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Curriculum in an Online School: No Need to Worry

Curriculum in an online school

An approved and authentic curriculum indeed adds to the quality of an online school. If a student is considering enrollment into an online school, they should check a couple of things before doing so. The same goes for parents who contemplate putting their children through this type of education.

Following a high-quality curriculum builds the quality of knowledge that a student gets in school. You must be wondering how good is the knowledge that your child gets in an online school. Read this article to find out what curriculum EduWW uses and whether it is good enough for your child’s education.

Curriculum in EduWW Online School

For students or their parents nowadays, there are many schooling options. They can choose between online public schools and online private schools. Whichever school option you choose, to make sure it is the right one, you have to double-check a couple of things. You should research the school’s registration and the curriculum it uses.

EduWW is registered by the Florida Department of Education under school code 4627. Other than that, the curriculum that we offer to our attendees is state-accredited and valid. On top of that, all of our courses are NCAA-approved. The additional advantage is that all of the learning material is available 24/7 on our online learning platform. Both, platform and the curriculum are also accredited by Cognia

As an online school, EduWW operates internationally. Students from all around the globe attend our school. It is something we take great pride in. Various relevant institutions approve of the EduWW online learning program, which vouches for the quality of the knowledge we provide to our students. When you add the fact that we are issuing internationally recognized and accepted documents – it just builds the trustworthiness of our system.

A Well-rounded Education

The curriculum we use, represented in a way that we explained, offers a student a balanced and wide educational range. In addition, EduWW online courses incorporate appropriate and compatible visual and audio learning material on the online platform. Along with the extensive knowledge of our diligent tutors, we aim to provide students with a well-rounded education. Not only do tutors follow a student’s progress, but it is their full-time job to make the learning process easier. By providing visual and auditory stimulations, videos, animations, photos, and interactive texts, EduWW aims to make it more approachable and crystal clear to everyone. 

Are Traditional School Curriculums a Safer Option?

If you doubt online schools as a concept, you should know that EduWW is just as valid. Our online school uses the same curriculum that various traditional schools across the USA use as well. The main difference is that we use an online platform instead of books, so the learning material is online. Likewise, new technologies allowed us to present the curriculum through multimedia elements which adds an entirely new level to the learning process.

The platform is interactive and provides children with different sorts of learning material. Videos, pictures, and audio media follow the entire learning program. Based on the experience of our tutors, this makes a huge difference in students’ comprehension of subjects. In that way, lessons are easier to understand and all-around clearer.

To summarise, if you are a worried parent or a student just about to enroll in a school, the curriculum EduWW uses is just as credible as in traditional schools. Not only that, but other conventional schools use it as well. Still, our online school aims to improve it and bring it to a higher level of comprehensiveness by providing students with interactive teaching aids available on the online platform. 

The Convenience of Online Learning

As we stated previously, the learning platform is available any time of the day. Students can access it during the entire school year. The additional advantage is it makes the learning process much easier for students. 

Even though traditional schools use the same curriculum, in EduWW, it is represented in an entirely refreshing manner. We have divided and strategically deployed a year’s worth of studying material. In that way, a student won’t be overburdened. Together with their tutors, students can establish their pace of learning. 

This kind of learning solution showed that students acquire knowledge much easier and in a less stressful way. In addition, by doing so, students learn to organize better. It also showed that allowing them to manage studying time by themselves makes them more successful at comprehension. Students can go through the school program gradually in a self-paced manner. Based on our experience, the personalized learning concept appears more successful than following an already established schedule. 

The online learning platform makes the studying process much more receptive and diverting. Bear in mind that children and teenagers use the internet every day. They practically grow up with phones and computers by their side all the time. The virtual world has become something widespread. As a matter of fact, multimedia content has become an indispensable part of living. 

Younger generations find books, libraries, and days-long research more and more outdated concepts. The same goes for the traditional approach of schools and the learning process. This is where an interactive learning platform comes in handy. Still, our tutors encourage pupils to take notes during classes and to use books in addition to learning material that is on the platform. 

Subjects per Grade

As we stated, EduWW uses programs designed to provide coherent knowledge to the students. Along with four core courses, and two electives, the online school offers a wide range of co-curricular activities. By using such a curriculum and the online learning platform, together with tutors, we are focused on the needs of our students.

The same system of 22 points that a student has to acquire throughout the school also applies for EduWW. Each of the core subjects is worth 1 point, and electives vary between 0.5 and 1, depending on duration. As in traditional schools, the system EduWW uses in education is just as valid. 

Every grade level includes four core subjects:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies

As for the electives, depending on what grade a student is in, they can choose according to their likings and affinities. Above all, this is especially important for high school students that are preparing for college. Therefore EduWW offers a broad set of electives that they can choose. In that way, they can prepare for future careers and explore their interests before choosing one. 

Getting the Most Out of the School Curriculum

In addition, to make sure our students get the most out of the curriculum, EduWW online school offers a package that includes individual online classes. Along with group classes, students who opt for this package get three one-on-one sessions with their tutor per week. Having a bit of extra time and attention with the assigned tutor can make a massive difference in understanding the learning material that the curriculum implies. A tutor can focus on everything that a student finds more challenging to understand. Together they can overcome any obstacles and make sure everything from the curriculum is crystal clear. 

Did We Put Your Doubts To Rest?

As it shows, EduWW online school uses an accredited curriculum and issues globally recognized diplomas. Firstly, we aim to meet the expectations of all of our students and their parents and provide them with the best knowledge. Secondly, to make everything more approachable and easier to understand, we provide our students with multimedia learning material accessible to them all day long. And lastly, if you still have some concerns, please feel free to contact us at admissions@eduww.net. Our consultants will more than gladly answer any questions you might have.