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How Has Online Learning Affected Student-Teacher Interaction?

Student and teacher - online learning

Since online learning is becoming the dominant way of education, many people question its methods. Even long before, but especially during the ongoing pandemic, online forms of communication have become the usual method of interaction. That applies to education as well. Online schools are slowly but surely becoming an irreplaceable cut of learning systems worldwide. With that being said, future students or their parents should consider some of the advantages online education offers. 

When it comes to EduWW online school, we aim to meet the needs of all of our students. We are incredibly proud of our flexibility, and we nurture a self-paced way of learning. That means we offer the comfort of studying from home, at your rhythm. The school’s system adapts to our pupils’ schedules, affinities, and capacity. 

The most significant part in education in general plays a teacher, aka tutor. The same goes for online learning and schools. How often have you heard that someone has chosen a certain career path just because of a teacher?  In many cases, if a teacher establishes a healthy connection with a student and invests in their growth and interests, the learning process becomes much easier, more exciting, and engaging.

EduWW tutors, from the very start, work on their interaction and relation with their students. Our school is all about the friendly approach. We aim to overcome a perception that a tutor scribbles on a chalkboard, talks in a monotone voice, and is only a figure of authority. Keep on reading to find out exactly how our tutors do it!

Online Communication Is a Blessing

When it comes to online school, many people wonder if the physical distance in a student-teacher relationship affects the education process. It is an understandable concern. However, online communication should be seen as a blessing in disguise. Face-to-face communication has its advantages, so does the traditional classroom, but keep in mind that there are much more disadvantages that come with them. 

For example, classes in ordinary schools usually have more pupils per class. Online schools generally practice working in smaller groups. That guarantees to each student more attention and time from the tutors. In addition, EduWW offers individual classes that imply one on one sessions with tutors. Through them, a student can establish a much more personal connection and overcome timidity much easier. 

From the very start, our tutors represent themselves as students’ friends and not solely as people of authority. Individual classes can serve as an opportunity to get to know each other better. They can discuss interests, affinities, even some personal or lesson-related challenges that everyone goes through in their lives.

Please keep in mind that since these conversations take place online, from a very start, students feel safer. Their confidence comes from the fact they are in the comfort of their homes. They are not exposed to the judgment of other classmates, and they can feel free to ask anything. No topic is forbidden since our tutors are incredibly patient and closely follow students’ progress and growth. 

Online Learning Is a Two-way Street

In EduWW, we especially emphasize the interactive approach in education. You have to give it to the internet, for making it possible to communicate with students all around the world. Other than that, it also introduced many novelties to the world of online education. For example, sharing screens, videos, pictures, or audio with someone who is thousands of miles away made the learning process more interesting. 

As an ancestor of online learning as we know it today, distance learning certainly had some disadvantages. But if you are worried that nowadays, that distance implies slow correspondence and an estranged relationship between school and a student, fear not! If anything, online communication, with all the progress made in technology, made it much easier to engage in conversation and made tutors more approachable and present. All the online instructions, answers, questions, advice, and solutions are just a click away. 

EduWW is also very proud of being transparent and easy to communicate with all interested parties. Our friendly tutors aim to include students in every discussion and help them develop communication skills. The atmosphere in our classes is always creative and a bit competitive, but in a healthy way where everyone respects the opinion of others. Such class spirit originates from those more personal connections tutors have with students that we have talked about all this time.

All this comes from taking time and interest in students’ needs, and if anything, online learning contributed to improvement in student-tutor relationships and interaction. 

Do You Still Have Doubts?

If you have any more doubts, you can contact our school at any time. Please feel free to write at admissions@eduww.net if you have any questions. More than gladly, our team of consultants will answer all of them. We can also tell you all about our students’ experience in our school and how fond they are of our tutors. The outcome of those relationships and interactions are, above all, trust and consequently high-quality knowledge.