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How To Choose the Best Online School?

How To Choose the Best Online School?

How To Choose the Best Online School?

When choosing the best online school, students or their parents should conduct thorough research. Be careful, since literally, anyone can create a website and state that they offer the best possible education. However, if no official institutions back up that statement, you will find yourself in a huge problem. If you choose the wrong option, you will not only lose money but time as well.

On top of everything, colleges and universities might not accept students’ applications if they come from non-registered schools. To make the choosing process easier, we present you with a step-by-step guide on picking the best possible option for you. 

The Concept of Online Education

Online education has been around for a while now. With time and progress made in the field of technology, it has only gotten better. Nowadays, even some traditional schools opt for the online approach in an attempt to modernize the learning experience. On that note, many believe that online schools are the future of education.

Although they ARE different, it is a myth that traditional and online schools don’t have anything in common. Just as traditional schools, online ones provide their students with knowledge. They prepare them for different professional fields and help them choose the right career path. They nurture the whole idea of the vast range of expertise as well. Both aim to offer the best possible cognizance to their students. Many even use the same curriculums However, where they DO differ is in approach and the way they conduct that course.

Online schools teach students entirely or primarily via the internet, namely online, as the name itself implies. Some include physical attendance, but most of them teach fully online. Students have classes, consultations, entire courses, and exams online. Complete communication between students, parents, tutors, and administration is virtual. Students can gain a lot from that kind of approach. 

The Advantages of Online Schools

As we have already indicated, compared to the regular schools, online ones have many advantages. Since they don’t require physical presence, online students have more spare time to organize and study independently. The so-called self-paced learning is what EduWW online school is all about. Students can pick up their tempo of studying. That allows them to go through each lecture as many times as they need, by themselves or with assigned tutors. They can cover it as slow or as fast as they need and can.

EduWW uses the Accelerate interactive online platform where all of the learning material is accessible to students all the time. In that way, videos, photos, and audio accompany lessons and make the learning process more engaging. Experience shows that children of all ages acquire knowledge much easier when visual and auditory stimulants support it. We discussed that in one of our podcasts, check it out.

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Other than that, online schools offer another considerable advantage. Unfortunately, in traditional schools, children are faced with bullying. On top of that, the atmosphere in the classes can be pretty chaotic. Online schooling excludes such notions. EduWW organizes group classes but with a smaller number of pupils. Our students are very well behaved, and our tutors make sure the atmosphere is friendly and calm. In addition, we offer group and individual classes. Our students can schedule up to three one-on-one sessions with a tutor per week.

With all these advantages in mind, online schools are slowly taking over the world of education. Since technology made enormous steps, and the internet made every information available at any time, education systems needed adaptations. That’s why the popularity of online schools is increasingly growing by the minute worldwide. In the end, that’s what brought YOU here, and we are delighted to see you.

Benefits of Online Education

  • Flexible
  • Accessible
  • Individual 
  • Self-Paced
  • Adjusted to each student’s needs

How to Avoid Online School Pitfalls

When choosing an online school, double-checking some criteria is a must. Firstly, students or their parents ought to check registration and credentials. An online school should be registered by a department of education. Secondly, to ensure you or your child gets a high-quality education, check if organizations of importance approve of the curriculum an online school uses. The more validations, the better! 

Secondly, you have to be very careful, since many schools will state that they use globally approved school programs and issue international diplomas. That sounds great but think about it. There are schools with regional accreditation, but how can some online programs be globally approved? By whom? What makes those diplomas accredited online? What accredited educational institution can hand out such papers? There is no such thing as international diplomas. It’s a trap, and we are here to make sure you don’t fall for it!

For a diploma to be international, it has to be issued by some international body. In education, you can rarely find such institutions. However, diplomas and other documents can be internationally recognized – which is an entirely different thing. For example, our diploma originates in the US, because that is where we are registered as a school. Yet, it is accepted worldwide by other educational institutions due to our credentials and quality. In other words, the EduWW diploma is not international, it is a US high school diploma, but it is recognized globally. 

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Bonus Tip

Pro-tip for avoiding dangerous mishaps that can cost a lot, money, and education vise, is to pay attention to the transparency of schools management. Schools that have prominent and highlighted data on their websites are always a safer option. It is also essential that their administration members communicate well with potential pupils and their parents. The school should provide interested parties with a chance of free consultations if they have any further questions. If a school denies such requests, something sketchy could be going on, so keep your eyes wide open.

Checklist When Choosing an Online School

These are some questions that you should check before choosing an online school because you wouldn’t want your child to waste time on unrecognized education. 

  • Check the online school’s credentials! Are they registered and where? 
  • What curriculum does an online school use and is it approved/accredited by any relevant institution? 
  • Is the school’s website transparent? 
  • Do they have some predatory terms and conditions? 
  • Does the online school have an option that allows you to speak with a representative directly via phone or online meetings? 
  • Does online school issue any documents to students when they enroll or after they finish a grade? 
  • Are such documents valid and accepted by other educational institutions?

Personal Preferences

Aside from the above-mentioned things, a parent should consider the affinities and preferences of their child. Based on that, some options will be better than others. For example, maybe a child is a bit timid and introverted. Perhaps they need a bit more extra time and attention from a tutor to cover some parts of the curriculum. If that’s the case, the chosen online school should have the option of individual online classes. One-on-one sessions come in handy with introverted pupils.

Also, if a child doesn’t speak English primarily or perfectly, check if the school program offers a solution that would fit their needs. In that case, schools should provide lessons in their native language or beginner-level English classes along with the standard curriculum.

If a child is primarily interested in sports and is on a path to becoming an athlete, online school is a great option. It allows a student to have a flexible schedule that can easily incorporate both studying and workouts. 

Just when choosing an online school, make sure that it offers a self-paced learning concept. Even if they are online, some schools still conduct classes in an old-fashioned, in advance scheduled pace with deadlines and strict due dates. That kind of pressure can cause a bit of a mess in the learning process. It can take a toll on a child’s health and backfire in the end.

Pay attention to personal preferences of your child
Take into account the personal preferences of your child when choosing an online school

EduWW Online School – How We Do It?

EduWW takes great pride in meeting the criteria that we discussed till now. Our school is registered by the Florida Department of Education under school code 4627. Also, the curriculum our students follow is state-accredited, and all our online courses are NCAA and Cognia approved. So is the platform with interactive material that makes online learning even more appealing. Also, since various institutions of importance approve of our learning program, we issue globally recognized papers. 

We operate internationally since our students come from different parts of the world and are all welcome. Even if they don’t speak English on an advanced level, we can assign them a tutor that speaks their native language. Together they can overcome the language barrier, learn English, and still cover learning material from other subjects. 

As for the personal preferences of our students, we are open to all kinds of solutions. As we mentioned, we offer individual online classes along with group ones. Those are useful to all of our students, but especially to more shy ones. But even in group ones, our tutors aim to maintain a healthy and friendly but calm atmosphere. 

We nurture a self-paced learning policy that allows our students to organize their time themselves. That leaves them with enough time to pursue athletic, artistic, or any other careers besides school. It also allows them to take all the time they need to go through the lessons. When you add our diligent and patient tutors to the mix, you get the trustworthy school option.

Have You Made up Your Mind Yet?

Whether you are a concerned parent looking for a safe online elementary or middle school or a high school student preparing for online college, the criteria we discussed apply to all, no matter the degree programs. Even though it is more important for higher education, always check registration, look for accredited schools, and no matter what, look for transparency. Also, it is a plus if they are quick to get in touch with you.

EduWW has a transparent policy in the management of our school. We like to state everything clearly and highlight it on our website. There you can find all of the information you need, and of course, if you have any further questions, you can contact us at admissions@eduww.net. We also offer free video consultations if you prefer such forms of communication.

Additionally, we do a live podcast once a month, and we talk about different aspects of online schooling. More importantly, you can participate in that podcast through live chat with our team members and tutors. We don’t shy away from any subjects and feel free to ask us anything. Our school continually strives to improve what we offer and meet the needs of all our students.