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The Main Goal of Online School Is to Provide Education, Not Socialization

The Main Goal of Online School Is to Provide Education, Not Socialization

UPDATE: Starting from 2021, Education World Wide started offering group classes to its students, alongside individual online classes. All written in this article still stands. Our online school’s main objective is delivering knowledge, and our learning methodology still resides on the unique approach to each student and their needs. Upon request from many students and parents, our Education Board decided to include group classes as well.

Parents often see as a sort of an issue the fact that online schools don’t have the aspect of socialization. Although we can’t argue with that, we don’t see it as an issue or a shortage. Our main goal at online school is to provide education for students. Additionally, our learning methodology leaves students with plenty of time to develop and nurture friendships “outside” of the school.

Socialization is one of the biggest concerns of parents who are interested in enrolling children at an online school. It’s true that as an online school, we can’t enable students to hang around with their peers in a single classroom. However, we don’t see it as a problem. The primary goal of Education World Wide is to provide knowledge and education to students.

At EduWW, We Focus on Learning, not Socialization

EduWW does its best to create an environment that will motivate our students to learn effectively and efficiently. Our online learning platform and learning materials inspire learning. We don’t offer group classes because we give students the chance to create an individual learning schedule. Classrooms at regular schools are usually overcrowded, and students can’t focus on the learning. Additionally, teachers can’t pay attention to each student’s needs.

With EduWW, students log into the platform when they want to learn, and that is the only thing that they are focused on. Also, a unique learning methodology of our school enables them to learn at their own pace. They learn for as long as they need to understand a specific subject. If they have a problem understanding particular lessons, they can use multiple features in the platform, or they can ask a teacher or even schedule a live one on one session.

Advising Students to Find a Hobby

Students like online school because it doesn’t require so much time as regular. That gives them extra free time to do something else that they like. We always advise parents to help their children discover hobbies and other interests and pursue them. With online school, they will have plenty of time to do that.

For example, some of our students are young actors, dancers, and athletes. At the same time, students form friendships with peers who share the same interests as them. Their need for socialization will be satisfied. Additionally, having a hobby or other interests can significantly improve the lives of young students and help them develop new skills that will benefit them in the future.

Classroom vs. Individual Learning

We can’t deny the benefits of learning in an environment full of children who are the same age. Some children indeed make life-long friendships in schoolyards. However, there are other, not so pleasant memories that children take from school. It is not unheard of that many students are dealing with peer violence and other problems. We can’t ignore negative experiences that can significantly affect students and their life in general.

At online school, they will not have such problems. They can build friendships with children who share the same interests as them in other areas outside of the school. Such friendships tend to be stronger because children share the same values and have a lot more in common than merely the fact that they spend 6-8 hours a day in the same classroom.

Learning Remains the No. 1 Priority at Online School

Many think of school as a place where children go to spend time with other children. At online school, things are different. We are dedicated to education and helping students to learn. By eliminating the factor of the classroom and multiple students, we give each student a chance to focus entirely on the learning. Moreover, by learning on their own, they tend to understand better and master particular subjects.

The learning remains the number one priority at EduWW, but we encourage students to pursue socialization needs otherwise. We give them full flexibility over their learning schedules and pace so they can combine personal interests and hobbies with schooling.