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We Busted Myths About Online School Students

We Busted Myths About Online School Students

Online schools are gaining popularity, but so are the misconceptions about this form of education. We want to put an end to that because online schools are an excellent choice. EduWW provides high-quality knowledge and teaches students valuable skills. Once they finalize the school, the students are ready for the next step – whether it’s higher education or a job. We proved wrong some of the most common beliefs about online schooling.

Online School Students Have Trouble With Learning

Not true. Students who opt for online school need a flexible learning schedule for a variety of reasons. They can learn at their own pace – whether that is faster or slower than students in regular school. But, bear in mind that if an online student learns at a slower pace, it’s not necessarily because they are not capable. Most of the time it’s due to their other obligations, maybe they have different interests such as dancing, or acting, or sports.

However, even if a student is a slow learner, an online school can help them a lot. They don’t have to feel sorry or embarrassed because they don’t follow the tempo of their classmates. They, too, are capable of learning everything, they just need more time. Also, by the end of the schooling process, those students will gain self-confidence because they won’t feel different in comparison to other children.

The same goes for students who are advanced learners. They don’t have to feel bored in a regular class, because an online school gives them the possibility to finish the grade earlier.

Online School Students Are Not Socialized

That one is massively wrong. Students who attend online schools have more free time for socializing. As a matter of fact, some online students are young actors, dancers, or athletes. They have plenty of friends outside the school, and they don’t lack social connections. Also, the friendships formed outside the school are healthier. That is because children choose with whom they want to be friends based on their mutual interests, not on the fact that they must spend together approximately six hours in the classroom, five days a week.

While some kids get bullied and made fun of in regular school, it can never happen if you are attending online classes. Online schools are a safe environment, so students can focus on studying, gaining knowledge, and developing skills.

Online School Students Are Not Ready for the College

This is just another misconception. It alludes that the quality of knowledge at online school is not good enough. We tend to disagree. Both our online schooling platforms, Education World Wide and Sport World School, provide high-quality knowledge. With that knowledge, our students are perfectly capable of going to any college or university around the world.

We also have to mention that at our online high school, students get to choose among 13 departments with more than 90 elective subjects. That helps them develop personal interests and enables them to acquire basic but specific knowledge in the field in which they could work one day.

Colleges Don’t Accept Online School Students

That one is similar to the myth above, and also not correct. Online schools are accepted and recognized as a legitimate form of schooling. Therefore, online students don’t have trouble proceeding to higher education. EduWW diploma allows our students to apply to any college in their country or anywhere in the world. If you want to find out more about your options after our online high school, please visit our Progression to College page.

Online Schools Are for Rich Kids and Celebrities

Again, that is the wrong reasoning. Online schools are not a sort of novelty or a commodity reserved only for rich children or young celebrities. Online education at the elementary, middle and high school levels is the present and the future of schooling. Each year we see the rising percentage of students who switch to virtual education for a variety of reasons.

Also, with moderate tuition fee and the possibility to pay it in up to 10 installments, EduWW is available to many students whose parents have different financial statuses.

Online Schools Are Easy

There is nothing wrong with things being easy. But, in most cases, behind this statement is the belief that online schools don’t have the quality. We already proved that EduWW provides high-quality knowledge. However, online school is somewhat easy.

Firstly, our learning materials are prepared in such a way that a student of a certain age can easily understand it even without the presence of a teacher. Also, materials are segmented, so students are not overwhelmed with them, but they learn gradually.

Secondly, online students can choose when they want to learn and for how long. There are no other distractions, like the ones students usually encounter in classrooms. That leads to a shorter amount of time that students need to spend on learning. Some of our students learn only two hours per day, and that is enough for them to master all learning materials.

Curious to Find out More?

Online schools are just another form of schooling—a very legitimate way of education that is becoming more and more popular worldwide. With online school, students have more time to explore their other interests while simultaneously getting a high-quality education. Also, as a virtual school, EduWW makes education available to everyone. If you want to find out more about the benefits and programs at EduWW, explore the homepage of our website. And if you have any questions, feel free to write to us at info@eduww.net.