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How Online Classes Are Organized and How Do We Measure Your Progress

How Online Classes Are Organized and How We Measure Your Progress

The online schooling program at Education World Wide is pretty easy to follow. Our online classes and learning methodology allow students to learn at their tempo, in a way that is most suitable for them. Each subject has several Lessons or Units, and each Lesson has several forms of learning materials that we call assignments. We are talking about text lessons, videos, essays, projects, quizzes, and finally, tests. Our teachers are not grading you, but they instead have different ways of measuring your progress because the ultimate goal is to learn not to get a good or bad mark.

Each grade at EduWW has four core classes plus at least two electives. For students in online middle school, we even offer career exploration elective courses, while online high schoolers get to choose from a variety of elective departments. Here you can explore our elective classes per grade.

Interaction With the Platform

Since we are an online school, the vast majority of time children spend in interaction with the platform. But, that doesn’t mean they are entirely alone. Our dedicated teachers are following their progress closely, and they are available in case a student needs an explanation. Besides the possibility to schedule one on one live teaching support, each student can ask a question directly in the platform.

For example, if you come across a paragraph or a sentence or any part of the lesson that you don’t understand, there is an option to send a message to teacher and ask them for clarification. Teachers will reply as soon as possible. That option is available in each assignment, whether it is a regular lesson, video, quiz, test…

What Assignments Do You Have in Online Classes?

Each subject has several Lessons, and each Lesson consists of texts, videos, quizzes, projects, and ultimately tests. When you log into the platform, you will see your daily assignments, and you can see your progress, pacing, and current score. Do your daily assignments step by step.

You must go through the materials gradually. Don’t take the quiz or do an essay before you read all previous articles or watch videos, because that is the subject that essay or quiz will cover. When you do all the assignments, you can take the final test. And only after you pass the test, the teacher will unlock the next Lesson.

Measuring the Progress of Your Online Classes

Our teachers are not grading, so you won’t get grades or marks on your assignments. We will explain our reasoning for that in some other article. However, the platform itself is measuring your progress in percentages, so you get the overall score. Your overall score is showing the teacher how good you are or if you are having trouble with a particular subject. That information is also available to you, so at any time, you can see your progress on the platform.

Remember when we mentioned earlier that it is important that you do all your assignments one by one? That is because each of those assignments counts into your overall score. So you don’t want to take a quiz or do an essay before you cover all previous assignments, because the progress of that particular lesson will not be fulfilled,  and you can not pass onto the next lesson.

What Counts Into Your Overall Score?

  • Lessons 25%
  • Quizzes 25%
  • Essays and projects 25%
  • Test 25%

If you didn’t learn the lessons, then you will have poor performance on quizzes and essays. And you have both quizzes and essays because we want to make sure that you truly understand the learning material. Both of these forms can show us how well did you understood the learning material. If your overall score in one Lesson is low, there is a big possibility that you won’t understand the material in the next Lesson. And that can be a problem.

But, once again, here is the good part. No one is rushing you, take your time, and learn at your own pace. Ultimately, if you don’t feel like doing history and geography today – that is fine, you can skip that and focus on the math.  And if you are having trouble with a particular subject, you can always ask a teacher for help.

Are you considering an online school? Send us an email at info@eduww.net and ask as anything that you’d like to know.