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Let’s Talk About It: International Diploma Does Not Exist

Let's Talk About It

In the second episode of our podcast, Let’s Talk About It, we discussed an international high school diploma. Stefan, CTO of EduWW revealed that an international diploma does not exist! However, an internationally recognized high school diploma, DOES exist. And that is precisely the type of diploma our students receive upon graduation from high school.

Let us clarify. A high school diploma needs to have a place of origin. EduWW diploma originates in the US, in Florida, to be precise, because that is where EduWW is registered as a school. Yet, our diploma is internationally recognized. How is that possible, find out by watching our podcast.

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Let’s Talk About It is a monthly podcast in which we discuss various aspects of online schooling. We want to shine some light on online education through this podcast and explain how it works, alongside all its benefits. At the same time, we will break some myths and misconceptions about this form of learning.