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How Online School Helps Students Build Self-Confidence

How Online School Helps Students Build Self-Confidence

For many students, the school can be a place that instills fear, shame, and anxiety, which eventually leads to lower self-confidence. Online schools, on the other side, work entirely differently. The way online school functions and what it requires from students turn them into individuals with more self-esteem. Being a confident student can work wonders once you proceed to college and later in life.

Lack of self-confidence affects academic performance, and it can also affect other areas of a student’s life. As an online school, Education World Wide helps its student to build self-esteem. We do it by providing high-quality knowledge and enabling them to discover and improve their personal interests. That is why once they finalize high school, they will be more confident when choosing a college or a university.

The way the online school works also helps the student build their self-assurance. Through this form of schooling, they develop a sense of responsibility, self-discipline, and time management. Most importantly, they learn how to learn materials by understanding the essence of the topic.

Learn on Your Own

At regular school, students follow the tempo of an entire classroom. Being in a room full of other students can be distractive. Even though students are forced to spend several hours at school, it doesn’t mean that time will be productive. Ultimately, it leaves them with plenty of school work they need to do at home.

Some students need just a little bit more time and explanation to properly understand the subject or topic of some lesson. At regular school, they don’t always have the opportunity to get that extra time. The reasons are numerous. Students are usually ashamed because they don’t learn as fast as their peers, and they are not comfortable asking a teacher to repeat the lesson or part of the lesson that is problematic for them.

Even if they are brave enough to ask, the teacher doesn’t always have the time to focus on each student’s individual needs. This results in unlearned lessons, accumulated material, and the dissatisfaction of a student, ultimately leading to their low self-confidence.

How Online School Can Help

Students learn from the comfort of their homes at online school, and there are no distractions like in the classroom. Education World Wide doesn’t provide group classes. Every student learns individually. That gives them the chance to create a personalized learning plan and to customize their learning entirely. At online school, a student chooses when they want to learn and for how long. Although each grade has a predefined curriculum that they have to master, they are free to choose which subject they want to learn first each day.

Likewise, they can spend more time on topics and lessons that are a bit problematic for them. On the other side, if there is part of the curriculum that is easy for them, they can spend just the necessary time learning it. Why is this good? A student won’t feel bad or ashamed because needing more time to master certain lessons, because they don’t have other students to compare too.


Unlike the regular school, students who attend their school online don’t have to get up early and spend a certain amount of time at some brick and mortar place. EduWW students have the freedom to choose when they start their schooling day since they have 24/7 access to our online learning platform. That is very convenient, but it also can be a trap. Many students take this opportunity for granted, and very soon, they start procrastinating, which leads to the accumulation of learning materials.

Online school best functions if you establish certain self-discipline. If you decide that you are going to study at a particular time, make sure that you are really studying at that time. Don’t postpone your online school assignments. Over time students learn how to tune their time management skills, which is a useful skill to have later in life, especially in college or when they start a career.

Having a Responsibility

Online school is a responsibility the same as the regular school. The key difference is in the organization. While at regular school, students have a predetermined timetable that they are required to follow. At online school, each student creates a timetable for themselves. They are directly responsible for how long they learn and whether it is enough. In case they are struggling with a certain subject, they can always schedule live teaching support and master some lessons with the help of a teacher.

That sense of responsibility, and especially when they accomplish them, make them proud and additionally boosts their self-confidence. It is a rewarding feeling, which is why students will want to experience it repeatedly.

A Self-Confident Student Is a Successful Student

At online school, we teach students that the ultimate goal is to acquire knowledge. They are free to do it in their terms. When a student feels comfortable with its knowledge, they will be much relaxed when they apply for a college or university. Additionally, being an online student will teach them to create and respect their responsibilities and to manage their time better. These are all trades that students will find useful even later in life. A student who has self-confidence can achieve success in any field.