How Effective Are Online Classes

How Effective Are Online Classes

With the rising popularity of online learning, there is a constant debate about online classes’ effectiveness. Are these virtual classes as productive and fruitful as the ones in the classrooms? We say — yes, they are. If done correctly, online classes can be as effective as regular school classes, even more for some students. In our years-long experience, we concluded that online classes are efficient with a quality curriculum in combination with the right methodological and pedagogical approach.

Let us put ourselves in your shoes. You are a parent who is planning to enroll a child in an online school. Regardless of the reasons you opted for this form of education, you are probably wondering how your child’s classes will look. We get that you are skeptical about the effectiveness of a class during which a tutor communicates with the student through a screen. Know that these doubts will vanish as soon as your child becomes our student and starts scheduling online classes.

How We Do It at EduWW?

At Education World Wide, we are continually improving our approach to teaching. We are adapting it to the student’s needs. We don’t believe there is one approach suitable for all learners like its the case in traditional schools and even some online schools. Each student is an individual for itself, and our primary learning methodology is based on an individual approach. Our students come from all parts of the world, from different educational systems, most of them don’t speak English as their native language. It would be foolish to think that one approach will work on all of them.

Throughout the years, we have developed a successful strategy and a unique learning methodology to help students acquire knowledge successfully. Our secret? We listen to our students. Plus, we have a high-quality curriculum and a unique learning methodology that we have already mentioned.

High-Quality Curriculum for the Best Knowledge

EduWW uses an American international curriculum that is certified and accredited by the relevant bodies. These credentials are vouching for the quality of our program. It means that the learning material is suitable for students at a particular grade. Through these materials, they get the right amount of knowledge that will get them ready for the next grade. An online school has an entirely different schedule compared to a regular school, and the way this learning material is sorted and presented plays a huge role.

The entire learning material for all subjects is delivered on our online learning platform. Our school doesn’t use books. Rather than just reading copious amounts of text, their lessons are also presented via audio formats, videos, interesting games, quizzes, etc. All these elements keep student’s attention and help them learn faster and with more understanding.

When you take the element of a classroom and a bunch of other kids, you need to provide an environment that sparks curiosity in a student in a virtual world. Our online learning platform is the setting that prompts a student’s desire to know.

Online Classes

EduWW has a unique learning methodology for online students

Unique Learning Methodology for Effective Online Classes

Education World Wide provides two types of online classes — individual and group classes. Individual classes enable students to learn at their own tempo and learn with a tutor individually. Group classes enable them to socialize and communicate with their peers from all around the world. We organize online classes for core subjects, and students have a different tutor for each subject.

Each student gets an assigned teacher with whom they can communicate regarding their program or any issue or a problem they might have. We always advise students and their families that they schedule a short online meeting with their online teacher because that is an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other. Our online tutors, especially those working with students individually, are trying to get to know students as much as they can. That allows them to adapt their learning approach to each student.

Online classes at EduWW are not strange sessions during which a tutor is talking, and a student is just a passive listener. Quite the contrary, an online class is more of a dialog between a student and a teacher. That way, a student is always engaged with the learning material, and they are not bored during a class.

Our online classes are not always strict and formal because teachers usually find the time to discuss with a student some personal interests or hobbies. All this serves to create a more friendly atmosphere in which a student feels free and comfortable to ask a teacher for help. They don’t feel afraid or embarrassed if they don’t know anything.

The End Result of This Approach

Education World Wide has found a way to make online classes effective. Our students don’t have trouble learning in an online environment. We are equally successful in schooling five and six years old children who are just in preschool or making their first schooling steps, as well as those at higher grades. It’s fascinating to see that within a few weeks, a shy child who barely knew how to introduce themselves in the English language can know to communicate with a teacher without the help of a parent.

Regardless of their age, our learners truly like online classes. Some parents say that their children have vastly improved in particular subjects since they transferred to online school. To read some of the testimonials and impressions, visit EduWW Reviews.

EduWW students are good learners, don’t repeat grades, and have a low dropout rate. Additionally, our students fall in love with the process of learning and discovering new things. We bring them back to the essence of education and why it really matters. To conclude this topic, online classes are effective if they are correctly done, and for some students, they can be more beneficial than classes at regular school.

If you are curious to take a look behind the scene of our online classes, feel free to watch our Podcast “Let’s Talk About It: Online Classes.” Our tutors Tammy and Luke discussed the particularities of our unique learning methodology.