers help students master knowledge through live online classes. Group classes are mostly for socialization, although students can learn much by following them. While individual classes are there in case a student needs additional support or prefers learning this way. 

To explore our program and test learning platform, or get more information about enrollment, write to us at admissions@eduww.net. One of our consultants will contact you back within 24 hours.