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Online Education: The Past, Present and the Future

The present, future and the past of online education

If you look at online education as a temporary concept because of the ongoing pandemic, here are a few reasons why you should maybe reconsider that thought.

The Past of Online Education

Online education indeed became trendy during the last two years since coronavirus made going places more challenging. Pandemic affected every aspect of human life – work, travel, going out but most importantly, it took a toll on the educational system and the learning process itself. Can you imagine being a six-year-old child and being tossed into the whirlwind of learning different subjects? On top of that, the traditional way of schooling is not an option since there is a worldwide pandemic. It can seem as the world is ending but fear not – online education to the rescue!

Let’s say you are a fan of the traditional education that implies physically going to school. Let’s say you have your doubts about online education. Do you fear that distance between you or your child and tutor cannot be excided by communication through the screen? If you see it as an entirely new concept that didn’t have enough time to develop into an effective method, you should know this:

  • The method of distance learning originated in the middle of the 19th century parallelly with U.S. Postal Service.
  • In 1953, the University of Houston was the first to offer televised college classes on the first public television station.
  • The University of Phoenix was the first institution that launched a fully online program that offered both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in 1989.
  • In 2003, the Blackboard Learning System proclaimed that over 6 million students are learning through online courses taught by 40,000 tutors in more than 50 countries.
  • By 2014, the number of online students has grown to almost 19 million.
  • By 2020, that number more than doubled.

The Present of Online Education

Coronavirus most definitely took a toll on every aspect of human life. It made traveling, studying, going out, and living, in general, more difficult. On a positive note, it showed that a world can function just as well. It allowed the online world to shine. Virtual walks through cities, online shopping, meetings over phones and screens, online classes have been around for ages. Only now, they become important and seen as the only possible way of functioning.

Luckily, in the sense of education, the world welcomed coronavirus pandemic semi-ready. With already established systems of online education, nothing was lost during the last two years. Work from home, online classes, and Zoom or Google meetings became a regular thing, and the world kept spinning. Even traditional schools went online, and every day more students choose online education.

The Future of Online Education

It may seem that the corona pandemic will never end. It may seem that the last two years are just one long year that has no beginning or end. However, it will most certainly end one day, and what will become of online education? Since we have already talked about the impressive history of distance and online learning, now we would like to take a glance into the future.

What will happen to online education in a world where the pandemic ended, and masks and social distancing are long gone? The answer lies in the past and the present. With that in mind, online education will thrive! With progress made in the technology field, online education is on its way to becoming a dominant way of learning. It showed that it is just as effective or even more effective than traditional schools. It made the life of kids, students, even their parents easier, less challenging, and just as enlightening. Whatever lies in the future for online education is most certainly bright.

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