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Online Middle School — Preparing a Child for the Next Big Step

Online Middle School

Middle schoolers are in so many ways different from younger learners, and EduWW Online Middle School has just the perfect concept to help them develop in all aspects. While at elementary school, students are just starting their educational journey and learn the basics. At middle school, they come with, let’s call it, a previous experience. They have already gained some knowledge and vocabulary, and naturally, they seek something that will upgrade them from the point at which they are currently.

Children at the middle school level have different intellectual and social traits. Therefore, they have different needs, then, for example, elementary school students. Along with a unique learning approach, our online middle school curriculum perfectly fits the necessities of students at that age.

Benefits of Online Middle School

Before we dwell deeper into this topic, let us explain what a middle school is. American educational system divides primary education into elementary and middle school. Some other educational systems, for example, in Europe or Asia, do not make a difference, and their elementary or primary education covers grades from 1 to 8. In the US, elementary school lasts until 4th grade, while middle school includes grades 5 to 8.

In one of our previous articles, we have explained why and how virtual learning benefits elementary school students. The same is with middle schoolers. We are talking about children aged 10 to 14, which is when they become intensely curious and develop personal interests. Therefore, children are eager to learn about things they find interesting and useful. It is up to an educational institution to support that curiosity and help students shape it and channel it in the right direction.

In recent years, traditional schooling has failed in that task, mostly because of the way it functions. It’s passive and doesn’t take the individuality of a student in question. The traditional school focuses on a group, and an individual has to blend in and adjust to the group tempo. At the same time, that group tempo is dictated by the school and not students.

Is Online Middle School Better?

Online education, on the other hand, perfectly fits each student’s individual needs. It is flexible and allows students to learn at their own time and their own pace. This form of schooling is absolutely subjected to the student’s necessities. They can create an individual learning plan rather than following a group tempo. Interactive and multimedia material introduces the element of fun and engagement in learning. The same is applied to our online classes that rely on the concept of active learning, engagement, and conversation between a teacher and students.

Therefore, online middle school benefits are complementing the needs of students in the 21st century. Through online schooling, they are getting high-quality knowledge, and along the way, they are developing new skills and critical thinking — which is not quite possible in traditional schooling.

The Best Curriculum

Education World Wide uses an American curriculum accredited and certified by the relevant institutions in the US. Meaning that the program we deliver is by all means approved and suitable for students at the level of 5th to 8th grade. That is one of the best online middle school curricula that delivers high-quality knowledge. Traditional schools in the US use the same curricula. What makes a difference is the way of deliverance, but we will explain that later in the article.

Students follow four core subjects and two elective subjects during online middle school. Core subjects are practically the same as in elementary school but are designed to broaden students’ knowledge. Students are now upgrading the previously acquired knowledge, which shapes them for the next step, which is high school. Electives, on the other hand, help students to explore their personal interests. These subjects introduce them to various fields of study and industries in which they can work one day.

Online Middle School Core Subjects

  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • History & Geography

Language Arts

Language Arts in middle school continues to build on the sequential development and integration of language arts skills in four major areas—reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students learn what good communication is and how to practice it in all areas of their lives. They improve writing skills while producing informative, argumentative, and narrative compositions.


The math courses focus on number skills and numerical literacy and skills in problem-solving, integers, equations, and graphing. Students will start seeing the “big picture” of mathematics and learn how numerical, algebraic, and geometric concepts are woven together to build a higher mathematical thinking foundation.


Science in middle school grades exposes students to the designs and patterns in the universe. Students learn how to conduct a scientific investigation and use scientific methods. Upon completion of these courses, they will be able to demonstrate skills used by scientists when conducting these investigations, communicating the results that they discover, and apply mathematical concepts used in science.

History and Geography

The subject explores the Cultures of the World from the beginnings of humankind. Students learn about the tools and technologies of geography such as globes, maps, charts, and global information systems. They study methods of historical inquiry and primary and secondary historical documents.

Online Middle School Electives

  • Career Exploration
  • Health Quest
  • Keyboarding and Applications

Career Exploration

The Career Explorations course enables middle schoolers to explore various CTE subjects. Each unit introduces one particular field and explains its past, present, and future. The goal is to spark students’ curiosity or appetite for these careers. Students can then explore that career in more detail while in high school or later at a university.

Health Quest

Health Quest curriculum introduces students to good health concepts, why good health is important, and how to achieve and maintain it.

Keyboarding and Applications

Keyboarding and Applications is a semester-long elective that teaches students keyboarding skills, technical skills, effective communication skills, and productive work habits. They gain an understanding of computer hardware, operating systems, file management, and the Internet. Upon completion, students will know how to apply keyboarding skills and create various business documents, including word processing documents and electronic presentations.

How Online Middle School Works?

We have mentioned previously that online education brings something new to the table for students. Those things are flexibility and interactivity of learning. Students don’t have books at online schools since the whole learning material is stored on a virtual learning platform. The platform is a safe and private online learning environment available only to EduWW students. They can log into the platform 24/7 and access material anytime. With such non-restricted accessibility, students choose when and how long they learn. Likewise, they learn from the comfort of their home because the school is just a couple of clicks away.

Books are great, but they are using only plain text and occasionally a photo. In this day and age, children need more interactivity. The digital world in which children are spending a lot of their time already has attention-grabbing content. They are used to such forms. That is why our learning material is presented through multimedia content, not just basic text lessons. Students also have audio lessons, prerecorded videos, photos, graphics, essays, quizzes, and tests. Multimedia helps drive students’ attention and makes learning fun.

Online Classes That Students Like

Education World Wide also provides online classes in two forms — individual and group. Both forms allow students to have live communication with a teacher. The concept of our online classes is based on communication and mutual interaction. A student is not a passive listener, but they are actively involved throughout the entire class. 

Individual online classes allow a student to work directly with a tutor without other students present. The entire focus of a teacher is on a single student. Our teachers are always trying to get to know student’s learning routines to customize the teaching style and properly advise them on how to master particular material. We discussed this topic recently in our podcast Let’s Talk About It

Let’s Talk About It: Online Classes

Group classes are an excellent opportunity for students to meet their peers and communicate with them as well. It is the perfect solution to bridge the gap amidst online learning and socialization. Online group classes are as well a place where students are completely free to express their own opinion. Even better, teachers are encouraging them to do so.

Brief Recap

EduWW Online Middle School if you want your child to get a proper education and develop valuable skills that other children of that age usually struggle with. The combination of working on the platform and online classes develops some new skills in students. They learn how to use technology, practice researching and writing on various topics. Likewise, they train critical thinking and break the fear of expressing their own opinion in a group.

Through our system of work and unique online learning methodology, students become more self-confident, love to learn, explore personal interests, nurture critical thinking and conversation, both written and spoken. Regardless of the fact they learn from home, they can still enjoy their peers’ company — although in a virtual environment. Given that we are an international school, it is not a rarity that students come from vastly different countries and cultures in a group class. Growing up and learning in a multicultural environment has its own merits. In other words, EduWW online middle school makes students ready in all aspects for their next big step.

About Education World Wide

Education World Wide is an online school with headquarters in Florida (US) and registration in the Florida Board of Education. We provide elementary, middle, and high school programs by using an accredited American curriculum and following the US educational standards. Because we deliver education exclusively online, we are eligible to enroll students from all around the world. Enrollments are always open, so you can apply anytime you want. If you have any questions regarding our school and system or just need to speak to one of our consultants, do not hesitate to write to us at info@eduww.net. In case that you want to enroll, send your application (scanned copies of the student’s latest educational transcript and a passport) to admissions@eduww.net.