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WATCH: Let’s Talk About our New Online Learning Platform

Let's Talk About It: Online Learning Platform

Education World Wide always strives to continuously develop and be a better provider of online education. By observing our students’ study habits, we noticed some of their struggles while learning on the platform. Therefore, we wanted to help them overcome those issues by implementing new features that will align with their individual learning styles and our school’s methodology. That is the reason why we switched to a new online learning platform. What options does the new platform have, and why do we think it will be better for our students? All these and many other related questions were answered during our podcast Let’s Talk About It. Anita, Stefan, and Mary discussed this matter in a live episode that was aired on our YouTube channel. If you missed it, watch it now on the video below.

Why Should You Watch Let’s Talk About It?

It is an absolute must-watch podcast for parents and students considering enrollment into an online school. It is the only podcast that explains various aspects of online schooling with full transparency and breaks myths about this form of education. While you are on our YouTube channel, do not forget to subscribe, and if you find our talks interesting, share them with parents who are considering enrollment into an online school.

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