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The difference between online and homeschooling program

As you already know, EduWW has an entirely online homeschooling program and educational resources embedded in its platform. That means that all course materials are pre-recorded. When a student chooses to enroll in our online school, EduWW provides a complete program per grade for all three levels – elementary, middle and high school, with live one on one teacher’s support, education recordings and certified diploma after graduation. 

However, if a parent decides to use EduWW courses as resources for homeschooling their child, then the parent and student can choose only the courses they want or need.  In other words, they don’t need to follow the program for a particular grade. For example, if a student needs only math for 5th grade, they can select just that course. After the payment, students will get unlimited access to all materials for selected course/courses. 

What is very important to indicate is that all EduWW courses are accredited. That means that homeschooling students will gain the eligible credits after completing each course. Those credits are provided as reports after the course is done.

How Online School Can Help With Homeschooling?

Education World Wide online homeschooling program applies a genuinely flexible
approach to schooling. It is designed for students who are looking for experience and
knowledge beyond the traditional type of education.
This program develops students into proactive, respectful, and internationally aware
individuals prepared to upskill permanently and demonstrate gained education.
Whether you have children who prefer to learn on their schedule, have social
distractions, or the family that travels a lot, this program will fit your needs and fulfill your
child’s graduation requirements.

Personalized Learning Approach

EduWW Homeschooling curriculum is an online delivered program, with interactive content that keeps students engaged and motivated. It is personally tailored not only in terms of self-paced learning strategies but also in terms of possibility to select among various education departments developed to allow all students to establish individual pathways according to their preferences, talents, and aspirations.

Trusted and Internationally Accredited Curriculum

EduWW Homeschooling curriculum includes K-12 programs for Elementary, Middle, and High school, followed by the opportunity to pursue our Dual Enrolment program and Business Academy or continue to many other Colleges and Universities with EduWW High School diploma.


The program covers fully accredited core curriculum subjects for Elementary, Middle, and High school plus more than 90 electives alongside the main program resources. You can explore and choose to add the homeschool program courses from one of 13 departments that includes Career Exploration, STEM, and Test Prep & AP courses as well. 


EduWW follows UNESCO’s International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) and the European Qualification Framework (EQF).

Education World Wide is a Private School, Educational Organization & Online Education Platform, registered in the United States of America, State of Florida, under the registration of the Board of Education of the State of Florida with the School Code 6567.

We are an eligible institution for the Florida Student Scholarship and Grant programs under the Office of Student Financial Assistance for the State of Florida.

Education World Wide resources and curriculum are confirmed by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, and Education World Wide is associated with the Improvement Network for Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, and Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. Education World Wide curriculum & online resources are licensed & approved by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards.

Choose Homeschooling resources today and start with the program at any time; we accept eligible transfer credits.  If you want open access to the Demo session or need advice from our education consultant, be free to contact us and we will schedule your appointment in the shortest period.

Affordable Tuition Fee

Available Courses

Online Elementary School

1st to 4th grade

Fun, creative, and interactive program that covers four main courses and two electives is made to keep the attention of students at a young age.

Online High School

9th to 12th grade

An interactive and individually oriented program that covers core subjects, such as Chemistry and Algebra, but also electives like Art and Languages.

Online Middle School

5th to 8th grade

The interactive program enables a smooth transition from elementary school and gives students more extensive knowledge.

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