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Nice to meet you. We are Education World Wide.

We believe that education is for everyone and should be accessible at anyplace and anytime. By using the advantage of the internet and new technologies, we created a high-quality online school and made it available worldwide.

We are a complete online education path from Elementary to High School, and the learning route continues with Bachelor and Master levels at our online Business and IT Academy. One more online learning platform works under the EduWW umbrella – the Sport World School.

EduWW School was founded in 2015 and written in the Florida Board of Education with the school code 4627. We are acknowledged and accredited to provide international online education for Elementary, Middle, and High School levels. We designed the Sport World School with young athletes in focus. Our team puts dedication, effort, and hard work into providing online schooling for students who are becoming professional athletes. 

EduWW online elementary school covers grades from 1 through 5. Each grade has four core subjects and two elective courses.

Elementary School

EduWW online middle school includes grades from 6 through 8. Each grade has four core subjects and two electives.

Middle School

EduWW online high school includes grades from 9 through 12 and has elective departments in various fields. Students follow four core subjects plus two electives.

High School

EduWW offers Level 3, which is an entry-level university program in the business. This program is registered and qualified by the ATHE and Ofqual.

University Entry

At Online Business Academy, we offer a Level 4 diploma in Business Management, IT, and Hospitality. Each of these fields has ten modules in which students get project assignments that enable them to earn 120 academic credits. Level 4 diploma is equivalent to the first year at the university and allows you to proceed to the second year. In other words, with this diploma, you can continue higher education on campus at a university or via distance learning.

Level 4

Online Business Academy also provides a Level 5 diploma in Business Management, IT, and Hospitality. Level 5 diploma is equivalent to the second year of university. By finalizing this level, you can proceed to the third year of academic studies. Similarly, like the previous level, Level 5 covers ten modules in each field and carries 120 academic points. Also, with this diploma, a student can continue his studies online or move to a brick-and-mortar university.

Level 5

At our Online Business Academy, you can study Level 6 in Business and Management. Level 6 is equal to a Bachelor degree and consists of 10 modules that provide you with around 40 guided learning hours. After completing Level 6, you’ll have a deeper understanding of management, and you’ll develop strategic management skills. This diploma allows you to progress to Level 7 in Strategic Marketing or a postgraduate degree program in institutions of higher education. You can also find a job in Business or related sectors such as marketing, accounting, HR, management, or business consultancy.

Level 6

Online Business Academy offers Master Level 7 studies in Strategic Management. The Level 7 diploma is equivalent to the 4th Master year at University. This Level consists of 30 modules with 40 guided learning hours per module that give you knowledge and understanding of new standards for the leadership and management sector. This Level carries 120 academic credits. After receiving the Level 7 Master diploma, you are eligible for an MBA degree, or to execute a professional role in management.

Level 7