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Online High School — A Safe Path Towards Desired University

Online High School — A Safe Path Towards Desired University

During high school, children are getting mature, and they are discovering personal interests. They feel like adults, and they would rather be the ones making a decision instead of being told what to do. With a flexible learning schedule and self-paced learning, the online high school gives students the freedom to organize schooling the way they want without lowering the quality of education. They have more time for hobbies, sports, friends, and exploring personal interests. Simultaneously, students develop valuable skills such as personal time management, problem-solving mindset, communication, and overall responsibility for obligations. Education World Wide accredited online high school program, suitable for international students, is a safe path towards a desired university.

High school is an important milestone in every child’s life. Those four years are a remarkable period when they learn new things, change and grow in many ways. Teenagers start developing specific characteristics that can also influence their learning style and learning needs. Online high school education might be more convenient for them because it gives them freedom and options to adjust schooling to their personal preferences. This article discovers everything you want to know about our system.

Online High School Benefits

Truth be told, any legitimate educational institution will deliver knowledge to students. There is no doubt. Any brick-and-mortar school can put learning material in front of students, and the same goes for online schools. Of course, the quality of education depends on the educational systems and differs from country to country. One of the most essential aspects is the approach to students. The way schools educate children has a huge impact on the outcome. That is what makes Education World Wide online high school different. The approach. Our unique online learning methodology, alongside quality and the accredited program, delivers a unique learning experience to each and every student.

Let’s start with benefits.

  • Flexibility
  • Self-paced program
  • Individual approach to each student
  • Possibility to study in an international environment


Forget about timetables at an online school. We do not have them, and our students are free to learn whenever they want. Yes, we are aware that students can abuse this. Yet, the freedom to learn whenever they want does not mean that they do not have to learn. This is still a school, and even when they study online students can have bad results or even fail a grade – although, our teachers make sure that happens rarely. The entire process of learning happens on our platform to which students have unrestricted access. They do not need books at an online school, so this another convenience. Aside from that, students can take live online classes, group, and individual — but they are not obligatory.

The flexibility refers to the fact that a student has a choice of when they want to learn, how or with whom — alone or with a tutor, and for how long as well. Given their previous learning experience through elementary and middle school, at high school, students already have established learning habits. These habits are individual, and they differ from child to child. Not every teenager loves to learn in the morning. Some of them are more focused in the afternoon hours.

At traditional schools, students do not have a choice. They have a timetable, and they have to be at school at the exact time and spend a certain amount of time. For instance, teachers in regular schools do not care if students are focused or not during classes and if they actually learned something. However, at online high school, students learn when they feel ready. Also, they study the amount of time they are focused on, they can make a pause when is convenient for them and then continue later.

Online High School allows you to learn at your own pace
Online High School allows you to learn at your own pace

Self-Paced Program

Online high school students can learn at their own tempo. They are not obliged to follow the pace of a group like is the case in traditional schools. With this self-paced learning, students can move through learning material quicker, or if they run into a problem, they can take as much time as they need to master the lesson. Why is this convenient? A student who goes faster through lessons or subjects has more free time. On the other hand, if they are having trouble with a particular material, they do not have to be ashamed because they are falling behind the class.

Ultimately, this approach teaches students a valuable lesson — the important thing is to learn, to acquire knowledge. The amount of time they spend in doing so is not that relevant. Sometimes, at regular schools, kids are ashamed to say that they didn’t understand a particular lesson. That happens to be a stumbling block because they will have trouble understanding future lessons as well. However, it rarely happens at an online high school school, because students have the amount of time they actually need to learn something.

Individual Approach to Each Student

The individual approach to each student is something that has to do with EduWW’s unique online learning methodology and not so much with the general benefits of online schooling. We work with international students, and they are all coming from different learning environments. Our teachers access each student individually. They get familiar with their personal interests and learning habits and adjust the learning approach according to that. We do that through individual online live classes during which a teacher and a student work in one-to-one sessions. In other words, those sessions build trust between a student and a teacher and ultimately lead to student’s better results.

Possibility To Study in an International Environment

Although online schools have been widely criticized that they do not have a socialization aspect, that is not entirely true. Keep in mind that the main goal of an online school is to deliver knowledge — it is what school should do. After carefully listening to our student’s needs and desires, we decided to implement online group classes.  It turned out to be an excellent step because it gave our online students the possibility to connect and socialize with their peers worldwide.

Getting to know different cultures, nations, and lifestyles positively impacts student’s academic development and cultural awareness. Group classes are a place for communication. Rarely will happen that a teacher talks and students just passively listen. Teachers include and engage students in discussion, they encourage them to share their opinions.  You can read more about online group class methodology at EduWW online high school.

At EduWW Online High School students learn in a multicultural environment
At EduWW Online High School students learn in a multicultural environment

Online High School Program

Aside from the benefits and learning methodology that we mentioned above, our online high school also has a high-quality program. EduWW is an American school, and our online high school is accredited in the US. The learning material our students use is aligned to national and state standards and corresponds with the academic requirements imposed by US colleges. In the American educational system, the high school includes grades from 9 to 12. Each grade consists of four core subjects and two electives. 

Online High School Core Subjects

  • English 
  • Math
  • History & Social Science 
  • Science


Throughout the four years of schooling, students get in touch with more complex words and American literature. They write a literary analysis, logical arguments, informational and explanatory texts, narratives, and focused research projects. As a result of reading, writing, speaking, and listening, students grow their vocabulary and understanding of how to communicate effectively by making skillful choices when expressing themselves with language. They also improve critical and analytical skills.


During high school, students learn about several branches of mathematics and explore ways in which each one can be used as a mathematical model in understanding the world. They explore algebra fundamentals such as evaluating, creating, solving, and graphing linear, quadratic, and polynomial functions. The lessons integrate geometric concepts and skills and introduce students to basic trigonometric identities and problem-solving. 

History & Social Science

In the span of four years, students study World History, US History, Economics, and Government. With History subjects, they explore people, events, and ideas that shaped history — ancient civilizations, empires, exploration, world wars, and globalization. 

With Economics, students examine the basic principles of economics and investigate the effect those principles have on every aspect of society. Lessons and projects encourage students to examine a variety of problems from the viewpoint of an economist, and they acquire valuable real-life skills. 

The Government course focuses on American and international governments, and students learn about the history of governments, the characteristics of the United States government, political parties, and the voting process. 


During four years, students have the following subjects — Biology, Integrated Physics and Chemistry, Physics, Chemistry, and Earth Science. Depending on the subject, students learn about the designs and patterns of living organisms and their interactions with the environment. They are introduced to the basic physics and chemistry concepts such as matter, motion, forces, work and energy, electricity and magnetism, etc. Likewise, they learn about the origin, history, and structure of the Earth and forces that can cause the change on our planet. All these subjects include projects and experiments that students do online and away from the computer. Exposure to science concepts and scientific inquiry improves students’ skills and understanding.

Online High School Electives

Students of our online high school get to choose between 90 different elective subjects. Electives are excellent because they give a student the possibility to learn something they are curious about. Through these subjects, they explore personal interests, which is quite convenient because they can point them toward a direction of the desired university and academic studies. Some of the electives are individual subjects, while others are grouped in elective departments. These departments consist of two or more subjects in a specific field and provide more extensive knowledge about that field. 

Elective Departments

  • Architecture & Constructions Department 
  • Arts, Technology and Communication Department 
  • Education & Training Department 
  • Marketing, Business Management and Administration Department 
  • Finance Department 
  • Government, Public Administration Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security Department 
  • Information Technology Department 
  • Health Science Department 
  • Manufacturing Department 
  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Department 
  • Transportation, Distribution & Logistic Department 
  • STEM Department 
  • Hospitality and Tourism Department 

Individual Elective Subjects

  • Mathematics Electives (Consumer Math, Math Models with Applications A & B, Probability and Statistics A & B, Trigonometry)
  • History and Social Science (Civics, Civil War, Personal Finance Literacy, Psychology, 20th Century American History, Vietnam Era, World Geography) 
  • Health (Health Education, Personal & Family Living, Physical Education, Physical Fitness)
  • Fine Arts (Art History, Digital Arts, Media Studies, Music Appreciation, Music Theory)
  • Business (Business Computer Information Systems, Essentials of Business, Essentials of Communication, Technology and Research)
  • World Languages (French I and II, Spanish I, II and III)

Graduation Requirements and Academic Credits

According to the US educational system, a student needs at least 21 credit points to graduate from high school. The Online High School Program at EduWW enables students to acquire between 21 and 24 credit points in the span of four years of learning. Each core subject is worth one credit point, while electives range between 0.5 and one point, depending on if they last half the semester or the entire year. The table below shows the number of credit points a student achieves from a particular subject during four years at an online high school. 

English Language 




History and Social Science 





5 – 8


21 – 24 

In case a student does not attend EduWW Online High School the entire four years, but they transfer in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade, we have credit transfer systems, which recognizes credits that they earned in the previous school.

High School Diploma and College Progression

Online High School College Progression
Colleges and Universities worldwide accept EduWW online high school diploma

One of the biggest concerns of parents and students is the recognition of online high school diplomas. They often ask us if we are issuing international diplomas. There is no such thing as an international diploma, and EduWW CTO Stefan explained that matter in our live podcast Let’s Talk About It – take a look if you missed it. Education World Wide issues a US high school diploma because that is where we are registered as a school. 

Let’s Talk About It: Internationally Recognized Diploma

Our international students receive their high school diploma from the US, and we can also acquire an Apostille certificate. Apostille is a specific certificate issued by the Secretary of State, and it ensures the validity of the original document outside the US borders. Therefore, a high school diploma with an Apostille certificate will be globally recognized. It is not an international diploma, it is just internationally recognized and accepted by all institutions. Getting an Apostille certificate is charged additionally.

That being said, our international students do not have any trouble applying to the desired college or a university anywhere in the world. They are recognized as international students who attended an American school. Considering that our online high school curriculum is approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), our students who are athletes can also apply for sports scholarships at US colleges.  

College progression paths after EduWW Online High School

Enroll Only in 12th Grade and Get a Dual Diploma

American education is widely respected, and students benefit from having a high school diploma from a US school wherever they live. International students, who live outside the US, and attend national schools, can enroll in EduWW only for the 12th grade while simultaneously going to the final year at their national high school. We explained the flexibility of our program above, so they can easily combine schooling at EduWW with their regular school. Upon finalization, they will also receive an EduWW high school diploma. Having a dual diploma vastly improves their chances of studying worldwide.

Apply Anytime

Online high school enrollments at EduWW are open during the entire year. Given that our program is individual and self-paced, students can apply anytime they want. We do not have terms like other schools, nor we follow the same schooling calendar. The application process is fast and easy, and everything can be finalized within 48 hours. You can fill in the application form directly on our website, or you can send us the following documents to admissions@eduww.net

  • Scanned copy of student’s latest educational transcript 
  • Scanned copy of student’s passport or other ID 

After that, our consultant will reach out to you and explain further steps. Likewise, they will answer your questions or clarify any segment of online schooling. EduWW also offers free consultations before enrolling. You can arrange a conversation with one of our consultants by filling in this form on our website. 

NCAA-Approved Program

The curriculum EduWW uses is also fully certified by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) for all three divisions. In short, that means our graduates can apply for sports scholarships at the US colleges that are within the NCAA network.

The NCAA manages college athletes, and thanks to their work, students can continue to play sports professionally while they are in college. The NCAA covers three divisions and 24 sports disciplines. The fact that our curriculum has the approval of the NCAA means that the material we offer corresponds to the NCAA standards and is good enough to prepare students for college. Likewise, EduWW graduates also become eligible to apply for one of the sports scholarships that the organization grants to college athletes

Online High School Recapped

With knowledge, practical skills, and self-confidence – that is how our graduates “leave” our online high school. Excellent curriculum and unique online learning methodology at EduWW ensure that our students walk on a safe path towards higher education. During four years, we help them discover and explore personal interests, teach them how to develop critical thinking, encourage them to form and express personal opinions.

The major advantages of online schools, such as flexibility and self-paced, are perfectly aligned with the characteristics and necessities of teenagers. Online school gives them more freedom to express their individuality, explore personal affinities and orient themselves towards a specific field that they can study at a university. 

Additionally, our students vastly improve their spoken and written English, and they are adapted for learning and working in a multicultural environment. After graduation, they are ready for college or a university. More importantly, our high school diploma enables them to continue higher education anywhere in the world. 

If still, you are not sure that an online high school is a right choice for your child, get in touch. Our educational consultants will gladly clear any doubt or uncertainty. Likewise, they can inform you about different tuition fee packages and payment options we give to families. You can schedule a free consultation by filling in this form on our website. As we have said above, the enrollments are always open, and you can start whenever it suits you.