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What do Online High School Students do All Day?

We all know teenage years come with certain challenges. Starting with physical and mental changes, teenagers often struggle to cope with their daily school obligations. And if we add to that their parents’ expectations, then the life of a high school student can be somewhat stressful.

You might wonder if it is any different if a child attends an online school. In the following text, we will try to reconstruct a typical day of an online high school student and compare it to studying in brick and mortar schools.

Studying in an Online vs. Traditional High School

Before we have a closer look at an average day of a high school student at Education World Wide, let’s briefly highlight the pros and cons of both ways of learning. For those who study in traditional schools, the day starts with transportation. Be it in a car with parents or on a school bus, traveling to school requires additional time and money. Those who opt for online learning can get up 15 minutes before their online classes and study in pajamas.

While brick-and-mortar schools have fixed schedules and usually start in the morning, those online are very flexible. Students can log into the platform from any place and at any time. That’s particularly convenient for students who are ‘night owls’ and prefer studying at night.

It’s worth mentioning that studying online requires efficient organization and good time management skills. Students should be able to study independently, prioritize their assignments based on given deadlines and stay motivated. In that sense, learning online can be challenging for students who are used to relying on others to monitor, organize and motivate them.

However, we believe that mentioned skills are something every student should develop, no matter if they study in an online or traditional school. Being independent, self-motivated, and organized can only be a good thing.

Typical Day of a High School Student at EduWW

Let’s now dive into the average day of a high school student at EduWW. The first component of the learning process would be our interactive platform. We advise the students to spend at least 2 hours per day learning independently on the platform. The platform is very intuitive, easy to navigate, and full of valuable materials. It is also rich in multimedia content, which keeps our students engaged, attentive, and eager to learn.

The second component would be group and individual classes with our tutors. Depending on the package they opt for, some students have only group classes, while others have both group and individual classes. Since group classes have fixed schedules and individual classes are flexible, days of the week can differ in terms of engagement.

Of course, students need to dedicate some time to do their assignments, write essays, and prepare for tests. However, these are not everyday obligations. Children can decide for themselves whether they prefer to put in some extra effort during the week and have free weekends, or finish early on weekdays and then study over the weekend.

In conclusion, no matter how they choose to organize their day, our students have enough time for their hobbies after school. They don’t have to wait for the weekend to relax and meet their friends, which brings more balance into their everyday lives.

Our Students Love Art, Music and Sports!

In comparison to Middle School, our High School courses include a wider variety of elective subjects. And while we are working on introducing new extracurricular activities, our high school now offers over 40 elective subjects.

Our students who play an instrument would probably love to learn more about Music Appreciation. Children who love art would enjoy Art Appreciation, Art History, Basic Drawing, and Painting. And those who play sports would be interested in Health, Physical Education, Personal Fitness, and Individual & Team Sports.

We believe this is an excellent way to match our online courses with children’s natural interests and hobbies. Additionally, we are dedicated to providing high-quality education to young athletes, whose sports success greatly depends on their schooling flexibility. That is why we’ve created the Sport World School. Our curriculum is NCAA approved, enabling our high school graduates to apply to the US colleges within the NCAA network.

If you’d like to learn more about our curriculum or receive a complete list of our elective subjects, you can always send us an email to admissions@eduww.net. We’d be happy to assist you!