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Do Students Get Bored in Online Classes?

Are Online Classes Boring?

Sure, some students get bored in online classes. Nonetheless, there is a way to make it work for both sides. One part of the job is up to our tutors, the other to the students themselves. Everyone’s first thought about online education must be about studying from the comfort of their home. With that being said, we get why some concerning questions may arise.

Regardless of staying at your home, attending online classes is a must. Sure thing, the online school has many advantages. But if a student thinks it’s easy and that they can simply skip everything directly to the diploma part, they are entirely wrong. In addition, our learning management system is there to make sure nothing can be skipped. Naturally, some students can find parts of the curriculum uninteresting and not to their taste. They can feel like they will get bored in those online classes. With that in mind, keep reading to find out why those thoughts should be reconsidered.

There Is No Room for Boredom in EduWW

The way EduWW conducts the education process really makes us stand out from other online schools. To back up this statement, we present you with just a few comments from a couple of our students:

“This was the best online class ever.”
“I used to hate Geography, but now I love it because of online classes with my tutor.”
“We can’t wait for our next class.”
“I look forward to the school break, but I will miss our group classes. They are the best thing ever.”

We are incredibly joyful when we get comments like this, but as a school, we work hard to create a friendly, judgment-free, and above all, healthy environment for our students. Our tutors play a massive part in it. Maybe it sounds unlikely, but sometimes students don’t want to exit the zoom call because they are having such a good time in class.

Interaction Is the Key

What makes EduWW classes exciting and different? Firstly, and most importantly, our well-educated and dedicated tutors take their job very seriously. They’re extremely diligent and focused on the progress of each student. When it comes to group classes, our tutors make sure that they include everyone. They encourage lesson-related discussions and help students overcome any difficulties during a school year. Whether it’s material-based, or perhaps a student is timid or afraid to speak in front of others, EduWW tutors give their best to create a friendly and educational atmosphere for everyone.

Secondly, our school offers individual classes that make a massive difference in the students’ school experience. Other than being an opportunity for them to ask any questions they might have in private, they can also connect with a tutor on a more personal level.
That comes in handy for both parties. Our tutors adapt their approach based on the personal needs of a student, and getting to know them better is an essential part of that process.

Getting to that friendly level with tutors helps students relax and be more open. Thus, the learning process becomes more fun and engaging for both students and tutors. As we have mentioned, adapting the approach to students’ personal needs, interests, and capacity is what EduWW is all about. We put our students first and adjust the system to their needs and not the other way around.

Thirdly, when it comes to group classes, we aim to encourage everyone to take a stand, have an opinion, and appreciate others’ thoughts. Tutors motivate students to engage in discussion and motivate everyone to ask questions. We truly, as a school, try to introduce freshness to each class and exceed that traditional one-way method of learning where students just sit and listen.

A Cherry on the Top – Interactive Platform

To seal the deal, our online learning platform also makes a difference in the comprehension process. It contributes to the fun part of learning as well. The platform is interactive and makes every lesson much more interesting. To put it simply, no more sitting in classrooms with 20+ other children listening to a teacher’s monotone voice and who scribbles with chalk on the board. In EduWW, you get to watch amazing educational videos and animations. You get to participate in interactive puzzles and take mini-quizzes. You can also prepare in advance since you can access all of the learning material on your own, anytime you want.

Bo Miller, math tutor
One of our tutors on how we engage with students

Where Do Our Tutors Draw a Healthy Line?

If all this sounds too fun for you, don’t forget our tutors. Our tutors are always there to keep everything in line and checked. They work extremely hard to provide our students with the best possible education. Based on their experience, the atmosphere in an online class may become a bit noisy, especially during group one. Our school policy is to establish friendly relationships with students, which contributes to that but fear not.

If I notice that the atmosphere in class is getting a bit out of line, I immediately respond accordingly. I encourage students to talk one by one and always listen to the other side. It can be tricky to calm them down, especially teenagers, but mentioning some of their interests and then including others in an argumentative discussion related to the lesson is an excellent way to go – says Bo Miller, one of our patient and hardworking tutors.

Do Youngest Pupils Get Bored?

Our tutors admit it. The youngest children are the trickiest to work with. However, we suggest shorter classes for children that go to elementary school. We offer a package that includes individual classes, along with group ones, and a student can choose the duration. If a student opts for that, we strongly recommend that elementary students attend 30 minutes long individual classes. In that way, the tutor has just enough time to cover and explain the whole lesson. Consequently, a lesson won’t overburden a child, and they will have just enough concentration to keep up. On top of that, our learning platform makes them interested in the material. It’s colorful, and it visually stimulates students. Calm noises and easy puzzles keep their wheels turning. In that way, the learning experience for kids becomes much more engaging and exciting.

Sounds Like Just the Right Amount of Fun?

We hope that we have gained your trust. There is no room for boredom in our work ethics, and we do our best to keep our students keen on learning and educating. We do everything in our power to make the education experience the best possible for students of all ages.
Please feel free to contact us at admissions@eduww.net if you have any questions. You can also look at EduWW social media where you can find more information about our school and hear directly from our tutors.

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