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Siblings in the Same Online School – Good Idea or Not?

If you are a parent of two or more school children and are looking for a flexible alternative to the traditional school – this article is for you. We know that enrolling your children in an online school might be overwhelming in terms of the enrollment process, school curriculum, and tuition fees. That is why we’d like to help you decide whether or not to enroll all your children in the same online school.

Our first-hand experience in teaching siblings

At EduWW we currently teach dozens of siblings from all over the world. We’ve accepted some of them at a very young age and led them through the following grades. Watching our youngest students grow and develop has always been one of our greatest rewards.

Similarly, we’ve enrolled many siblings in the higher grades of high school. We know that teenage years can be delicate, and for that reason, we’ve been doing our best to support our students in achieving their goals.

Studying in the same online school has many positive effects on the siblings’ daily lives. Since they follow the same curriculum and study in the same learning environment, they have lots to discuss after the classes. Sometimes siblings share the same assigned tutor, and sometimes they have a different one. Considering that all our grades consist of 4 core and 2 elective subjects, in most cases they do have some mutual teachers.

If one of the siblings is older, he can help his younger brother or sister master the school material. And if they follow the same grade, they can study and do the assignments together. We believe that all this helps siblings connect and build a stronger bond, as they get used to helping each other out. Studying online doesn’t mean that students are being left on their own and deprived of any social contact. Enrolling siblings in the same online school means more flexibility and freedom for the whole family.

Are there any disadvantages?

If we put ourselves in your shoes and imagine we have several children we’d like to enroll in a private online school, the only possible challenge we could think of is finances. Even though we believe we offer an excellent value for the given price, we understand that paying two or three tuition fees might be challenging for some families.

With that in mind, we’ve created a special sibling discount for families with more than one child. For all information regarding the mentioned discount and our enrollment process, please send us an email to admissions@eduww.net. One of our consultants will promptly answer any questions you might have. We would be glad to welcome your children into our international online family!