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Difference Between Online School and Homeschooling

How Online School can help with Homeschooling

While both homeschooling and online schooling allow students to learn from home, there is a significant difference between these two forms of education. many countries in the world ban homeschooling. Once we explain how this type of education works, you will partially understand why some governments do not allow homeschooling. On the other hand, the majority of the countries do not have a law that says anything about online schooling.

Online schools often have to go through the same procedures as traditional schools, making the education provided through them equally valued. More importantly, online schools issue documents that confirm that a student has successfully finalized the grade. 

What is Homeschooling?

By its definition, homeschooling is tutoring children in the home environment by parents, community members, or private tutors. In other words, a person that teaches a child doesn’t have to be a tutor or a teacher, and they don’t have to follow any educational standards or even an approved curriculum.

Homeschooling is centuries old. In the modern-day, parents and children opt for homeschooling for various reasons. May it be because they don’t agree with the country’s educational system, child’s health issues, convenience, or anything else. Many high-class athletes were schooled at home because otherwise, they couldn’t play sports as kids. For instance, tennis star Serena Williams, and basketball player Blake Griffin, are just some of them. 

When parents choose to homeschool their children, they are in charge of their child’s education completely. What they will teach them, in what manner, and how long, from what resources is all up to parents. They don’t have to follow the educational standards that a country imposes. Therefore you can’t objectively measure the quality of the education a homeschooled student receives. 

Homeschooling lacks a valid means of assessments. If a child is homeschooled, you will hardly have any way to measure their progress objectively. Therefore, you don’t have a report card or educational transcript that officially proves that a child has successfully finished a grade. That is why countries find this type of education illegal or ban it.

How is Online Schooling Different?

With online schooling, things are entirely different. Your child learns from the comfort of their home and enjoys certain flexibility by learning at their own pace. As a parent, you will have more control over your child’s schooling schedule and process. An online school, such as Education World Wide, is a registered educational entity. That means we had to fulfill some standards to become an online school. 

Further, an online school uses a state-accredited curriculum, which means that the course of study that students follow enables them to achieve academic excellence and progress to higher grades, and eventually proceed to higher education. The curriculum delivered through Education World Wide online school has the same quality as the curriculum taught in some brick-and-mortar schools in Florida or anywhere in the US. 

EduWW is an arranged school system where students learn mainly from an online learning platform – a virtual learning environment that contains the complete learning material and all forms of assessments. That platform is also a learning management system that measures students’ activity and progress by following specific educational and academic standards. For instance, EduWW has rigorous standards where a student needs to achieve at least a 70% grade score to get a passing grade. 

Additionally, tutors and teachers in our online school follow, guide, and support each student’s education. They follow high scholastic principles combined with our unique online learning methodology. We make sure that each student gets the best out of online education through live online classes, individual and group. 

Students Receive Official Documents

Upon completion of the grade, or graduation, students receive an educational transcript and a high school diploma. These documents confirm their academic excellence and allow them to progress further, whether it is a new grade or higher education. Given that we are a registered school, documents we issue to students are accepted by other educational institutions globally. Just because a student followed our program through distance learning instead of being present in the physical school does not mean they are less educated. 

Where Does EduWW Stand?

EduWW is a private online school. Based in the US and registered in the Florida Department of Education, but available to students worldwide. Also, our school offers an accredited schooling program as a homeschool curriculum. If you are looking for a good resource to homeschool your child, please visit Homeschool Page on our website

If you are not sure whether to homeschool your child or enroll them in an online school, book a meeting with one of our consultants. They will carefully go through your case and give you the best advice. To schedule a consultation, write us an email at admissions@eduww.net or fill out this contact form