Progression to College & University

Your Progression Route After Online School

Upon graduation from EduWW Online High School, our students have many opportunities to proceed to the desired college or a university. Our high school diploma is recognized and accepted internationally.

Accredited and Certified

Education World Wide online schooling program is completely accredited and certified. Therefore, once they graduate from our online high school, students can continue with higher education. EduWW alumni can apply to desired colleges and universities not just in the US but worldwide. 

A US High School Diploma

After completing Grade 12, our students receive a high school diploma. Although the diploma is issued in the US, it is accepted and recognized worldwide. With EduWW high school diploma, our students can apply to any college or a university in the US and higher education institutions around the globe. 

Students who are not from the US will receive a US high school diploma as well. In their home country, they will be recognized as international students (students who followed the American schooling program), not as national students (the ones who followed the schooling program of their home country). Education World Wide is not familiar if the universities and colleges outside the US have different admission conditions for national and international students. 

Academic Credits

Throughout online high school education, our students collect academic credits. To be eligible to graduate, they need at least 22 credit points. Students collect credits through the subjects they are following from grades 9 to 12. Core subjects are worth one credit point, while electives range 0.5 to one credit point, depending on if they last a semester or a whole year. If a student transfers to EduWW Online High School from a significantly different educational system, we can recognize their credits through a Credit Recovery program. Read more about it HERE. 

From the legal point of view, higher education institutions on other continents do not have a reason to decline a diploma from a registered American school. Note that our diploma does not say that a student attended the program online. Although, online schooling is entirely legitimate and arranged in the US. 

Our Administration office will issue a digital copy of a student’s diploma (stamped and signed) upon graduation. The school will also send a hard copy of a diploma to a student’s home address. Additionally, a hard copy can be issued with an Apostille certificate. Please note: Getting an Apostille is not included in the tuition fee, it is charged additionally.

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EduWW Business Academy

After graduation from EduWW Online High School, students can continue their education with us. EduWW Online Business Academy allows them to acquire a Bachelor’s and Master’s Diploma by following accredited online study programs from UK universities. EduWW higher education provides online studies in the fields of Business Management and IT & Computing. You can see details by clicking on the button below. 

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