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International Day of Jokes – April Fools’ Day

April Fools Day

Since there is always a little bit of time for fun in EduWW online school, 1st April is an ideal date to combine it with the most important thing in our school – learning. As the world’s holiday of joy and laughter approaches, we want to share the story of its beginning and tradition. 

1st April is a day when everybody tends to have a little bit of extra fun. The famous exclamation “April fools’!” usually follows some kind of prank and the whole world celebrates it. However, its origins are pretty mystical. What everyone knows is that people have always enjoyed a good laugh and having a good time, especially at someone else’s expense. On a more serious note, this fully commercialized holiday may have another, more profound meaning. Although the unusual custom of making jokes is widespread in Europe, the United States, and India, no one knows its exact origin.

In the article below, we will try to shed some light on how it all began. Alongside, EduWW wishes all of its students a great day full of tasteful fun and joy. Laughter has always served as good therapy, and it will not harm anyone if they relax and smile. Even at your own expense! Keep reading to learn about the world’s most famous jokes and pranks and laughter will follow and maybe inspire you! 

Important Date Since Biblical Times?

The earliest connection between 1st April and making jokes appears in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales of 1392. However, there are indications that it is a much older holiday.

Some historians believe that the celebration of 1st April dates back to biblical days. According to an article in an English newspaper published in 1789, it was on that date that Noah sent a dove for the first time in search of land, and it turned out to be too early. In the Hebrew Scriptures, as well in the 71st sura of the Qur’an, it is said that this happened EXACTLY on the 1st of April. Another religious interpretation of this date claims that it was on this day that Pontius Pilate sent Jesus to Herod. As it was a futile job or, in other words – a trick, some believe that it was the origin of “Joke Day.”

Many centuries later, Europeans celebrate the so-called Day of the Fools. According to one theory, the tradition began with the reformation of the calendar in France in the middle of the 16th century. Then, the New Year was moved from 1st April to 1st January. The term “April Fools” was attributed to those who continued to celebrate the holiday on 1st April.

Celebration Until Noon

Although it is one of the most famous international holidays, few people know that making jokes should stop when the clock strikes at noon. For instance, in the United States, if someone continues with tricks even behind noon, people will call them “April Fools.”

Top 3 Greatest Jokes That Fooled the World

Latest news! The Leaning Tower of Pisa has fallen! The Eiffel Tower is moving to Disneyland! Penguins learned to fly! These are just some of the most successful April Fools’ jokes, which fooled millions of people!

Alabama Changes the Value of the Number Pi

Math is one of the favorite subjects of many of our students. Even if math isn’t your cup of tea, pretty much everybody knows the value of the number Pi. On 1st April 1998, the journal “New Mexicans for Science and Reason” published an article claiming that Alabama leaders voted to change the value of the mathematical constant Pi from 3.14159 to a “biblical value” of 3.0.

The article soon spread like wildfire around the world. The impact it made became apparent only when Alabama government officials began receiving thousands of letters. To put it mildly, people called them “fools.” Of course, it was about the April Fool’s joke, whose creator was the physicist Mark Boslug.

The Discovery of the First Flying Penguins

Whether you enjoy biology classes in EduWW or not, you could swear there is no such thing as flying penguins.  However, in 2008, the BBC and the British Telegraph announced that the film crew that filmed the series “Wonders of Nature” near Antarctica recorded an incredible sight – penguins that can fly!

The video became one of the most-watched recordings in Internet history. In the video, presenter Terry Jones explains how, instead of freezing in Antarctica, these penguins simply fly to the rainforests of South America and spend the winter “enjoying the tropical sun.” After the initial shock and confusion, everybody realized what is going on.

The Eiffel Tower Is Moving to Disneyland

Even if you don’t enjoy studying history, everyone knows one of the most famous landmarks in the world is the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Thousands of French people were stunned and furious on 1st April 1986. “The Parisien” announced that the government had signed a shocking agreement.  The report claimed that the authorities will dismantle the Eiffel Tower and move it to Disneyland and build a stadium for the 1992 Olympic Games in that place instead.  Do not worry! It was all just an April fools joke, and you can still see the famous tower standing in its place.

Have Fun!

We hope you have learned a bit about this famous Holliday. Besides that, EduWW wishes you a great day filled with delight and happiness. Nonetheless, be careful and be tasteful. 

See you soon in our online classes. Maybe we could hear about some pranks at the end of the course, or you could tell us a joke. After all, everyone enjoys a good laugh.