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Pricing Policy Change – Effective From March 1st

Pricing Policy Change

Education World Wide will introduce a new pricing policy starting from Tuesday, March 1st, 2022. Instead of the current 3500$ promo price that we established when we first offered a package that includes group and individual classes, Package 2 will now cost 4000$, also the sibling discount will be 30% instead of 50% for the second child. 

The new pricing policy won’t affect the students already enrolled and those who enroll in our school before the beginning of March. Namely, anyone that starts the enrollment process during February will be charged according to the old pricing policy.

What Package 2 Includes?

Education World Wide introduced Package 2 in March 2021, and that package covered individual and group classes, among other services. The tuition fee of $3500 was a promo price, and after a year, the official tuition fee for this package will be $4000.

Package 2 covers:

  • 24/7 Access to our Online Learning Platform
  • A student’s profile on the platform
  • Complete learning material (no need to buy books)
  • Online Group Classes (8 per week, which is 32 per month)
  • Online Individual Classes (up to 3 per week, up to 12 per month)
  • Consultations with an assigned tutor
  • Educational transcript at the end of the grade
  • A high school diploma upon graduation

In case a family wants an additional number of online individual classes, that can be arranged. However, in that case, a school will form and offer a different tuition fee. The final tuition fee will be formed based on the number of extra individual classes that you will need.

Sibiling Discount Change

New Pricing Policy will also change the sibling discount, regardless of the package a family chooses. Starting from March 1st, the sibling discount will be 30% of the tuition fee for the second child. If a family enrolls more than two kids, a different sibling discount will be applied. Please, contact our educational consultant to get more details.

Payment Plans for Families

Education World Wide will keep the old payment plans for families, and when it comes to payment options you can choose between PayPal and Bank Transfer. To get details about the payment plans that we offer to families, please get in touch with our educational consultant by sending an email at admissions@eduww.net or booking a consultation with them, through the contact form on our website.