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Explanation: International Online School and International Diploma 

Explanation: International Online School and International Diploma

The terms international online school and international high school diploma often confuse students and parents. That is why in this article, we are going to explain what these terms mean, how they affect schooling at Education World Wide (EduWW), and the status that a student gets upon graduation. Don’t hold your breath. We are completely legitimate, and your child’s education with us is fully recognized. However, find the time to read this article carefully, just so you are introduced to details about online education. 

While online learning is nothing new for the US, this type of education is starting to take a swing in the entire world. But as it turns out, with all new things, people don’t know everything about them. Naturally, it starts raising concerns, and parents often doubt the legitimacy of an online school. We strongly advise you to stay alert as you should be because that is your child’s education. Here is what you need to know about EduWW. 

Is EduWW Legitimate?

Yes, Education World Wide is an online private school. We are based in Florida and registered with the Florida Board of Education under school code 4627. So, technically we are an American school. That is why we provide schooling programs in the English language exclusively. 

Aside from being a registered school, we also use an accredited American curriculum. That means that the program we teach to students is not something we made up or found on the Internet. The program is created and approved by the US governing bodies in charge of education. It enables children to acquire knowledge and progress from one grade onto the next. Ultimately, a student achieves academic excellence for graduation and proceeds to higher education. 

Your child’s schooling with EduWW, regardless of whether it is elementary school, middle school, or high school, will be fully recognized. That is not an online course, and this is a legitimate school delivered online. All this, including our credentials, registration, and other important questions, can be verified in a conversation with our consultant. They can send you documents and links to confirm what we mentioned above.

We Are an International Online School

The fact that we are registered in the US does not mean that we enroll only students from the US. Your child does not necessarily have to be an American or to live in the US territory to become our student. You can enroll in our program regardless of where you live. We allow students to learn from the comfort of their homes. 

This also means that we do not impose different standards for international students. Not at all. They get to apply and learn under the same conditions as US students. There is no difference in the program or the tuition fee and no difference in the documents they receive upon finishing the grade. 

Are You Accredited in Egypt, Spain, Austria?

That is one of the most common questions that we get daily. There is no school, traditional or online, that can hold the credentials of several countries. Each school can only be registered in one country or state. In our case, it is the State of Florida (US). The short answer to the question from above is — no, we don’t hold accreditation of any other country besides the US. That, however, does not mean that we are not legitimate. 

How come? We are an international school, and our students will be recognized as international students. No country in the world has a law that says they prohibit US education or education from any other country. Imagine that you lived someplace else and moved to your home country. Your child will be eligible to attend the school there, and the school would have to recognize their previous education. The same thing is with Education World Wide. 

It is like you traveled to the US and your child attended the private school there. The program is different from your home country’s program, but the education is recognized. Upon finishing the grade, your child will receive an educational transcript. This document confirms that they have successfully finalized a particular grade and are eligible to be enrolled in the next one. You can use the transcript to enroll your child into any other school if you don’t plan to stay with the EduWW. 

Will My Child Get an International High School Diploma?

No. Because technically – an internationally high school diploma does not exist. For a high school diploma to be valid, there has to be an institution that issues such a document. And that institution has to be registered somewhere and follow some country’s educational principles. On the other hand, internationally recognized diplomas very much exist. That is precisely a diploma that your child will get when they graduate from our online high school. 

Since we are an American school, our students receive a US high school diploma. That diploma has absolutely the same value as a diploma from any other legitimate US school. As such, it is recognized and accepted in the entire world. With our diploma, applying to universities and colleges worldwide is our students’ possibility. International students who hold a US high school diploma have better outcomes of entering US colleges. The same goes for universities worldwide, especially if they plan to enroll in programs in the English language. 

Let’s Talk About It: International Diploma

Graduation Requirements

EduWW follows strict standards of American education. We ensure that our students achieve certain academic excellence by providing a high-quality curriculum. To graduate, they need to finish 12th grade and achieve at least 22 credit points throughout their high school education. Our curriculum enables them to do so because each core subject is worth one credit, while electives can either be 0.5 or one credit, depending on how long they last. Once students fulfill these requirements, they can graduate and receive their high school diploma. 

Is Online High School Diploma Valid?

A diploma that you will receive from EduWW is not labeled as an Online High School Diploma. It is simply a US high school diploma obtained by following an accredited American curriculum through online schooling in a registered American school. Our team will send a digital copy of a diploma to your email. At the same time, we will send a hard copy to your home address. 

Additionally, we can obtain an Apostille certificate and attach it to a hard copy of the diploma if some countries require it. Apostille is a specific certificate issued by the Secretary of the State of Florida. Apostillisation of a document ensures its validity outside the US borders. Note: The Apostille is not included in the tuition fee, it is charged additionally.

Difference between National and International Student

We need to clarify one more thing because we have noticed that it confuses parents. If you are not a US citizen, but your child is enrolled in our online school, they will be recognized as an international student after finishing the grade or graduating. They will have that status even in their home country. For instance, if you are from Italy and your child graduated from EduWW, universities in Italy will see your child as a student who followed an international curriculum (American) and not a national – Italian curriculum. 

Some countries make a difference between diplomas acquired through the national program and those received internationally. But they recognize and accept both. For example, Norway doesn’t differentiate between national and international students. Both can proceed to higher education free of charge at Norway universities. On the other side, universities in some countries accept only a certain number of international students. With an EduWW diploma, your child will be an international student even in your home country.

Therefore, before applying to university, make sure what the entry requirements are, but most accept international students. That goes for any country, not just Italy. 

Final Word

Online schooling is an acknowledged form of education. EduWW students have the opportunity for individualized learning through our online learning platform. We also provide teaching support, so students attending online classes (group or/and individual) can vastly improve their online learning experience. Whether you opt to learn with us only for a year or two, or you would like to finish your entire primary and secondary education with us, your schooling will be legitimate and accepted. 

If you have any questions or doubts about online schooling, our programs, or the way we work, feel free to reach out to us. You can always write to us at admission@eduww.net and book a free meeting with one of our consultants.