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EduWW – Creative Environment That Encourages Online Learning

EduWW - Creative Environment That Encourages Online Learning

Since our primary goal is to educate children, we made sure that we became an online environment that encourages learning. EduWW uses two learning management systems OdysseyWare and Ignitia, and both have almost identical features. Easy to use interface, interactive and dynamic elements, and a lot of other instructional features boost students’ productivity and performance. They also provide a fun and enjoyable environment for learning. 

EduWW offers online programs for students who are at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. We offer a fully accredited and certified curriculum that provides students with adequate knowledge that ensures their academic path. Since we are an online school, our students learn mostly on their own, although we do offer one on one teaching support. To ensure that students learn with understanding and acquire knowledge, we had to make sure that our learning platforms are a creative and stimulating environment.

Easy to Use Online Learning Management Systems

Both our learning platforms, Ignitia, and OdysseyWare, are very intuitive and easy to navigate. That is the reason why our students, regardless of their young age, usually don’t have trouble adjusting and using them. Naturally, our education consultant will introduce a student and parents with the platform and guide them through every feature in advance.

Switching from regular to online school is a huge step, especially for younger students. Some of them don’t have a lot of experience working on a computer, which is why we thought that having a learning platform that is relatively easy to use is of crucial importance. We didn’t want students to feel strange or uncomfortable while accessing the platform. Quite contrary, we wanted them to feel like that is their safe, known, and familiar learning environment.

All learning materials are on that single platform, which students can access 24/7. They don’t have to download or install any additional plugins or programs. Moreover, all features in the platform are basically under students’ fingertips. They can easily navigate through and follow their lessons and daily assignments, as well as performance.

Dynamic Online Learning Environment

We presented learning materials through a variety of interactive and dynamic elements. For example, students will have games, audio recordings, video clips, and some lessons even contain external links if they want to learn more about a specific subject. We desired to make learning fun again and teach children how to acquire knowledge independently. Additionally, we wanted to encourage them to explore particular topics even further because that is how they develop personal interests.

Thanks to these dynamic elements, students enjoy more while they learn. Ultimately, that improves their productivity and overall performance.

Additional Instructions and Features

Both our platforms have many features that give students additional instructions, all to make subjects more comprehensive. Our curriculum is in the English language, but our students come from all around the world. Since we are working with students who are under the age of 18, we can’t expect that each of them speaks, reads, and understands English with the native fluency. However, we must enable them to understand learning materials entirely. That is why our platforms have a built-in translator that allows students to translate a particular term in their native language, to understand it better. Platforms also have messaging systems that enable students to be in touch and communicate with teachers straight from the lesson or quiz, or any other form of material.

We Make Learning Fun Again

To provide our students with a high-quality education, we had to fulfill a few standards that we imposed on us. Firstly, we have an accredited curriculum that gives our students high-quality knowledge. Secondly, we devised a unique learning methodology, and finally, we had to ensure that our online platforms are the right environment for learning. We found everything that we searched for with Ignatia and OdysseyWare.

With these learning management systems, we make learning fun again because our students enjoy spending time on the platform. If you are planning to enroll your child to EduWW you can test our platform for free and see how it suits you. To do that, you need to contact our education consultants at info@eduww.net. Also, that is the right address for all additional questions you might have about our online school.