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How To Help a Child Overcome Timidity and Shyness in an Online School?

How To Overcome Timidity and Shyness in an Online School

The first few days in an online school can be challenging. No matter the age, public speaking, or speaking in front of a stranger can be difficult. If that’s the case, find out in this article how it can become easy or at least easier.

First Few Days in an Online School – Tips for Parents

If your child is young, and it’s just starting an online school – stick around. Even if you have already arranged everything with their tutor through the free consultation that our school provides, you should stick around in the first few days.

You don’t have to sit through the whole online class, but a few words with a tutor at the beginning can make a big difference. In that way, you will give your child a few minutes ahead, so they can prepare better. Especially if they are young, seeing their parents talking to tutors would encourage them not to perceive them as strangers.

Staying with them during the class is also an option. That doesn’t mean that you should sit beside them. Just being around is enough. In that way, your child will be more relaxed for sure. Also, if something goes wrong, technical or other, you would be able to step in and help out. However, if your child is in their teenage years, maybe your presence will stress them out even more. Make sure that you talk to them so you can decide together what would be the best.

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First Few Classes in an Online School – How Do Our Tutors Do It?

No matter if a tutor is experienced or is just starting, they will make sure that everyone feels comfortable. Everyone knows children can be challenging. There is a certain level of authority that must be established. However, being extremely strict isn’t an option in our school. The right mixture of friendship and authority is what our school is known for.

Although our tutors are always kind and polite to our students, they never let it jeopardize the class. They most certainly connect with students on some personal levels but they always make sure that the online class stays professional. Every now or then, tutors talk with students about their favorite things and hobbies. To establish a friendly atmosphere, they always ask students how they are feeling at the beginning of the online class. Although young children are more challenging there are many ways in which our tutors can help them out and gain their trust. Small gestures, for example, changing the background to their liking in our learning platform win huge points with a child.

Even if a child is behaving in a bad manner, yelling and scorning are not an option. Our tutors always try to win their attention some other way. For example, by mentioning some trivia connected to class or engaging in the conversation with a student through lesson-related questions.

First Few Days in an Online School – Tips for Students

No matter the age, whether you are an introvert or extrovert, starting a new school can be a bit nerve-racking. If you signed up just for our individual online classes program, you won’t have to talk in front of other students. However, you will still have to talk to your tutor. Participation is very important!

With that being said, if you are shy, no need to worry. First of all, if you are feeling like it, talk with your parents. Explain to them what’s on your mind and then together you can work with our tutors to solve an issue if there is one.

For some children, having their parents around during online class can be even more stressful. If that’s the case, make sure your parents are aware of that and maybe they can give you some privacy. Make sure to always speak your mind and arrange circumstances to your likings. In that way it will be easier for you to learn, and easier for our tutors to teach.

Another great way to overcome timidity and to be more relaxed is to be prepared for the class. Before online class starts, take a glance at the material that you have on our platform. Don’t feel pressured or that you must know everything. Just having a general view of the topic will make you feel less pressure. Of course, it’s not your job to study alone. Just take a quick look at what’s ahead of you that day, and our tutors will take over from there.

Make sure that you understand everything. During or after the online class, there is no wrong time to ask questions. There is no shame in asking anything that you don’t understand. Your tutor will be there for you for whatever you need that’s class-related.

Bonus Tip for Everyone: A Tutor Was Once a Student Too

A child can perceive a tutor as the all-knowing. Our tutors make sure not to take advantage of that, cause, let’s be honest, no one knows everything. If you are a parent of a child that thinks that, help them understand that there is no such thing. Not knowing something is no shame. A shame would be to waste an opportunity to ask and learn just because someone is shy. If you are a child that is too timid to ask a tutor a question, just remember that knowledge is all about progression over perfection. With time, you will get everything right. Remember, in the end, the student always becomes the master.