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Let’s Talk About It: Grading at Online School 

Let's Talk About It: Grading at online school

In the 3rd episode of the Let’s Talk About It podcast, Mary and our EduWW Head tutor Dorris Zane talked about grading at online school. Dorris explained how the grading system at Education World Wide works and why this fair and objective approach is more beneficial for students.

Part of the grading is done automatically in the online learning platform, but the teachers also have a saying in the final grade. Contrary to traditional schools are prone to checking students’ knowledge from time to time, at Education World Wide, we are doing that daily. However, our students are not overwhelmed, stressed, or under pressure because the goal is not getting a good grade but understanding and learning the material.

Curious to hear why our students can’t wait for the next exam and why they trust their teaches? Tune in and watch the podcast to find out.

Let’s Talk About It: Grading

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Let’s Talk About It

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