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Online Elementary School — Education At Your Child’s Pace

Online Elementary School - At Your Child's Pace

An online elementary school can be an ideal choice for your child’s primary education. Just because the learning happens in the virtual world doesn’t mean it loses its quality compared to classic schooling. The merits of online schooling turn students into better and faster learners. Education World Wide ensures that our youngest students make confident first steps through education with a top-notch curriculum, dedicated tutoring work, and full flexibility. We help them build a solid foundation of knowledge and progress to the next grade levels, all the way up to higher education.

The beginning of education is an essential milestone in every child’s life. Exciting and scary at the same time, and for everyone — parents and a student. In those formative years, children learn vital skills that are important for their development. If the foundation is not set correctly, a child will experience trouble learning in the future. Traditional schooling had done a remarkable job up until one point when it started failing for many reasons. Some of them are overcrowded classrooms, teachers who don’t dedicate enough time to each student, or simply a low-quality educational system.

That is where online education stepped in, bringing a new form and new approaches to schooling. These new methodologies shifted perspectives and the habits of both students and teachers. The learning becomes more student-centered, almost tailor-made to each student’s individual needs. Because of that, an online elementary school turns out to be the right choice for a young student.

Is Online Elementary School Good For Your Child?

There is no simple answer to that question because it depends on many reasons. Online school is an excellent choice for students who want or need a more flexible schedule rather than strict timetables. Everyone can benefit from a more flexible schedule in this day and age because it leaves plenty of time for other activities or simply spending more time with the family. It also allows parents to be more involved in their child’s education. In other words, an online school can be suitable for any student.

Parents are often skeptical if their six-year-old child will adapt to the online environment, but it seems easier for them than for older students. Why? Because kids are curious and open to everything new and different at that age. Keep in mind that they are not changing old habits. They are building entirely new ones.

Approach That Makes All the Difference

Curiosity plays a vital role in online education. It pushes students to go further, to learn and discover more. That aspect is often missing in a traditional brick-and-mortar school, so students start to feel like classes are tiresome responsibilities. Students can’t wait for the next online class in an online school. Tutors and teachers make sure that the curiosity never runs dry.

EduWW tutors and teachers follow a unique learning methodology based on the individual approach to each student. By getting to know the students better, tutors can personalize teaching styles to fit each student’s needs. This way of educating seems to have a more substantial impact on elementary school students. They get all the attention that they need and an opportunity to learn at their own tempo and develop a personal learning style. That is not possible in traditional schools where students adapt to the group.

Yet, these two forms of education have something in common. Children will learn the same in traditional or virtual schools — reading, writing, basic math. However, the approach we take at Education World Wide helps them build some other skills that they wouldn’t get in a traditional schooling setting. More importantly, by learning in an internationally diversified environment and socializing with peers from different countries, children learn about different cultures and accept them.

How Does Online Elementary School Works?

While students who attend an online school do not commute and do not have physical classrooms, they still have schooling obligations. Of course, their day-to-day schooling schedule is to some extent flexible and subject to their personal needs. EduWW students learn from an online learning platform combined with live online classes. Let us explain how each of these works. 

Online Learning Platform

EduWW grants its students 24/7 access to the platform and complete course materials, allowing them to learn whenever they want and for as long as they like. If they don’t feel like getting up early in the morning – that is ok. Their course materials and assignments will be there throughout the entire day. 

Also, if students feel like they want to do only Math today – they can do so without any repercussions. Or if they feel like they would rather skip school today – that is an option as well. However, this flexibility can often be a pitfall, and we warn both students and parents not to take advantage of it. It is better to work every day for at least two hours on the platform than skip assignments.

As you can imagine, not having a predetermined timetable for learning and having non-stop access to the platform requires certain organizational skills. It is unreasonable to expect elementary school students to have such abilities, which is why the assistance of parents is crucial. The platform also measures a student’s progress through online courses, so a parent can always check how far their child has come. 

Online Elementary School Classes

Live online classes make the learning experience rich and help students achieve better results. Through online classes, they are in contact with teachers. Our tutors work with students in 1 on 1 classes and online group classes

Groups are small and consist of students at the same progression levels and with similar study habits. That is how we ensure that they all still learn at their own pace, even though they study in groups. Also, being in touch with other peers helps bridge the socialization gap that often is missing in online schools. When it comes to individual classes, a teacher is working only with one student at a time. It is like having a private tutor. We recommend these classes if a student is struggling with a particular subject. 

For instance, your child is about to be enrolled in Grade 4 with us. Although he or she speaks English, it is not their native tongue, and you fear that they won’t be able to follow the learning material with complete comprehension. That is where our academic consultants will recommend individual classes during which a student can vastly improve their English language skills. The same goes for other subjects, as well. 

Group classes have predetermined timetables, they are organized twice a day (before and afternoon) for core subjects only. Individual classes can be arranged whenever a student wants.

Online Elementary School Curriculum

Primary education encompasses grades 1 to 5, and the school year lasts approximately ten months. Compared to traditional schooling, they don’t have to wait for the fall to start school. We have open enrollments throughout the entire year, so a student can be enrolled anytime. Regardless of when they are enrolled, they start the grade from the beginning, and they will have ten months to complete it. 

As a private school, which is based and registered in the US, Education World Wide uses an accredited American curriculum. Online Elementary School Program that we offer consists of core subjects and a few electives that young students can choose based on their affinities.

Core Subjects: 

  • English Language Arts 
  • Mathematics
  • Science 
  • Social Studies 

Elective Subjects: 

Let’s Sum It Up

Enrolling your first grader in an online school is not a bad idea at all. Online elementary schools can deliver knowledge more efficiently than traditional educational institutions. With its unique learning and pedagogical approaches to teaching, Education World Wide nurtures students’ curiosity through online learning. Our students are also developing valuable life skills that help their growth. Carefully crafted curriculum that follows natural progress from Grade 1 to Grade 5 ensures that students reach sufficient academic excellence that will enable a smooth transition to middle school and later on to high school.

Online School Benefits

We are an online school at your child’s pace, and here are some benefits that you’ll find useful throughout online schooling: 

  • Student-centered learning methodology
  • Teaching approach tailored to student’s individual needs
  • Learning based on nurturing curiosity, fun and interactive curriculum
  • Opportunity to work in individual and group classes
  • Self-paced learning
  • Flexible learning schedule with 24/7 access to the learning material
  • An international environment that stimulates socialization among students even though they learn online
  • Student’s Progress Report available at any moment 

If you are considering enrollment, get in touch, so we can give you more details. Send us an email to admissions@eduww.net or schedule a free meeting with one of our consultants.