Let’s Talk About the Past, the Present, and the Future of Online Education

Let's Talk About It: Accelerate Education

We are closing this 2022 with an extraordinary podcast episode discussing the past, the present, and the future of online education. Anita and Mary welcomed a very special guest, Mr. Jim Benitez, the vice president of Accelerate Education, one of the best online learning platforms in the industry.

Education World Wide has been in partnership with Accelerate Education since September 2021, and for this year and a half, our teachers and students have had only a positive experience. From an easy-to-navigate user interface to the multimedia elements through which the learning material is presented to the clear overview of students’ progress, Accelerate offers the best learning experience. That doesn’t come as a surprise because Accelerate Education is led by people who have been in the online education industry long enough that we can freely say they shaped it.

Our guest, Jim Benitez, has been in the online education industry for 20 years. Therefore, we shared with us stories of how it used to look two decades ago when online schooling only began to develop in the US and how things are going now when online schooling is conquering the world.

Tune in to watch.

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