Get a US High School Diploma: Finish 12th Grade at Our Online School

Get a US High School Diploma: Finish 12th Grade at Our Online School

Earn a legitimate US high school diploma from the comfort of your home in any country in the world. EduWW online high school enables international students who have successfully finished 11th grade elsewhere to complete only 12th grade with us through our flexible online schooling program. Once you complete your grade, you will get an officially awarded US high school diploma that will open you the doors to any US college or a university in the world.

For many students around the world, earning a US high school diploma seems like a mission impossible. Some countries do not have student exchange programs that allow learners to go to the US and get their high school education. Besides, the economic aspect of moving to the United States is also not possible for many families. Online education has successfully bridged these gaps. Students worldwide can now attend schools and follow schooling programs to give them better chances of going into the desired college.

EduWW is an officially registered American school with accredited programs from Grade 1 to Grade 12. We offer our program exclusively online, so we are a school that comes to students wherever they live. To obtain a US high school diploma, a student does not necessarily have to go through the entire secondary education in an American school. EduWW online high school gives you a chance to finish only the last year (12th grade) with us and earn an American diploma.

Who Is This Program For?

This program is for international students who have completed Grade 11 or are nearly finalizing that grade. It doesn’t matter which high school, and in which country, whether it is a traditional or an online school. This option is suitable mostly for students planning on studying in the US because having a US high school diploma gives you a better chance of getting into one of the colleges. However, our diploma is recognized and accepted internationally, so you can apply to any university in your country or elsewhere in the world.

What Does This Program Look Like?

The last year of high school usually brings tension to students because they are overwhelmed with the material, progression, and college or university admissions. Many students fail due to that stress. It will be nothing like that. We can’t say that your 12th grade at EduWW will be a breeze, but there will not be pressure.

You will have the absolute freedom to organize your learning schedule the way it suits you the best. Through our self-paced program, you will be able to learn at your own tempo. Additionally, our interactive online learning platform will engage you more and make learning fun and interactive. Let’s dive into details, and we will start with the online learning platform.

Learning Management System 

EduWW uses some of the best learning management systems in the industry of online education. Forget about the classroom, and we do not have one. At EduWW, an online learning platform will be the place where you will learn. You will have 24/7 access to the platform, which means you can access it any time of the day.  Each student has a personal profile on the platform and access to the entire learning material for the 12th grade.

The program on the platform is carefully designed and presented to enable students to learn on their own, without the help of a tutor or a teacher. Everything is done online – lessons, tests, quizzes, essays, etc. Material is not monotonous, and aside from regular text lessons, it contains audio lessons, videos, photos, and other multimedia that make learning more engaging and interesting. Additionally, the platform has Translator and Dictionary tools, and it also links to additional material for students who want to find out more.

Self-Paced Learning

Once you enroll, we will not give you a timetable because there is none. You are the one deciding when you will learn during the day and for how long. Besides this freedom to organize your time the way you want, you will also learn at your own tempo. You can take as much time as you need to master a particular material. Why is this type of studying good? If there is a subject or a lesson that you are struggling with, you can dedicate more time to understanding it. At the same time, you’ll spend less time on subjects that are easy for you. 

Core and Elective Subjects

Our 12th-grade program consists of four core subjects and two electives. The core subjects are the same for all students, and they are: 

  • English IV
  • Mathematics (Algebra, Calculus, Analytic Geometry) 
  • History and Social Sciences 
  • Science 

When it comes to electives, you get to choose them based on your interests. We offer a long list of elective subjects that cover various topics, and you just need to pick the ones that are most to your liking. Because it is not very practical to list over 90 elective subjects in this article, we will name elective departments. You can get the full list upon requesting the course catalog via email Elective Departments: 

  • Architecture & Constructions Department 
  • Arts, Technology and Communication Department 
  • Education & Training Department 
  • Marketing, Business Management and Administration Department 
  • Finance Department 
  • Government, Public Administration Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security Department 
  • Information Technology Department 
  • Health Science Department 
  • Manufacturing Department 
  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Department 
  • Transportation, Distribution & Logistic Department 
  • STEM Department 
  • Hospitality and Tourism Department 

Individual Elective Subjects 

  • Mathematics Electives (Consumer Math, Math Models with Applications A & B, Probability and Statistics A & B, Trigonometry)
  • History and Social Science (Civics, Civil War, Personal Finance Literacy, Psychology, 20th Century American History, Vietnam Era, World Geography) 
  • Health (Health Education, Personal & Family Living, Physical Education, Physical Fitness)
  • Fine Arts (Art History, Digital Arts, Media Studies, Music Appreciation, Music Theory)
  • Business (Business Computer Information Systems, Essentials of Business, Essentials of Communication, Technology and Research)
  • World Languages (French I and II, Spanish I, II and III)

Will I Have To Do Some Pretests? 

Pretests will be necessary, but they are not determining your eligibility to enroll in our school. The pretests serve so we can calculate how many credits you are carrying from your previous school. Let us explain. American educational system works through credit points which are especially important in high school. That is because you need at least 21 credits to become qualified to graduate from high school. 

You collect credit points through subjects. Each core subject is worth one credit point, whereas electives can carry 0.5 or one credit. The rest is basic math. You have four core subjects in each high school grade, and for each of them, you earn one credit. Therefore, after completing Grade 12, you should have 16 credit points based on core subjects only. The rest of the five credits should come from your electives. 

Since you will not go through Grades 9, 10 and 11, but go only in the 12th grade of our online school, we have to calculate how many credits you carry from your previous school. That is the reason why the pretests will be necessary. Once you finish the pretests and our Academic Board values them, you’ll be able to start your regular program for Grade 12. 

Tuition Fee 

EduWW offers economical tuition fees for its programs, and they usually cover everything, so students and their families do not have to worry about extra or hidden costs. The tuition fee for this program specifically is $3000, and you can pay it in up to 10 installments. Therefore, each month you’ll be paying $300. The tuition fee covers the following: 

  • 24/7 access to our online learning platform
  • Complete learning material 
  • Student support on the platform 
  • High School Diploma with an Apostille certificate

How To Apply 

The application process is not complicated. All you need to do is send us the following documents: 

  • A scanned copy of your 11th-grade transcript 
  • A scanned copy of your passport or other ID 

Send these documents to and put – Application for the 12th-grade program as a subject of your email. Once we receive your application, one of our consultants will contact you and give you details about further steps. 

In case you have any questions or you need additional clarification, we are here to help you. You can always book a free consultation by filling in this form on our website. Make sure to enter all required information, so we can contact you back.