Live Online Classes at EduWW

Online classes ensure that each EduWW student has the best online schooling experience. Our tutoring team helps every child achieve academic excellence through online classes. 

Live Online Classes

Why are Online Classes in EduWW Different?

Many online schools say that they provide online classes, and it is only upon enrollment that you realize these are pre-recorded sessions. In EduWW, all our classes are done live, which means that they happen in real-time, and there is a real person – a teacher available to students. Not only that a student is free to ask a question and gets an immediate response from a teacher, but all our teachers are trying to make classes dynamic. 

Online learning classes at EduWW online school are active and productive. Instead of putting students in a position of passive listeners, online teachers involve them. Teachers encourage students to share their opinions and discuss the lesson, ensuring that all students get familiar with the learned material by the end of the class. Our school provides two types of classes – online group classes and individual online classes. 

Online Group Classes

Find Your Study Buddy

With online group classes, we enable students to connect and socialize with each other in an online learning environment. Regardless of the grade, online group classes bring the dynamic to online learning because students can study in a group, guided by a teacher. Our unique online learning methodology ensures that these classes are conversational and involve each student. Students actively participate in the class and discuss the topic at hand. 

Online group classes at EduWW do not have one standard form, and they differ depending on the grade and age of students. Every class is different, and a teacher adjusts it based on students’ preferences that day, level of focus, and even their moods. When a teacher notices that students are not that focused and won’t be able to follow the lesson, they will discuss something else in the class. Sometimes it will be a topic related to the subject. Other times it will be something completely different. 

The main goal of a group class is not necessary to learn a lesson during that time. They also serve to motivate students to learn. The flexibility and convenience of online schooling can sometimes backfire because students learn alone and unsupervised. Students can easily get a lot of overdue assignments without good time management and discipline. Online group classes stimulate students to learn because they study in an environment with teachers as instructors and classmates. 

Keep in mind that each student still learns at their own tempo. EduWW programs will always be self-paced, and each student’s progress will depend on their own efforts and not be compared to other students in the classroom.

Online Group Classes*

  • Organized 8 times a week
  • A predetermined timetable (morning and afternoon Central European Time)
  • For core subjects only – English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. 
  • Group class lasts 30 to 45 minutes. 
  • Classes are led and guided by teachers. 

*Available in tuition fee Package 1 – $3000 per grade, and Package 2 – $4000 per grade

Online Individual Classes

Adjusted to Each Student’s Needs

Individual online classes enable a student to work with a tutor in a one-on-one session. Contrary to group classes, individual sessions do not have a predetermined schedule. Students are free to book an individual class at the most convenient time but at least 24 hours in advance. Working individually with a tutor has many benefits for students. 

These classes last between 30 and 45 minutes. During that time, a tutor focuses on a single student. Working individually with a tutor enables students to solve a particular problem or catch up with the missed learning material. A tutor will adjust their teaching style to students’ individual needs and find the best way to explain the lesson, ensuring that a student has mastered the material. 

Individual classes are usually booked on a student’s initiative. Still, if our teacher notices that a student is having difficulty with a particular subject, they will suggest individual classes. These private classes are an excellent choice if a student can’t attend group classes – regardless of the reason. Maybe they have some other obligations interfering with the group class schedule or live in a different time zone. Also, some students are shy or have some anxiety and trust issues, so they prefer working individually with a tutor. 

One-on-one classes are a good choice if you know in advance that a student has trouble with a particular subject. For instance, they need English language lessons to improve their skills or additional math classes. Students can also use these individual sessions with tutors to learn additional or advanced material. 

Online Individual classes*

  • A one-on-one session between a student and a tutor. 
  • They can be booked up to 3 times a week, at a student’s request and at a time that suits a student. 
  • The individual class lasts 30 to 45 minutes. 
  • Classes are done on Zoom. 
  • Individual classes must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

*Available in tuition fee Package 2 – $4000 per grade

How Much do Online Classes Cost?

Online Classes are included in the tuition fee packages offered by our online school. They are not charged separately. EduWW offers two tuition fee packages. Package 1 is $3000 per grade, and Package 2 is $4000 per grade. The main difference is that Package 1 covers group classes, while with Package 2, a student gets group and individual classes. 

Ready for Online Schooling?

Online classes are just one segment of online schooling. Our students also learn from an online learning platform (working on the platform is mandatory). Combined, they give the best results. The learning methodology of online classes is different in each grade. 

For instance, in elementary school, classes tend to be more of a fun activity with games. In middle school, teachers encourage students in online classes to form opinions and discover personal interests. High school classes tend to be more conversational, and teachers stimulate students’ critical thinking. Students share their views and have discussions, but they also enrich their vocabulary. 

If you are curious to find out more or are unsure what type of online classes will suit your child the best, let our consultants help you. Book a free meeting with our team members by filling out the form below, and they will answer any questions regarding enrollment and studying in our online school.

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