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Reports, Transcripts, and Diplomas From an Online School

A high school diploma

Just because the learning happens virtually in an online school doesn’t mean that there are no documents showing students’ progress. Like the case in traditional schools, Education World Wide also issues documents as evidence of students’ enrollment and advancement through our program. Upon graduation from our online high school, they receive a high school diploma. This article is a comprehensive guide through all the documents that we, as a school, issue to our students on different occasions.

VOE Form – Verification of Enrollment

A Verification of Enrollment, sometimes called Certificate of Enrollment or only VOE form, is a document that serves as proof that a student is enrolled in a school – private, public, or online. That is an official document issued by a school at a parent’s request. It is not something that the school will automatically give to students when they enroll. Families need this document as proof that their child attends a certain school and is getting the proper education.

Education World Wide issues such a document if a student needs it to receive a driving license or as confirmation to the state or school district in their home country. For example, some of our students from Spain and Austria needed the VOE so their parents could prove to the governing bodies in charge of education in these countries that their child is enrolled in a legitimate school outside of their national system.

Progress Report – Report Card

As the name says, a Progress Report or report card is a document that shows the progress a student made through the program. A Progress Report is done only for a particular timeframe, for instance, semester A. We issue this document only if a student didn’t finish the grade, so we can’t give them the transcript, but the family needs proof of progression for any reason. 

The report contains information about the school and a student, what grade they are enrolled in, what subjects they followed, how far they have progressed through the learning material, and their grades. Additionally, it may contain a comment from an assigned tutor. 

We can issue a Progress Report on a parent’s request on several occasions. 

  • When a parent simply wants to see their child’s progress. 
  • When a student leaves our school before finalizing the grade. 
  • When a family needs the progression report for other reasons. For example, early college or a university application. 

Academic Transcript

An academic transcript proves that a student has successfully finalized a particular grade. That is an official school document containing information about the school and a student, what grade students attended, subjects they took, the grades they achieved, and credit points they earned. Likewise, the transcript has a comment of the student’s dedicated tutor and the school’s stamp and signature of an administrative school’s officer. 

We issue transcripts to students once they successfully finish the grade. The school will send a digital copy of this document to the parent’s email address. We can also send a hard copy to the home address if a family requests. 

Our fully registered school uses an accredited curriculum, so our transcripts are recognized and accepted internationally. Therefore, if a student wishes to continue their education in another school, the transcript from EduWW will serve as a valid document that they have completed a particular grade and can be enrolled into the next one. 

High School Diploma

Students receive a high school diploma upon graduation from our online high school. To be eligible to graduate, they must complete grade 12 and acquire 22 credit points. A high school diploma proves that a student has successfully finalized secondary education, and therefore they can continue to higher education.  

Similar to transcripts, our high school diploma is internationally recognized and accepted. That comes from the fact that we are a registered school with an accredited curriculum. Our diploma is equal in value to any other American school diploma. In one of the recent articles, we have explained the validity of this document and how other educational institutions recognize students who hold our diploma

If necessary, EduWW can also obtain an Apostille certificate alongside a high school diploma. Apostillization ensures that foreign countries recognize the original document. An Apostille certificate is issued by the Secretary of State of Florida. Note: Apostillization is charged additionally. 

The school will send a digital copy of a diploma via email. A hard copy of a high school diploma will be sent to the student’s home address. If a family requests Apostilization, a diploma will have to be sent to the Public Notary’s office in Florida. In that case, a family will have to wait for the documents a bit longers since we can’t influence the speed of the US government. 

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