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Can You Fail a Grade at an Online School?

Can You Fail a Grade at an Online School?

Failing a grade is a possibility at an online school. Yet, the consequences are a little less dramatic than it would be the case of failing a grade at a traditional school. A student is not obliged to repeat the grade from the beginning, but they instead continue from the point they failed. Also, grade repetition at Education World Wide (EduWW) is almost nonexistent because our online school takes measures not to fail its students and keep them on track with the learning.

Students and some parents often think that an online school is an easy way out for a lazy or bad student. The reality, on the other side, is way different. Online schools are more convenient due to flexibility and self-paced learning. We add to that EduWW’s excellent teaching support and unique learning methodology that is based on an individual approach to each student. That, however, does not mean online schools do not have the quality and standards. EduWW maintains rigorous standards when it comes to students’ excellence.

How Do We Measure Students’ Improvement

Our mission is to keep students on track to success at all times, and our grading system follows that philosophy. We discussed what grading at online school looks like in our recent podcast Let’s Talk About It.

Let’s Talk About It: Grading

In case you missed it, EduWW Head Tutor Dorris Zane explained that at online school, students’ knowledge is checked daily, not just from time to time. That system does not overwhelm children. Likewise, we do not use the usual grading system that includes letters or numbers. Given that students’ grading is partially done by our online learning platform and partially by teachers, we measure students’ progress in percentages.

We also track various aspects of students’ activity on the platform and consider many things, not just results on tests. That creates a system in which a student is focused on learning, not getting a good grade, or avoiding getting a bad one. Even when they do not achieve a satisfactory result, they see the tests as an opportunity for improvement, not as something they should stress about.

What Happens When Students’ Performance Is Poor?

We do not punish a student’s poor performance. Rather than demoralize them with bad grades, we try to see what seems to be the problem. Our teachers work with them through individual and group classes. They are trying to get to know the student the best they can to adjust their teaching style to each child’s needs. So once they have trouble with learning, it is not just their problem, it is also the problem of a teacher. Therefore, our teachers are trying to solve that problem together with them.

It is not uncommon that a student skips tasks, which leads to a vast number of overdue assignments. Later it results in bad overall performance, and they might be in danger of failing the grade. Our teachers do not wait that the situation hits the red zone, so to speak. They react immediately. A teacher usually gets in touch with parents and offers a consultation where they try to solve the problem and help make a plan that can enable students to get back on track.

This approach rarely fails because it’s not just a simple warning to a student that they have to be better. It is a hands-on help and assistance of a teacher by any means available. We are always there for our students. Yet, it doesn’t mean that we do not have students who are simply lazy and not interested in learning. Although, we always take into consideration if a student is going through some hardships in their personal life.

What Happens When You Fail the Grade at an Online School?

When all combined efforts to maintain students’ progress don’t give results, the inevitable has to happen. A student will fail the grade. We mentioned above that we measure students’ success in percentages, and we can translate the percentages into regular grades in the final report. A student needs a minimum of 70% in the overall score to pass the grade.

In case a child scores less than 70%, they will fail the grade. When that happens, the student has two options. The first option is staying with us and “continuing” the grade until they reach the passing point. Option B is transferring to a different school (traditional or online) to repeat the entire grade.

If a student decides to stay with us, the repetition of the grade will not be overwhelming. The progress they achieved on the platform stays. It is not lost if they fail a grade. That allows them to simply continue from the point where they didn’t achieve passing scores. Therefore, a student will not have to do all over from the beginning of the grade, which significantly shortens the repeated grade length.

That allows a child to get back on track and improve themselves quickly. They can still enjoy all the benefits of online schoolings, such as flexibility, individual learning, and of course, our online teaching support.


To answer the question from the headline, yes — you can fail a grade at an online school. Yet, EduWW, as an online school, takes all necessary measures to help each child avoid falling. Our system is entirely student-centered, and everything is subjected to individual progress. Rather than just being an institution that issues warnings and bad grades to students who have trouble learning, regardless of the reason, we see ourselves as someone who is there to help. Our teachers connect with parents and students and try to find a possible solution together. However, even when a student can’t avoid the grade’s repetition, it is still more convenient if they continue with an online school. That is due to the flexibility that allows them to get back on track and overcome liabilities quickly.

For any additional information regarding any of the aspects of online schooling at Education World Wide, you can contact us at info@eduww.net. If you want to enroll, send us your application to admissions@eduww.net.