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Discover Your Learning Style and Make Studying Effortless!

Even though we are a relatively young online school, we’ve educated hundreds of students so far. Working with such an amount of students has brought us some significant insights and lots of teaching experience. By following our pupils’ progress daily, we realized that their preferred learning styles differ.

Here at EduWW, we strive to adjust our teaching methods to meet the needs of different types of learners. Some children have a dominant learning style, while others learn differently based on the circumstances. And while there are many learning styles theories, the most famous is the VARK model.

What type of learner are you?

VARK is the abbreviation for visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic learning models. We will start by telling you more about types of learning styles and then add some valuable tips all our students could benefit from.

Visual: Children who are visual learners remember what they see the most. Visual learners can absorb lots of data quickly, and that is one of their biggest advantages. The reason behind it is that the human brain processes images 60 000 times faster than text.

If you are one of those students who remember that the answer is located in the top left corner of the book and underlined in pink, but you can’t recall what it says – then you are probably a visual learner. 

Studying tips: Use maps, outlines and charts – anything that would make the learning process fun and trouble-free. Coloring your notes with different pens and highlighters might greatly help as well.

Auditory: Auditory learners best remember what they hear. This includes listening to the learning material and hearing others speak. If you like reading your notes aloud or even talking to yourself when you’re trying to focus – you must be an auditory learner.

A strong point of this type of learner is that they don’t hesitate to ask questions and speak freely in the classroom. In addition, they enjoy discussions and working in groups.

Studying tips: Whenever you get the chance, listen to an audiobook instead of reading a voluminous textbook. Similarly, when studying, you can record the notes instead of writing them down. Feel free to initiate debates and discussions, as that might help you master the material faster. 

Reading/writing: This type of learner understands information best by reading and writing. If you often find yourself writing out the material you’re trying to memorize – you probably belong to this group of learners. Instead of just listening during the class, it would be good to take important notes and then re-read them frequently. 

Studying tips: Write assignments and essays as often as possible, as they enable you to showcase all your knowledge comfortably. In addition, ask your teacher to provide you with handouts of the essential information from the lesson. In that way, you will make sure not to miss the crucial facts.

Kinesthetic: Kinesthetic learners learn best by going through a motion or doing something manually. If you are always first in the line to do an experiment or demonstrate something for the rest of the class, you must be a kinesthetic learner. These students enjoy exploring and seeing firsthand what they learn about in the classroom.

Studying tips: Labs and experiments can help you better internalize specific ideas and topics. Similarly, you might enjoy reviewing school material while walking or even exercising. That would enable you to release some energy and return fresh and focused.

Whenever you can, use physical props. If you are studying the anatomy of the human body, use a skeleton or even your own body as a prop. 

Teaching techniques at Education World Wide

Our whole education program was created with different types of learners in mind. We provide individualized learning experiences to all our students, thanks to our interactive and user-friendly platform. The platform itself contains exciting and engaging materials for all types of learners. 

For instance, visual learners would enjoy watching captivating videos that are embedded on our platform. Colorful pictures and graphs are also there to make the lesson more appealing. Similarly, auditory learners would love to listen to audio lessons instead of reading long texts. 

Children who learn best by reading and writing would shine in writing essays and other assignments. Lastly, kinesthetic learners would enjoy projects requiring skills and creativity, such as making different objects out of clay or cutting different shapes out of paper. 

Let’s stay in touch!

We believe that the way our students learn doesn’t define them. Discovering one’s learning style doesn’t mean putting him in a box. However, recognizing students’ preferred learning styles in early grades can significantly speed up the learning process and help them build a solid foundation for higher education.

For any additional information about our programs and enrollment process, please send us an email to admissions@eduww.net. Our kind consultants will be glad to answer any questions you might have.