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Your Kids Will Be More Skillful Than You

Let's Talk About It: Online Schooling Podcast

Do you know that online schooling helps your children develop soft skills that will be of great importance later in their life? Those skills are precisely the ones necessary for thriving in the digital age. That is what Anita, Stefan, and Mary talked about in our latest podcast.

Digital economy refers to the economy done over the Internet, and that is pretty much our present, and it seems that the world will spin in that direction for quite some time. The age that we live in requires versatile and capable individuals ready to adjust to the digital era’s quick changes. The traditional educational system globally has been designed for the industrial age, not the digital one. This is why it is necessary that the way we are educating future generations also changes and adapts to new conditions. Online education, especially with unique learning methodologies at Education World Wide, is a breath of fresh air to the stale educational forms. We help our students to become individuals ready to tackle the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century.

Let’s Talk About It: 21st Century Education

Why Should You Watch Let’s Talk About It?

It is an absolute must-watch podcast for parents and students considering enrollment into an online school. It is the only podcast that explains various aspects of online schooling with full transparency and breaks myths about this form of education. While you are on our YouTube channel, do not forget to subscribe, and if you find our talks interesting, share them with parents who are considering enrollment into an online school.  

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